Part 2: More Mystery About Alaska Underground Dark Pyramid, Remote Viewer Dina Napier

“I got back to ground level on the ice above the huge, black underground pyramid and my last vision was on the ice in the cold and there were three large spaceships, very large sort of triangular-shaped aerial craft rose up out of the ice.”

- Dina Napier from 1995 remote viewing
underground black pyramid in Alaska, age 22

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March 15, 2017 Albuquerque, New Mexico - After receiving Dina Napier's February 19, 2017, email excerpted in Part 1, she agreed to an in-depth recorded interview by phone for Earthfiles and radio broadcasts. The following begins with my question after her dramatic statement about not using elevator to enter any other pods on the big, black pyramid ended Part 1 with: “We were not to venture off into any other areas. If we did, then we would be eliminated.”


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