U. S. Army Infantryman At Ft. Richardson, Alaska, Encounter with Grey Alien

“It was a small, thin, grey hand. It was quick and reached up and grabbed my genitals.”

- Stephen Mann, former U. S. Army Infantryman, Fort Richardson, Anchorage, Alaska

Reposted May 13, 2019 - May 26, 2017 Northwestern Ohio - While Earth scientists are looking far outward into the cosmos for physical evidence of habitable planets that could have organic life, right here on Earth for decades there have been thousands of flesh and blood human beings who have described to doctors, psychiatrists and investigators face-to-face interactions with non-human entities that seem focused on harvesting sperm and eggs from people. One of those cases was 20 years old serving in the U. S. Army at Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, when a grey-skinned entity suddenly appeared at his bunk bed.


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