Part 1: In League With A UFO

© 1997 Lou Baldin
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“‘The craft was like a living organism,’ claimed a document
in one of the secret files. … Miraculously, three weeks after the craft
was discovered, the ship completely healed itself. … If Aliens did the
repair work, they would have had to be invisible.”

– Author

In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

Reposted March 3, 3023 – November 6, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico  –  When I first read this book back in 1997 before I produced Earthfiles, I thought the description of eerie non-human technologies matched what some people in the human abduction syndrome have described. I talked with Lou Baldin about the content, which he confirmed is based on firsthand factual knowledge, whose source he is still reluctant to reveal. I greatly appreciate Lou Baldin’s permission to electronically reprint for the Earthfiles audience In League With A UFO.


My curiosity about extraterrestrial life was kindled when my father told me a story that took place when he was young. It was a few years before the advent of the Second World War. He and his brother were walking home from school when they noticed something odd in the sky. He described what he saw as “three large metallic circles.” The circles remained in the sky in close formation for a few minutes before dispersing in different directions and then vanishing. There were no clouds in the sky nor any factories in the town to pollute the air with smoke that could be mistaken for the three perfect circles. This took place in a small town in Italy in an era when the fantasies of space travel and the existence of “Aliens” was unheard of. They did not have a telephone or a radio. Television was not yet invented. His family was typical for that community. Few who lived there were aware of the happenings outside of their own town. The only books available to him were schoolbooks. One was about arithmetic and the other book was about reading and writing.

He never equated what he saw as being UFOs and scoffed when I suggested that they were. Even though the disks he described to me were, in fact, “Unidentified Flying Objects,” he and others in the town had no clue to what they were. Like many skeptics of the phenomena, he was unwilling to concede to the possibility of life from another planet and dismissed the three circles as an oddity of nature.

* * * * *

Chapter 1

Enchanted Mansion

My name is Jeff Matisse, not my real name for reasons that will be obvious once I tell my story.

After moving to a city in the Midwest from New York City, my wife Ann and I bought a house there. The house was a modest three-bedroom split-level and was ten years old. It was situated in a beautiful, well-kept neighborhood with mature trees lining most of the streets. Our house was in the newer section of the subdivision, so the trees on our street were not as large or majestic as in the older part of the neighborhood. Still, the tranquility of that neighborhood was pleasant and we didn’t seem to be in as big a hurry as we were when we lived in New York City.

We had sold most of our furniture before moving from New York. Ann wanted to fill our new house with antique furniture, furniture that was made from solid wood, preferably cherry or walnut. We had been to a few auctions in New York and became hooked when we stumbled onto an old desk loaded with nooks and crannies. The desk was solid oak. But at the auction, it was still covered with five coats of a rusty-colored paint. We could not believe it, but there was only one other fellow who bid against us. We quit bidding at fifty dollars. We bought that desk for fifty-one dollars!

When we got home, Ann could not wait to strip the old paint off to reveal the true treasure that we had found. It was in mint condition. We didn’t know the age of that desk, but an antique dealer that we showed it to gave an estimate of 100 years or more.

Two weeks after Ann refinished that desk, one of our friends in New York offered us two thousand dollars for it. We took it without giving it much thought. But to this day, we have not found any deals that paid off as quickly or as much as that one desk. The thrill from that one experience kept us going to auctions from then on. As a result, most of our house is filled with old relics and antiques from the past.

Unfortunately, one of those relics turned out to be a link to the paranormal. We had acquired it at an auction that neither of us wanted to go to. It was raining that day and Ann wanted to go see a movie. As we drove into the city, we passed through an old, upper-bracket neighborhood that was littered with mansions. Many looked like they belonged in a fairy tale. Some were from the 18th Century, but most were built in the early 1900s. We could have gotten to the theater quicker if we had stayed on the freeway, but it was a treat for us to drive through this neighborhood and dream what it would be like to actually live on that street. As we drove down one street after another. We spotted a sign advertising an auction. The sign was in the yard of a house that both Ann and I were particularly fond of. If it weren’t for that one reason, we would have driven on to our intended destination, the movie theater.

We were more interested in seeing the inside of that house than staying for the auction, though that changed once we got inside. The auction had been in progress for three hours when we got there. Still, the house was so big (twenty-some bedrooms) that the auctioneer had barely sold a fraction of the contents. Because of the rain, the turnout was less than the auctioneer had expected.

Still, from what I could tell, there were more than a hundred people present. This house was a treasure trove. Most of the furniture looked like it came out of the palaces of European royalty. Hand-embroidered material draped around meticulously carved cherry hardwood, detailed with flying cherubs. Because of our modest income, Ann and I could only watch, albeit with a bit of envy as those and many other pieces escalated rapidly into thousands of dollars once the bidding started.

We knew it was pointless to stay, so we left. As we made our exit, a woman who worked for the auction company handed us a flyer. In it was listed all of the items that were to be auctioned off that Saturday. She then told us that the auction would be continued the next day because of the size of that particular estate. We thanked her and took the list home with us.

That Sunday, I got up early. I didn’t sleep well the night before and decided to get an early start reading the paper. Ann was still in bed and the sun had barely peeked over the horizon when I poured my first cup of coffee. By the time Ann got up, two hours had passed and I was through reading the paper.

As she fixed herself a cup of coffee, I looked for something else to read. That’s when I remembered the handout from the auction. At the bottom of the handout was written that on the last day of the auction, the remainder of the items, mostly odds and ends, would be sold in lots. I mentioned that fact to Ann, but she was uninterested She mostly was looking to find unique pieces of furniture and since all of it was out of our price range, she was not thrilled about going back. She decided that she needed to do some shopping at the mall. So I went back to the auction by myself. I’m glad I went alone. That way I did not have to show Ann what I found in the four boxes I brought home that day.

Normally I would not buy boxes of old papers and documents, but I was determined to buy something that was part of that old mansion. Everything that I bid on that Sunday was never high enough. I lost all the bids except for the lot that consisted of a few boxes of old books, papers and an assortment of magazines and documents. I rationalized my purchase by convincing myself that even though these boxes looked to be full of nothing but junk, maybe there was some value because they came from that magnificent house. Who could know what secrets might lurk there?

After unloading the boxes into the garage, I didn’t feel like looking through them. I was exhausted from the auction and was looking forward to relaxing in front of the television. Ann was not home yet and I didn’t expect her for another two or three hours.

After fixing myself a sandwich, I plopped down in front of the television set and made myself comfortable. I began to feel like a fool. How would I explain to Ann that I paid money, about one hundred dollars to be exact, for all that garbage I stacked in the garage? I lost my appetite about then. So I put my sandwich down and went into the garage to decide just what I was going to do with all that stuff. Since I couldn’t easily hide all the boxes, I knew I needed to go through them and throw away whatever I could.

As I sifted through the boxes, I thought my fears were realized. I found nothing of value in them. There were old magazines at the top of the boxes and under them were some technical journals of sorts. Nothing I found interested me. But when I got to the bottom of one of the boxes, I found documents stamped “TOP SECRET.” And under that heading was typed in bold letters, “To be destroyed.” Every box had several folders with the same markings on them. All the documents were hidden under frivolous magazines and irrelevant technical reports. I filled up three trash bags with the magazines and the bogus technical reports, as well as the boxes that I cut up so that I could dispose of them easily. The top-secret documents I was able to fit into one of the boxes. I put the box in my office where I knew Ann would not find it. I had stacks of other boxes there and that particular box blended right in.

My intentions were not to keep secrets from Ann. At first, I did it because I was embarrassed with what I had bought. But later as I read and discovered the bizarre nature of what the documents revealed, I was afraid to tell her or anyone about them until now. Here is what I found at the bottom of those boxes.


Chapter 2

UFO Crash

The year was 1947. The place was Roswell, New Mexico. On July 2 of that year, townspeople reported seeing a bright disk stream across the sky. The unidentified flying object (UFO) fell from the sky and crashed approximately seventy-five miles northwest of town that day. A rancher who heard the crash thought that an airplane had fallen into his field and investigated. What he found at the scene was nothing he could relate to and certainly did not look like it was from this world! He told some friends that the craft was made of a strange material that looked like aluminum foil, but was unbreakable. He was unable to elaborate further and then outright refused to discuss what he had found with anyone after showing an officer in the Air Force what was in his field. At first, when news got out that there had been a UFO crash in a farmer’s field, the excitement spread quickly through the town, and then the world.

Ironically, most of what was known about the UFO crash was released to the news media by a public relations officer from the Air Force. H told the press that a  flying disk had crashed and that the Air Force had recovered it. From that statement, news media from around the country converged on that once-obscure small community. Some of the townspeople wondered if mankind finally had proof that other life forms did exist and what a scary thought that was! Orson Welle’s 1938 broadcast of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds was still fresh in the minds of many of the town folks, as well as the rest of America.

[ Editor’s Note:  George Orson Welles first gained wide notoriety for his October 30, 1938, fictional radio broadcast as if it were a non-fiction live news report of H. G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds about Martian creatures invading Earth. That theatrical radio broadcast caused a large number of listeners to panic and has been used to explain why the government has a policy of denial about the non-human presence on Earth to prevent panic and maintain national security.]

Not knowing what they had in their possession and at the same time trying to halt what was quickly turning into a media frenzy, the Air Force quickly retracted its earlier statement about a flying disk. Their new report simply stated that a new kind of weather balloon that was being tested in the nearby military base is all that was recovered from the now “famous” crash. The crash of a weather balloon was much easier to swallow than an Alien ship, not to mention a lot less scary. Few people doubted the Air Force’s explanations and the public quickly forgot the whole matter.

The Air Force was unable to give the President of the United States any details of what they had in their possession other than it did appear to be from outer space. That was all the President needed to hear to make the decision to keep the whole affair a secret until further notice.

A secret committee was formed with the sole intention of studying the Alien craft. It was put under the jurisdiction of the Air Force and received its funding from them. The committee operated under the guise of “developing and testing new kinds of aircraft.”  The facility is located in Nevada and is known as “Area 51.” It was one of the most secret bases in the country until sometime in the 1970s to 1980s when UFO buffs started mentioning it in their meetings and writers started writing about it. The information came from a multitude of sources – from the average citizen who reported to the media that they had seen aircraft perform fantastic feats of maneuverability to professionals who claimed what they saw defied all concepts of what military aircraft or any aircraft can do. Moving diagonally while traveling at a high rate of speed was one of the more bizarre instances reported. Other sources or leaks came from former Air Force personnel who worked at the base and spoke under the condition of anonymity. Area 51 remains a TOP SECRET facility, but its whereabouts are no longer a secret.

The Air Force had in its possession a flying machine so advanced that some of the scientists who were assigned to investigate it theorized that it could only be from the “realm of the angels.” No explanation was given for what that comment meant.

Auction’s TOP SECRET Files

“The craft was like a living organism,” claimed a document in one of the secret files. When it was first recovered, there was a large hole on one side of it (presumably caused by an internal explosion). The hole was equivalent to one-third the size of the ship (the actual size of the ship was not found in these documents). Miraculously, three weeks after the craft was discovered, the ship completely healed itself. To say the least, it was a very mysterious happening, since the craft was monitored 24 hours a day. If Aliens did the repair work, they would have had to be invisible. The scientists who monitored the craft reported that the healing occurred similar to a wound healing on a human body. The skin simply grew back.

At the end of the three weeks, there was no sign that the ship had ever ben damaged. The debris from the explosion covered several acres of land with material that had the appearance and consistency of aluminum foil. Because the craft repaired itself, the scientists investigating it were unable to determine the cause of the crash. But the size of the hole led them to believe that it had to be an internal explosion – or the crash itself had caused that much damage.

After studying the material and its strength, they knew it was highly unlikely that any of their aircraft would ever have been able to knock down or even damage the Alien craft.

Of the three beings that were recovered from it, one was dead and two were still alive. The three Aliens were removed from the craft at the time of its recovery and taken to an undisclosed location. The secret committee who had possession of the Alien craft had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the Aliens and at that time were unconcerned. They had plenty on their hands with the Alien ship.

Several months would pass before the scientists felt comfortable working inside the Alien craft. Entering it was like walking into a “time warp.” All sense of time vanished. Wrist watches did not operate inside the Alien craft and neither did any of their five senses. Things smelled differently or not at all. Food smelled peculiar and gave off a slight offensive odor, making it inedible. Perfume and cologne or body odor were undetectable. From what they could tell, the food was not contaminated from being on the ship and regained its natural smells and taste when it was taken out of the Alien craft.

The other senses of sight, hearing, touch and taste were also changed. All the senses were improved. They could see better and did not need eyeglasses. If they had glasses, they had to take them off in order to see. It was the same with hearing. All sound was crystal clear regardless of previous hearing abilities. Touch was so sensitive that it was almost erotic. The ship just simply felt good! But the scientists were not adapted to anything like this and it took time before they became comfortable in it.

Although all the senses were on high alert, the description that was unanimous among all who have entered the ship was that it was like being in a dream, literally. The other thing that bothered them was the feeling that something was present in the ship, as if they were under observation. Because time pieces did not work onboard the ship, the scientists kept track of time by posting a sentry outside the craft who would enter it every few minutes. When the craft was first discovered, the scientists spent hours and sometimes days without being aware that a single moment had passed.

The interior of the craft was much larger than its physical exterior suggested. No one is sure that all of the rooms and compartments on board the craft have been discovered. All who entered it came out with a different number. Each person comes out with a different count each time they leave the craft.

Another problem they faced was leaving the craft with intelligible notes. Everything they wrote down end dup being a maze of half-written words and sentences. They attempted to take pictures of the instruments and other interior rooms of the ship, but were unsuccessful. When they developed the film, it was as if it had been exposed. They tried different methods of photography. First, they enclosed the camera in an assortment of alloys. When that failed, they tried metal and ceramic combinations to protect the film. Still, the film ended up exposed.

Continued in Part 2 – Experiments on cadavers

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