Part 2: When Portals Open Up With the Deaths of Pets

Once I saw my cat after he died at the top of the stairs on my way to bed. First I saw a flash of light and then him, swishing his tail the way he always did as he waited for me to make my way upstairs.” 
– W. M.

My beloved departed kitty Woody appeared and began walking around my pillow. It was him! He was real! I reached out to him as he was in full 3-D. I felt the indentations on the pillow as he kneaded it with his paws.”
– Sandy Morgan, Battle Creek, Michigan


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May 21, 2018  Albuquerque, New Mexico – After I shared on my May 16, 2018, LIVE Earthfiles YouTube Channel about my cat Simba’s sad passing and astonishing brief return in a portal, I have received dozens more reports from Earthfiles viewers about other pet and human passings with revelations.

1) From:  M. B., Manchester, England
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Experience with the passing of my cat Katy.
Date:  May 18, 2018

Hi Linda,

I watched your most recent YouTube video last night with interest as always. I was moved by your story regarding the passing of Simba. Since you asked if anyone watching had any similar experiences, I thought I would pass on one of my own.

Growing up, my family had a black and white cat named Katy. She had been around from as early as I can remember, and she ended up living to a ripe old age of around 22/23. I’ve attached a photo from 1990 – she never seemed to like her photo being taken.

Cat named Katy photographed in 1990 by Matthew of Manchester, England. Katy lived to nearly 23 years. The night she passed, both Matthew and his mother had vivid dreams in which Katy appeared at first confused and then an angelic being appeared to take Katy through a "doorway of bright light."
Cat named Katy photographed in 1990 by Matthew of Manchester, England. Katy lived to nearly 23 years. The night she passed, both Matthew and his mother had vivid dreams in which Katy appeared at first confused and then an angelic being appeared to take Katy through a “doorway of bright light.”

However, there was a strange sort of peace and wisdom I felt from her, which I haven’t ever felt from a cat since. I remember having those teenage depression moments that everyone has, and Katy coming along and just sitting quietly beside me, which I found strangely consoling at the time.

Eventually however, time caught up with Katy. She had been unwell for a while, just due to old age. I seem to remember she had even developed grey fur in places. Then one day, my family and I came back from an evening out somewhere (I can’t remember exactly where anymore) and we found Katy lying motionless next to one of the arm chairs in the living room. It was clear to me as soon as I saw her that she had died because she just looked like a lifeless mannequin. My Dad took her to the emergency vets to be sure, but I think she had already gone by then. I remember sadly walking up to my bedroom and turning on the light. The bulb immediately blew. This could just be coincidence, but I have noticed over the years that bulbs seem to blow when there have been highly emotional events happening around me.

That night, I started to have a vivid dream, the likes of which I’ve never had before or since. I was looking though Katy’s eyes. She was lost and confused, things around her were dark, and there were strange creatures lurking in the corners all around her. Thankfully however, this frightening and confusing situation abruptly ended, and my vision was suddenly filled with light, and I felt a sense of total peace and love. The light was a mixture of yellow and purple, which is one of the reasons I’m emailing you, because you mentioned that the light around the portal you saw was yellow and blue.

Within the light, the face of an angelic looking woman appeared. She was smiling and looking directly at me. To her right, I saw another figure pick up Katy and carry her through a doorway of bright white light. After that, Katy and the two figures vanished, and I was just left with the yellow and purple light, and a sense of peace until that also faded away into a normal dream state.

I would have most likely put this experience down to a creation of my vivid imagination, had I not spoken to my Mum the next morning. It turned out that she had experienced exactly the same dream. The only difference was that she did not see the angelic face that I saw, but she did have the sense of confusion that abruptly ended, and was replaced with a vision of light and a sense of peace. My Mum also described the same colours of yellow and purple. I’d be interested to know if anyone else who contacts you has also seen these colours in these circumstances.

I have often wondered whether Katy’s poor soul had become temporarily lost between dimensions, until some angelic force intervened and took her to their realm. I will probably never know the answer for sure.

And finally, I just wanted to mention that I was in the audience at your presentation in Manchester last year. The venue is only a short distance from where I live here in the UK. I think it really was a special collective moment, and I hope that you can make it over here again in future.

2) From:  Sandy Morgan
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Me, Too, A Simba Experience in Battle Creek, Michigan
Date:  May 18, 2018


With tears streaming down my face, I watched your Earthfiles podcast regarding your beloved Simba. A week and a half ago, I had the most wonderful profound experience of my beloved departed kitty Woody appearing to me. I was sleeping lightly and was not particularly dreaming, when he appeared and began walking around my pillow. It was him! He was real! I reached out to him as he was in full 3-D. I felt the indentations on the pillow as he kneaded it with his paws. I immediately sat upright and tried to comprehend what was happening. Was this a hologram? Where was I? Had I died? Was this a near death experience?

The experience left me bewildered, but yet comforted for now I had the answer to the question that has always bothered me since I was a little child. What happens to our pets? Do they live on? Will we be with them again?

Now I have my answer – Yes, yes, yes!

This is one more answer to the many questions I have had on my journey in this lifetime. I wanted to share my experience, like yours with Simba, that yes our pets are there. There is indeed another dimension that somehow, some way I got a glimpse of. Somehow when conditions, or circumstances allowed, the two dimensions crossed, or intersected. Woody was there. I was there. Although I cannot explain the science of this mystery, I am now certain that we are indeed in a multi-dimensional universe.

The love force that surrounds us with our beloved people and pets continues forever. Who ever, what ever designed this marvelous universe that we and our pets are a part of thought of every thing.

With Warmest Regards,
Sandy Morgan
Battle Creek, Michigan

3) From:  W. M.
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Experiences like you had with Simba
Date:  May 17, 2018

Hello Linda,

I wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed listening to your story about Simba. I like listening to all your podcasts, and are really glad that you’re doing them regularly. But Simba’s story was very special to me because of a very deep connection that I had, and still have, with a dear cat companion whose name was Lugh.

I called him Mr. Lugh and he was the most profound and special animal companion with whom I’ve ever been blessed. I’ve had many cats and dogs, but Mr. Lugh was really not entirely “just a cat.” I liked to say that he was some other kind of being in cat form because from the moment he entered my life, he was a teacher and spiritual presence. He got along with everyone — even other cats liked him and he could train a new human to honor and serve him in less than a day. (I have this joke that cats see humans as “the thumbs” and that Mr. Lugh could “train a thumb” instantly). But you didn’t mind because he was charming and clever — he had a huge vocal vocabulary and learned early on how to mimic human faces with his eyes to communicate. Everyone who met him was just amazed by his intelligence and humor.

Mr. Lugh taught me how to take care of myself during a very difficult time in my life, when recovering from deep personal traumas. Watching him, I learned how to relax and play and to do simple things like eat right, bathe and sleep regularly. He was very wise and patient.

Mr. Lugh lived to be 21 1/2 years old  and when it was finally time for him to leave, I have to admit that I was devastated. By that time, he’d been in my life almost half of it — so I didn’t know how I was going to go on without him. But almost immediately after he left, he began periodically showing himself to me (and sometimes to my friends who also loved him).

Once I saw my cat after he died at the top of the stairs on my way to bed. First I saw a flash of light and then him, swishing his tail the way he always did as he waited for me to make my way upstairs. One of my friends told me about how she was typing at the computer and felt a cat leap up behind her on the chair and snuggle in and how she just knew it was Mr. Lugh. Without thinking she reached around to pet him and then remembered that he was gone. She looked and didn’t see anything, but said she could still feel his warmth against her backside, the way he used to always greet her when she sat down.

He’s also come in dreams many times.  He has told me about things happening in my life. He’s also appeared to some of my friends in their dreams. He’s really a pretty Yoda-like person. So I know that  somehow he’s always with me.

I believe that love transcends all dimensions and worlds — and beings. Animals can be the purest conduits of love — they continue to teach me so much.  Simba was and still is a treasure — teaching you about the greater realities in which we all move. Blessings to you and your lovely furry persons — and thank you for the work you do.

4) From:  C. S.
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Animal Return Visits After Death
Date:  May 17, 2018

22 years ago my fur soul mate passed away. She was a doberman and lived to be 13, which is quite old for that breed. She had been unable to jump on the bed for most of the year prior due to her advancing age and since she had also gone deaf, she slept next to my bed so close I could not get off the bed without touching her. So she always knew when I got up.

One night she stood at the bed and looked me in the eyes. I knew something was wrong and she was gone in a matter of a couple of hours — I suspect heart failure. I have always been grateful it was fast. I still miss her.

For six weeks after she died, I saw her all over the house. I would see her out of the corner of my eyes and when I turned to look, she was not there. I would get up during the night and see her on the floor clearly enough that I would stumble in order to not trip over her. She clearly had stayed to make sure my daughter (who was 5) and I were ok. I did not see any kind of tunnel or portal like you did for Simba. But, Lizzie was very definitely there.

No question in my mind that our beloved fur friends continue on. Like you, I don’t know where exactly. I do know that I don’t want a heaven where they are not welcome.

5) From:  N.L.
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Simba
Date:  May 18, 2018

Hi Linda,
I don’t often share this story and though it’s not of the same type of experience, I think it’s of a connected type of experience.

I’ll start with that I knew when I was 14 years old that my Grandmother was going to die when I was 15 a year later. I was working on homework and had the radio on (something I very rarely did) when the station went staticky and I just tuned it to the next clear station. It was a country station that was playing a song called Love Me by Collin Raye . There is a line in it that says he had never seen his grandpa cry in all his 15 years. At that moment, I knew. She had not yet been diagnosed with cancer and showed no signs of illness.

About 2 weeks before she died, my Mother, my sister, and I were at her bedside when suddenly she sat up and grabbed my upper arms and pulled me towards her onto the bed. I was startled, but not scared. Our faces were inches apart and I looked into her eyes and everything around me receded until I was in this black space.  Then a female figure of pure white light started moving forward, very gracefully like a ballerina, until she came to a stop directly in front of me. She held out her arms as if to embrace, held for a moment and then started receding.

At that moment my Grandmother said, “No, don’t go.” I could hear my Mother as if she was far away (even though she was standing right next to me) telling my Grandma that I was right here and that I wasn’t going anywhere. That’s when Grandmother let go of me and flung her arm over her eyes and said, “No, No she’s gone.” I slowly stood up, trying to process what had happened, and had an overwhelming need to look behind me. When I turned and looked at the wall behind me, it was like I had been outside and had just come in. It was dark and cool, but my back felt as if the sun had been shining on it.

Afterwards my sister (who had been standing on the other side of the bed) said that I had been smiling the whole time and that it had been “creepy”. But, I experienced pure joy, pure love and felt grief and loss when the figure left.

Your cats will be with you always as I know my cats will always be with me. As with all of our loved ones, they never truly leave us — they just wait for us.
N. L.

6) From:  A. R., Texas
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Your Experience with Simba
Date:  May 17, 2018

I wanted to respond to the touching story you shared regarding your Simba. For the record, I co-built and operated a mid-sized chemical plant and am very left-brained, so the experiences I’m writing about here are not the result of a runaway imagination. I have simply experienced them and hold on to whatever was given to me and want to share it with you.

I have seen a number of my family members after they had crossed over — my sister, father, my father’s brother, a close college friend that committed suicide, and a former fiance’. They were clear as day, and all appeared to me at the peak of health during their lifetime, but they communicated telepathically. Curiously, I have never seen my mother, nor anyone on my mother’s side of the family. 

Regarding my sister, I not only saw her, but felt the weight of her hand on my hip as she leaned over me and the feel of her breath as she blew in my face and my hair moved. I’ve never forgotten that moment. 

My sister warned me of my father’s death, but she communicated hope, great hope. My fiance’ wanted to let me know of his regrets and love. And a college friend appeared standing at the foot of my bed on the night he committed suicide and laughed like he’d heard the best joke. I did not learn of his death until many weeks later. My uncle appeared standing in a meadow at the foot of my bed and told me to hold my arm out. When I did, an amethyst bracelet appeared. I could feel the touch of it. And to this day I feel it faintly though I do not wear a watch or bracelet on my left arm.

All I know from this is there is some life beyond this. They have intellect, emotion, and great love for those they care for. I’ve never been frightened at all.  So, yes, your Simba was showing you his love and concern, perhaps thanks and to let you know there was more. We will see our loved one again. I don’t know where, or how we get there. But we continue.

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