Part 3: Childhood Out-of-Body Mystery

“I‘m not sure why, but I felt a need to look up at the ceiling, and as soon as I did, I was immediately sucked out of my body and in a flash passed through the ceiling and zoomed into space.”

— Carlos V, out-of-body traveler from age 5 onward

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March 15, 2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico – I want to share excerpts from one of the most extraordinary letters I have received about sleep paralysis and out-of-body experiences. This is from a man, who is now 55 years old named Carlos.

From: Carlos V.
Date: Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 2:05 AM
Subject: My experience with “Sleep Paralysis”
To: Linda Moulton Howe <[email protected]>

Dear Linda Moulton Howe,

I recently saw one of your Earthfiles YouTube broadcasts and was so happy that I’m not the only one that feels out of place due to my experiences as a child and as an adult.

Starting from about age 5 up to the age of 11 or so, I recall waking up at night many times and feeling a sensation of weightlessness. My sister and I shared bunk beds. I slept on the bottom bed. My sister’s top bed was about 4 feet above me. Her bed had a satin lining that hung about 5 inches down around her whole upper bunk bed mattress.  But I remember that every time I would wake at night, the first thing I would see was the satin lining really close to my face. When I reached to move the satin lining away from my face, my hand went right through it!

I tried again and again and I could not touch the satin lining to move it from my face, even though it was only a couple inches away, but I could not touch it because my hand kept going through it.

As a child, I never really felt fear. At that moment, I didn’t feel any panic at all. But I was intrigued that I could not touch the satin lining — so much so that it became like a science experiment for me. I couldn’t wait to go to sleep so I could try and touch the lining. And I never told my sister or anyone.


In Meditation, White Fog or Cloud Formed, Followed By Paralysis

At around the age of 25, I started meditating after my martial arts workouts. On one of these times, immediately after my meditation, I laid back on the carpet of my living room and closed my eyes. In my mind’s eye, I began to see what I could only describe as a white fog or cloud beginning to form. As it grew bigger and expanded, I began to feel paralyzed. First my mouth and throat, then my arms and finally my legs. I felt a great panic come over me.

I tried calling out for my girlfriend at the time, who was in the bedroom, but I couldn’t speak. I could not make a single sound, not even a choking sound. I literally thought I was going to die.

 But then I felt something I’ve never felt before. My skin is crawling even now as I type this. A force — dark and heavy — was filling up the room. I felt I was being swallowed up by something so evil — and didn’t think I was going to get out of this one.

Linda, I have never been religious in the sense that I’ve never practiced any teachings from any of the common religious institutions, but I am very spiritual and love to find connections between science and what we know as spirituality. When this was happening to me and I had reached a point that I knew I was going to die, this thought came to my mind:  “Just say God’s name.”

 I thought, “But I’m a man of science!  I don’t believe in a single entity creator.”

But my mother was and still is a die-hard religious person, who read the Bible every day with me until we read the entire book. And then we would start again from the beginning.

So, by age 21, I studied religion in college to learn the Bible’s origins. That is where I learned the many different pronunciations of God’s name like Yahweh, Yehowah and the most modern version Jehovah.

After several minutes of pure panic and not being able to speak, I finally thought the name Jehova as loud as I could in my mind.

Incredibly, I began to feel a release and the more I shouted the name in my mind,  the more release I felt until I could finally move and breath again. The room also turned from that hazy dark to it’s natural color. I was in complete shock. I learned that I knew nothing about my existence, and a hunger for knowledge was born.


Life Changing Dream At Age 32

Linda, You have shared so much with us in the public and we are so grateful for it. There are so many of us that just do not know how to start talking about our experiences without feeling a bit ridiculous.  I find myself wanting to talk to people hoping to connect in deep and meaningful ways, but most are far too busy trying to keep head above water, or just find it difficult to grasp concepts not directly related to everyday life. In my case, I love dissecting things. I want to know how things work, whatever a thing may be. I enjoy mostly the mechanics of life, why and how, and Linda, you just give the most insightful reports and concepts. Great job!

Anyhow, I wish to share a dream that has had a great impact in my life at age 32. My dream starts with me standing in a bedroom that I recognized as my bedroom when I was a child. I felt a familiar texture under my feet. I was barefooted. I looked down at my feet and saw I was standing on thin wooden tiles/planks and could feel the small gap between each piece of wood.  I knew with certainty, this was my old room. 

I’m not sure why, but I felt a need to look up at the ceiling, and as soon as I did, I was immediately sucked out of my body and in a flash passed through the ceiling and zoomed into space.

I found myself floating in the cosmos, unable to maneuver my body, I observed my surroundings and was able to see galaxies, planets, stars —  you know how NASA paints the universe for us? It was awe inspiring! 

Two Invisible Presences “Discussing the Destruction and Reconstruction of This Universe

This moment of awe was interrupted by a feeling of 2 invisible presences. One to my right and the other to my left. These presences began speaking to each other in a language I’ve never heard but somehow I could understand what they where saying. They where discussing the destruction and reconstruction of this universe. Like a reset, I suppose. The entities paused their conversation almost as if to consider what was discussed. They began to speak one more time, this time the conversation was short. I understood their decision was to go ahead with the destruction of the universe.

I then felt the entity on my left leave and the presence to my right remain. The presence to my right, I felt, wanted my attention. I looked to my right and saw that the universe was shifting, skewing as a board would if you slowly turn it. When the universe before me had completely turned so that I could see the back side, the backside was a mirror and now I am looking at myself. As soon as I was aware of myself, the mirror broke in the center and began to shatter outward from the impact point. I was then immediately zoomed back into my body. 

I am now back in my old room. I am still barefooted and now the floor feels different. I look down at the floor and it is shattered, like the mirror. I then realize and accept that the universe is being destroyed and I with it. The shattering of the mirror is the destruction of the universe.

Amber Light and Floating Nordic-Looking Woman

I surrendered to this, laid down on my old bed and closed my eyes. While I waited to be destroyed, I began to feel a tingling sensation on my left foot. The kind of tingling that you feel when a strand of hair lightly touches your skin. I remained with my eyes closed and wondered what that was. After a while I decided to open my eyes. To my surprise, my mom and sister where standing next to my bed. They where tying a silver string around my foot and then around their bodies. They then said “everything will be ok”. I felt at ease and closed my eyes again ready for my end. Waiting for the end to come with my eyes closed, I began to see an amber glow through my eyelids. Similar to when someone turns a light on while your eyes are closed and you’re able to see a a glow through your eyelids. The intensity of the glow began to increase. I did not want to open my eyes because I was afraid it was fire and didn’t want the fire to enter my eyes. Silly thing to worry about, but that’s what came to mind.

“Maybe Dying Doesn’t Hurt”

I really thought it was fire and was anticipating pain and agony, but I felt nothing. I even thought, “maybe dying doesn’t hurt.” I again began to feel a tingle, this time on my face. The amber light piercing through my eyelids and the tingling sensation on my face made me too curious and I opened my eyes.

To my astonishment, there wasn’t any fire, no destruction, no death. There was a beautiful Nordic looking woman floating about 2 feet above me. So close I could have reached up and touched her. Her hair was a blond/red ocean of waves. She wore a brilliant white dress. Her body was parallel to mine and just floated there in close proximity to me. The brilliant amber light that was piercing through my closed eyelids was being emitted by an amber stone she was holding in her hand.

She reached out to hand the stone to me and as she did, I heard her voice all around me say: “Carlos has been given a new birth stone.”  Her lips did not move when she said this. I just heard in my mind somehow her beautiful voice everywhere.

“Brand New Universe”

Linda, I looked into the amber stone and like looking through a telescope, I could see a brand new universe with all its galaxies, planets and stars. I somehow knew at this point that I had found the answer to where we came from and was so happy, I began to cry from shear joy. I was overwhelmed with understanding and beauty. I just kept on crying and then I woke.

Soon after having this dream I became confident in myself and started my own business. I became decisive and resolute.

These dreams aren’t just dreams. I really believe we are able to communicate with something powerful and mysterious. Something that has inspired world movements.

I have had many dream experiences such as that dream, which still does something to me inside. It makes me want to seek.

Thank you, Linda, for all your incredible hard work and for sharing your light.”

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