Part 1: When Portals Open Up With the Deaths of Pets

was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, sat up, and slightly to my left a few feet above the bed was a scintillating field of light — exactly as you described with Simba. It was somewhat oval, about 4 feet with a vibrating energy dancing throughout.”  – Ivy Amar

“I was told that what is behind me is past. That although I can’t see it
anymore, it’s still there. And what is ahead hasn’t come yet, but it’s
already there, too.”  – Jdee


May 18, 2018  Albuquerque, New Mexico – This recent May 16, 2018, on my Earthfiles YouTube Channel that streams live from 7:30 PM to around 8:15 PM Mountain most Wednesday evenings, I shared what happened when my beloved Himalayan flame colored male cat, Simba, passed from this matter world to another dimension in December 2016.

Simba and his brother Cassidy had been my furry pals from the fall of 1998, when I lived in a 3-story, blue-grey Victorian house in Bucks County north of Philadelphia. They were 8 weeks old when I brought them home at Thanksgiving. Both had crystal blue eyes like Paul Newman in the Hollywood film about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Simba had a big, fluffy mane.

Simba at Christmas time December 2009. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.
Simba at Christmas time December 2009. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.
Simba standing near Cassidy in the sun next to violets in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 2010. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.
Simba standing near Cassidy in the sun next to violets in Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 2010. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.
Simba hugging his brother Cassidy in 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.
Simba hugging his brother Cassidy in 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.

By Christmas of 2013, when they were fifteen years old, Cassidy became seriously ill and passed one night yowling and fighting the force that closed down his body that had been so full of life and watchful intelligence. Cassidy could start my fax machine and swing door knobs to open closed doors.

Simba was healthy for another couple of years and then by 2016, I saw that he wasn’t hearing in the right direction. Jumping up on the sofa wasn’t so easy. And I knew he would be 18 years old by the end of the year. So, I decided I would provide hospice care for him instead of agony at the vet. By December — like Cassidy three years before — I was carrying Simba most everywhere. I knew he was getting weaker, but his purr was strong and a childlike part of me thought we would always be together no matter what.

But by December 8th, I knew he was fading rapidly. I called my brother and asked if he could meet me at the vet’s office the next day at 11 AM when my brother had a lunch break. I didn’t think I could take holding Simba for the heart and life stop. That night, I held him a long time and then went to bed leaving him in his favorite place to sleep in a soft, sofa chair.

Something woke me at 4 AM on the clock. It was December 9, 2016. I opened the bedroom door and there was Simba lying on the top landing of a 2-story flight of stairs. I was stunned. He had not climbed those stairs for months. I put my hands around his thin body and pulled him up to my left shoulder, petting his head, telling him how much I loved him and hearing him purr. I sat holding him against my chest for the next four hours knowing he had made a supernatural climb of those stairs because he was about to leave.

At 11 AM, I walked into the vet’s office with my brother. I felt such an ache in my chest I could barely breathe. I looked in Simba’s beautiful blue eyes, still full of life and love and knowing. I handed him to my brother, who went with the vet into the next room while I began to cry. In a short time, they returned and my brother put Simba back in my arms. That first look at his eyes was like looking at inanimate crystals in which the blue had faded to gold. I called out, “Where are you? Where did you go?” Like a haunting mantra then and now, my mind kept asking, “How could Simba’s eyes change so fast? Where does the life force go? What is death?”

My brother and I went back to my place to bury Simba. My brother had made both sweet caskets — the first for Cassidy and the second one for Simba. As the dirt was shoveled out, we saw the corner of Cassidy’s box. I put Simba’s favorite toy in next to his beautiful, lifeless body and my brother placed him right next to Cassidy. From deep inside me came an explosion of sobs I could not stop, vomit sobs. My brother filled back the hole over Simba and I made a cross of sticks to lie above him.

That night, the hole in my soul ached and I kept crying. By midnight going into December 10th, I got into bed re-living the morning hours I had held Simba after he so miraculously climbed the two flights of stairs. I turned the lights out and know I went to sleep. My next conscious moment still astounds me. I was in a yoga lion pose with my legs straight behind me, my arms pushing straight into the mattress with my head curved backward. And right in front of me directly above the headboard was an oval about three feet high and two feet wide. The oval was outlined by clumps of bluish-yellow electrical glows that were neatly the same length of maybe four inches that undulated lightly around the oval.

Inside was a perfect Simba — fresh life in his eyes and white hair. Slightly behind him and to the right was a grayish tunnel that curved away from Simba. I spoke out loud, “Simba! Simba!” And I rose up from the lion pose with both arms to grab him, to pull him back into life with me. My arms hugged the space where the glowing oval faded away with Simba and the tunnel in it.

I was so agitated and excited that I kept hugging the space in the dark where Simba had just been, asking over and over,  “Where did you go? Where are you? Can you come back? I love you so much.”

And then I heard myself say out loud to the air at the bed headboard that I kept touching after the oval faded away, “Oh, God, Simba, thank you for coming back!” And then I was thanking him and the Divine Field for showing me what I can only call a “portal to another dimension.” How ever Simba did it, he came back to show me.


Emails from Earthfiles Viewers

After sharing Simba’s astonishing return in a portal in the May 16, 2018, Earthfiles YouTube Channel, I asked Earthfiles viewers to send me whatever similar experiences you all might have had. Here are your own voices of love, pain and revelation.

1) From:  Ivy Amar
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Response to Simba’s Re-appearance
Date:  May 16, 2018

Dear Linda,
Having just finished your live stream, I wanted to respond to your request regarding the manifestation of the soul after the body has been vacated.

My mother passed in 2009 in upstate New York, and I had returned home to Santa Fe, NM,  after the services. As I recall, perhaps one or two nights later, I was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep in the middle of the night, sat up, and slightly to my left a few feet above the bed was a scintillating field of light — exactly as you described with Simba. It was somewhat oval, about 4 feet with a vibrating energy dancing throughout. I have always described it as some kind of electronic field – a vibrating light field that was compelling me to connect.

I knew it was my mother contacting me, as the feeling of extraordinary love and joy were emanating with what seemed like a telepathic message or knowing that she was very happy, at peace, and now transformed into a higher expression. I did not, however, see her physical form. It was an exquisite communication for which I am so grateful, as her final days in the body were, like Simba, difficult. As I remember, the emanation lasted about 20 seconds, then I simply laid back down to sleep. The energy was pure pulsating love.

I hold this experience within my heart knowing all is well regardless of the dimensional state of Consciousness being expressed. I don’t know where these words came from, but I’ve always known our authentic form is nothing but ‘an interference pattern in Consciousness,’ unique and precious as it is the Profound expressing Itself through that form.

Linda, please receive all love and gratitude in honor of your dedicated service, and heartfelt appreciation for the depth of your vast research and how it all might apply to the larger program unfolding on Earth.

I’m right here in Santa Fe should you ever like to meet.

With love,

PS: How can I not mention the joy and smiles Fluffy and Chocolate bring whenever they make their cameo appearances!!!

2) From:  Gary James
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Simba
Date:  May 16, 2018

Hello Linda,
Three years ago I also said good-bye to my beloved cat Simba,
who was 17, had kidney failure and had just gone completely
blind. I was giving him fluid infusions twice a day, which both he
and I hated. When his corneas detached all at once, I decided to
mercifully let him go.

My partner David accompanied me to the vet, who had tried so
hard to extend Simba’s life thru many and varied treatments. The vet
was also filled with sorrow at saying good-bye to this brave soul.

She left David and me alone with Simba for about 20 minutes before
returning with the necessary (2) syringes, one to put him to sleep
and one to stop his heart.

During those 20 minutes, Simba became filled with purrs and
head-butted each of us over and over. He was, I believe, letting
us know this was the right thing to do. He was clearly happy,
and not suffering, and saying good-bye to us both.

I had brought a beautiful piece of batik fabric, which Simba stood upon
as he received his injections. Once his heart stopped, I wrapped
him in that fabric with just his face showing. So that is my last
memory before we left and they took him away to have him cremated…
my beloved Simba wrapped in beautiful fabric…a shroud.

I dropped to my knees before the injections and thanked him for
being my soul friend, how much I loved him, and that I hoped
somewhere in the great mystery we would meet again. I began
crying, then sobbing as he passed. I looked at the vet and she
had tears streaming down her face. David was deeply moved
but “staying strong”…

Three years later I am so profoundly touched by your sharing about
your Simba, his valiant visit to your bedroom door, and his visit
the night after he let go of his earthly body.

Thank you for your loving heart, Linda. Thank you. I know you
believe in the inherent goodness of us all. I do, too, and I believe
our sweet pets only see the best in us, despite our frailties.

God bless you…Gary James

3) From:  Jdee
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Message from my Dog that Passed away
Date:  May 17, 2018

Dear Linda,
I was watching your Youtube most recent upload (May 16, 2018) in regards to your 
Simba and the message you received after he passed.

 I received a message from a passed love one, from my dog that I had for almost 19 years.
Below is in detail the entire event involving that.

My dog was named CC and was a Chihuahua. I got her at 6 weeks when I
was in my late 30s. When she was 15, she went deaf — but over time was
able to understand some hand signals. At 18, she went blind and did not
handle it well at all. Near the end I also — as you described in your YT
video — was having to carry her everywhere. She became depressed and
ended up biting me during a bath, which sent me to the doctor and I was
told I may lose my thumb. In the end I didn’t, but because of this and
the state she was in, I elected to have her put to sleep. Afterward we
brought her home and buried her in the backyard. This was 7/28/16.

On 7/30/16, I dreamed of my dog —  or what I thought was a dream. I saw
her in front of me and she was very large and right in front of my
face. I remember the date and details because I wrote it down at the
time it happened. I sat up in the bed and it was gone.

On 7/31/16,  I dreamed of her again (and also wrote down the details), 
but this time I was taking clothes out of the dryer.  (I will note
that in life my dog stayed a majority of the last year of her life in
the laundry room).

Suddenly CC was there in my arms and rubbing her head against my
chest. I was sitting on the floor. The dryer was to my left. I felt
such a relief and asked how this could be? Even in my sleep I knew she
was gone. I was told that what is behind me is past. That although I can’t see it
anymore, it’s still there. And what is ahead hasn’t come yet, but it’s
already there, too. I don’t recall hearing a voice — or my dog actually talking and giving
me this message. It was more that the message was just ‘given’ to me
while I was holding my dog.

Since that time I have had a few other dreams about her but none that
seemed as important as these. I felt the message that was given me
meant that time is a circle.. or a loop.. and everything is existing
inside it at once. And though I can’t see my dog anymore on my time
line,  she is still there existing with me in that circle.
That was the conclusion that I came up with and it gave me a sense of peace.

Thank you for reading this. I really appreciate it. I miss my dog
every single day of my life — but I know on some ‘level,’ she is still
there. I just can’t see her anymore.

4) From:  K. S., Cincinnati, Ohio
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Simba Experience
Date:  May 17, 2018

Dear Linda,

I was moved by your personal experience with your dear pet Simba. So sorry for your loss.

One month after you lost Simba, I lost my dear Casey the cat. Casey was 18 1/2 years old and could no longer walk in a straight line. There were other signs, too. I knew it was time for her to pass on, so I took her to the vet to release her from this life.

Something happened that day that I know was supernatural. She sat on that cold aluminum observation table, awaiting the fatal serum to stop all body functions. I held her tightly, and like so many other times, I told her that she was a good girl.

At the very moment of death, the lights in the vets office flickered on and off and finally all power died in the whole office. All computers and phones were dead.

All other nearby businesses were unaffected. I know in my heart, that at that moment of the spark of her life jumping out of this reality into another, it caused some kind of electro-based phenomenon, laced with love.

Keep Going and God Bless You,
K. S.
Cincinnati, Ohio

5) From:  T. W.
To:  Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>
Re:  Simba Story and More
Date:  May 17, 2018

Hi Linda,

That was a great heart-warming story about Simba, your treasured cat. When those ‘gnosis’ type events happen, you know you’re blessed.

I, too, have a cat story not quite the same, but would like to share it with you. We had a cat called Leonardo  — a very strong willed cat and many great stories I won’t go into about his adventures.

He’d been hit by a car and recovered, but wasn’t the same cat afterwards. Months later, he just disappeared and never came home.

About six months after that,  I was just waking up in the morning and felt something like a paint brush go tap,tap tapping on the back of my hand. Hey, I thought that’s like a cat’s tail does, but couldn’t be because my hand was next to the headboard.

So I sat up to look and as I did, I felt the pressure on the bed as the cat stepped down the bed and jumped off the end — but no physical presence, except for the brushing on the hand and paws on the bed.

So it was a different manifestation to your experience, but I have no doubt about it being Leo saying good-bye.

It is not the first time I’ve had a paranormal experience and recall a different event back in 1985. In 1985, I began to ‘awaken’ and felt the desire to explore metaphysics and like many of the then ‘New Agers’ looked at crystals, but didn’t get much from them. However, one quartz crystal I had from Arkansas I was drawn to. One night I placed it under my pillow and went to sleep. During the early hours of the morning I woke up to hear myself saying “here we go” and I experienced a vortex energy rush up from below my bed through the centre of my body and up through the ceiling.

I sat bolt upright as it frightened me. As I sat up, a spinning black disk with silver outline appeared in front of me with hieroglyphic images on the edge. I didn’t know it then, but know now it was a wormhole. From this ‘wormhole,’ a clay tablet with strange writing on it emerged and flew across the room and disappeared.

Naturally I couldn’t sleep the rest of that night and the tablet wouldn’t go out of my mind. So days later, as I couldn’t understand the strange script on it, I did a meditation and asked for guidance as to what the message was on the tablet. To preface the message, I have to say that back in 1985, I didn’t understand the context of the message. In fact, I had never even heard of the word ‘quickening’ being used.

The Message

“We are the chosen ones. We came to Earth many eons ago to help transform planet Earth to the next evolutionary stage. This task is still to be completed. At the end of each major evolutionary cycle, time accelerates. We call it, the quickening.

You must awaken out of your slumber and prepare yourself for the quickening, so that your task will be completed.
This is a great time. An event humanity has long waited for. Time is of the essence, you have been called. Begin your work. We celebrate for that time is near. We have waited a long time. You, and we, will not be disappointed.

May the truth that you are called resonate upon your very being. May the love and joy that a new cycle brings forth, unite us all as one. May the truth you carry, herald a rebirth of this planet into a new golden age. Your destiny has been foretold. Now live the truth. May we all join together as one, loved forever.”

I’m sure you know that there’s a very thin veil between worlds or dimensions and we are only beginning to tap into these as the ‘great awakening’ occurs and grows stronger each day. That the 1985 message is what we are experiencing today with current world chaotic events to prove this out.

Best wishes and ‘happy cat herding.’ T. W.

Continued in Part 2.

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