Part 3 – U. K. Engineer Describes Some Real NASA Secrets.

 “For several years prior to fiscal year 1962, the Air Force had studied a proposed satellite inspector (SAINT) system, which would examine unidentified objects in space and determine their characteristics, capabilities or intent.”

—  July 2015 FOIA-released NRO document from June 1966 archived in the USAF Historical Division Liaison Office entitled, “The Air Force in Space. Fiscal Year 1962,” that identifies SAINT as an acronym for Satellite Inspector

We are indeed in conflict with various alien beings — some of which are cybernetic. We continue to lose many good men to this quiet 'conflict.' Different types of alien craft have been located on Earth, the moon and on Mars. Some alien craft we still can't penetrate or board.”

U. S. Navy Special Ops analyst to Earthfiles, December 2018


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