Now It’s Gone! Mystery Metallic Monolith in Southern Utah Rocky Wilderness South of Moab Has Disappeared.

“IT'S GONE! Almost as quickly as it appeared it has now disappeared (Friday night).”

— Instagram by Utah Dept. of Public Safety about unexplained removal of monolith on Friday night, November 27, 2020.

“I decided to go there first because I was drawn to the fact that this object (silver monolith) had been there for five years, hidden in nature.” 

— David Surber, 33-year-old former U. S. Army infantry officer, who traveled six  hours thru midnight November 26-27, 2020, to be first to find it after UtahDPS

nquiring minds want to know what the heck is it?”

— Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS) Aero Bureau Instagram, November 21, 2020


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