Part 2: In League With A UFO

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“This Alien instrument, on its own, completed a complex surgical
procedure in a split second: it cauterized all the blood vessels without
damaging the eye socket or the eyeball! Everyone present knew that
this was beyond ‘magic.’ It was outright scary!”

– Author

 In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

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Chapter 2 (continued)

UFO Crash

Aladdin’s Treasure

There are many gadgets on the ship. Most of them have been taken out of the ship and experimented with. Others, even though they are portable, cannot be taken out of the craft. An invisible force keeps them from being carried out.

Every Alien gadget somehow knows what its purpose is. Unlike human gadgets (such as hammers and toasters, which are static and only function correctly if at all with the help of a human), Alien objects seem to have consciousness and perform duties on their own, if they feel like it!

The opening or doorway to the ship is another mystery. When someone approaches the craft with the intention of entering it, an opening appears instantly. If there is no intention of entering it, nothing opens. It can be entered from any location around its perimeter. Wherever one approached it, an opening occurred. Once the door opened, it led to the exact same place, no matter which location it opened from. And “yes,” if all those who studied the craft formed a circle around it and all intended to enter at the same time, they did! According to the testimony in the documents: “There are no doors as we know them, only an opening that accommodated the size of the person or persons entering it.”

The largest number of persons that entered the alien craft during that one experiment was 42. They were fearful of adding too many more, thinking that they might squeeze someone into an alternate reality or into another dimension. The people who worked on this project were all avid viewers of Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone. To them, fictional shows were more informational than entertaining.

Many and possibly all of the items had animation qualities. They moved on their own, meaning they squirmed, crawled, levitated and flew. Some scientists swear they’ve seen them walk! The size of the gadgets ranged from as little as a deer tick to the size of a basketball, with the majority of the items fitting in the palm of the average man’s hand. Some gadgets were treated by the scientists as enjoyable toys. They fought over them like children do over a new plaything, each impatiently waiting their turn to inspect and tinker with that particular object. Many of the items are made of a metallic substance. Others are made from a highly refined type of plastic, or what appeared to be plastic. Unlike toys, all are indestructible.

When the scientists attempted to dissect the Alien gadgets or tools or whatever they are, they discovered there are no seams or other means to open them. They appeared to be cast from one solid piece. Their attempts to study the items were further blunted when x-ray did not penetrate the material. They had no means to understand what made these things work. The power source was equally mysterious. The items did not require batteries and still maintain optimum performance whenever or wherever they are used, on or off the ship. Nothing connected with the craft aged at all; if anything, the Alien gadgets appeared to improve.

Experiments are performed on cadavers

Since the ship had more than one room (some had counted three) that looked like surgical rooms, the scientists felt that many, if not all, of the gadgets were related to, or performed medical functions. With that in mind, the scientists experimented on cadavers. But after many tries, they came to the conclusion that most of the Alien equipment did not respond to dead flesh. They they experimented on dead and living animals. Again, no instrument responded on the dead animals, but some of the instruments became activated when placed on certain animals, mainly cattle and horses.

Because there is no outward appearance or labeling that identified the function of any of the Alien objects, they had to stumble around, sometimes awkwardly, until a function “happened.” This was accomplished by placing the objects on the animals or in a close proximity to the animals to see what might take place. Unlike human gadgets such as forks, spoons, scalpels and wrenches, whose functions are easily understood by most people by simply looking at them, the function of the Alien gadgets are found only through trial and error.

During the experiments with the animals, they discovered that some instruments responded when they came within one inch from touching the animal. Others needed to have direct contact with the animal before they would activate. An Alien object was considered “activated” when it reacted in any number of ways such as: changing colors, size or shape, or simply performing its function on that animal – for example, removing a specific body part or performing a biopsy. What these instruments did was unclear to the early experimenters. In their notes, they could only describe that the Alien objects mutilated the animals by removing tissue and sometimes organs for no apparent reason. The animals were all healthy prior to the experiments and would have probably survived if the scientists had known how to reverse the procedure.

Experimenting on humans was not too taboo in the 1940s and was practiced in many countries, as well as in the United States, albeit covertly. But even before tests were begun on human guinea pigs, some scientists who fiddled with these Alien tools unwittingly were maimed and in a few cases killed by the instruments. Some incidents have been recorded. Others were discussed word of mouth, passing information from one scientist to another. Many things that were written down were not meant to be shared by other scientists within the program, but were to be forwarded directly to the committee. How many scientists lost their lives will never be known due to the secret nature of this project.

One of the first injuries recorded took place the second month after the ship was found. It happened to a metallurgist who was studying the behavior or metal when it became animated. He and a colleague were closely monitoring a batch of Alien objects that were assigned to them that morning. The scientists were located in a separate building from where the Alien craft was stored. By putting some distance between the craft and the Alien objects, they had hoped to eliminate any interference or potential influence that the craft might have on the objects. They knew by then that experimenting while inside the craft was a waste of time, not to mention practically impossible. It was a place like “Alice in Wonderland,” a nice place to visit, but impossible to get any work done there.

They had scattered the Alien objects around a large table in the metallurgist’s lab. They were going to observe and then study any object that activated when they placed a live rabbit on the table. They watched for responses from the objects. It did not take long. As the rabbit hopped about, the scientist noticed that one of the objects changed color when the rabbit passed by it. Thinking that the metal might change shape, he wanted to hold it in his hand to get a feel for what was taking place. The metal quivered, so he took it to his desk where the light was better for a closer look. As he studied it under the light of his desk lamp, somehow his face made contact with the object. That’s when the thing became animated and instantly scooped out his eyeball!

It happened so quickly that he didn’t have time to drop the object, which was still holding his eyeball securely in its scoop. His colleague, after seeing what had happened, thought that the Alien object was attacking his fried and summoned the guard who was posted outside the room in the hall. He and the guard rushed over to help. Reluctantly his associate grabbed the instrument with the eye in it as the injured scientist collapsed to the floor. There was no blood coming from the collapsed scientist, but he was in severe pain and went into shock. His colleague was perplexed about what to do with the eyeball. He told the guard to stay with the injured man. He then ran down the hall and placed the eyeball, along with the Alien object which was still holding it, into a refrigerator that was in the lunchroom.

They were unable to save the eye, even though it was not damaged in any way. The doctors who examined the injured scientist were baffled by the precision with which the eye was removed. No doctors or technique that they knew of could perform that kind of an operation. This Alien instrument, on its own, completed a complex surgical procedure in a split second: it cauterized all the blood vessels without damaging the eye socket or the eyeball! Everyone present knew that this was beyond “magic.” It was outright scary! What frustrated the scientists most was the fact that they were certain they had an instrument in their possession that would put the eyeball back into its socket, but no one knew how to use it.

Because of that incident and others, the team that was assembled for this particular project decided that if they were going to continue and have any chance of unlocking the secrets of these magical instruments, they would need to shield themselves from future similar mishaps. Most of the accidents were just that – “accidents.” But the scientists did knowingly take risks and experiment on one another on a few occasions.

The first week that the scientists were allowed to experiment with the Alien objects, the objects began disappearing. At first, it was thought that someone was playing some kind of a prank on them, taking the objects from the laboratories and returning them back to the ship. But that scenario did not make sense because all of the labs were locked and none of them were broken into. Each lock had a special key that would have been difficult to duplicate. The scientists were baffled, but after a few weeks a pattern did emerge.

Every item from the ship, regardless of where it was, whether it was in another state or some other place in the world, vanished exactly three days from when it was taken out of the ship. Each and every item then emerged back on board the ship at the precise moment they vanished. Somehow the Alien ship remained in contact with all that was associated with it, no matter the distance. Cataloguing each item was a nightmare. Items changed shape and size in response to handling by the scientists, by the intensity of light in the room, by the temperature or even by the mood of the person handling it.

There was so much magic in this one Alien craft that it was practically impossible for the specialists to stay focused on their work. At times, the scientists displayed signs associated with psychosis. Their personalities gyrated from “giddy with delight” one moment and totally “frustrated” and “demonic” the next. On several occasions, guards were called into the labs to restrain a belligerent scientist making all sorts of preposterous accusations and demands. One told a co-worker to kneel and kiss a ring on his finger. Then he yelled at the top of his voice when the co-worker refused. Another one threatened to kill a colleague’s family if he didn’t receive a birthday card from him. Two others played like children, singing and clapping their hands while talking to a make-believe friend.

Those cases are a small sampling of strange happenings that took place. These were not episodes of bored scientists horsing around. Most of them had to be restrained and taken off the base. Many of them recovered within a day or two and had no recollection of what they did. But in a few cases, the scientists had to be institutionalized permanently.

The scientists were never able to master the Alien instruments. Instead, the instruments seemed to be playing mind games with them, kind of a “Simon Says” routine: “Do as I say, not as I do.” Not that the instruments talked, which was amazing, since they seemed to be able to do everything else.

But they did play guessing games. Scientists sometimes had to guess what an item did before it became operational. For instance, what part of the human anatomy was it programmed to function on: The brain? Internal organs? Nervous system? Digestive track? If the instruments were placed in the vicinity of the body that was not “its specialty,” it did nothing and stayed dormant. But on occasion, if it was in one of those “playful moods,” it remained dormant when placed where it should be and activated when placed where it had no function.

Continued in Part 3 –  Alien Technology Experiments

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