Part 6: Hall of Mirrors with A Quicksand Floor

“Although the Tall Blonds are from a specific physical place within our galaxy, they can also travel through Time and between dimensions.”

- George C. Andrews, Tentative Taxonomy of E.T.s

“A herpetologist was brought in to examine alien non-human bodies retrieved from crashed discs in the 1940s.”

- William Steinman, author UFO Crash At Aztec

Reposted July 18, 2018 - March 19, 2014 Albuquerque, New Mexico - 1987 was a year in which I traveled to Chichen Itza in the Yucatan and went with a Mayan translator into the jungle to participate in a shamanic ceremony conducted only every nine years in resonance with the Mayan cosmology of a 9-level or 9-dimensional universe. Other life forms were everywhere and gods interacted with all of them, the shaman said in firelight as he stacked nine-layers of large leaves with a food paste between each layer to be consumed during the all night communion with those gods.


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