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Part 1: Strange Booms and Eerie Metallic Sounds Are Back
in Washington and Pennsylvania

© 2016 by Linda Moulton Howe


“Seems to be coming from the sky and moves around.
A few times it felt as if it was charging fast back towards
my house after becoming somewhat distant. Enjoy the lovely
sounds of orcas dying in the sky!”

- Amanda Rhodes, FB post with video/audio, Spokane Valley, WA



December 15, 2016 Albuquerque, New Mexico - On the night of December 13 to 14, 2016, thousands of people in the Spokane Valley region of Washington state reported on Facebook and Twitter about strange, eerie sounds coming from the sky all night long.

1) Spokane Valley, Washington

Here is a very good 11-minute video/audio at 3 AM recorded at Sullivan Road and Broadway Avenue in Spokane Valley and posted on YouTube. Worth listening all the way through:


On Dec 14, 2016, at 2:08 PM, MKF in Spokane Valley, Washington, wrote to

Linda, below is a link and photograph of two beams at same time of noises from our local KHQ station in Spokane, Washington, posted by a resident in comments for KHQ Facebook about strange noises all night in Spokane Valley, WA. I live on South hill of Spokane, so did not hear this. Also windows were closed because it is frigidly cold.

These noises sound very much like posts you have made to Earthfiles.

Thank you,
Spokane, WA

Photo on KHQ Facebook page December 14, 2016, of two vertical whitish beams that appeared above the foreground house at the same time that eerie, metallic sounds were being recorded on an iPhone by a Spokane Valley, Washington, resident on the night of Dec. 13-14, 2016, and posted at the KHQ Facebook.


Here's another Dec. 13-14, 2016, FB video/audio at KHQ:

Dec. 14, 2016 from Amanda Rhodes at KHQ FB: “This is the loud trumpet/howling noises in Spokane Valley, WA., that I have been hearing all night. Started around 11pm, December 13, 2016, and has been non-stop up until this morning, about 6 am, December 14, 2016. I live off of Pines Road and it has been extremely loud! Seems to be coming from the sky and moves around. A few times it felt as if it was charging fast back towards my house after becoming somewhat distant. Enjoy the lovely sounds of orcas dying in the sky! hahaha...
December 15, 2016, added note: News has now ruled out that it was a snow plow. The employee at the mall who runs the plow called the news stations to confirm it was actually not a plow. Trains were also Previously ruled out. The sounds were heard by many, even in nearby cities, but more faint.”


2) Unexplained Booms in Pennsylvania:
December 2016 and February 2016

To: [email protected]
Re: Big Explosion and strange rumbling sounds in Rostraver Township, PA
Date: December 15, 2016 about December 13th “Huge Explosion”

Rostraver Township is in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania,
with a population of 11,634 in the 2000 census.

Hi Linda.

I am writing to give you a recent update on some rather disturbing recent events here in Rostraver Township, PA. On the morning of 12/13/2016 my daughter, who lives just three miles away, was awakened by what she described as a "huge explosion that shook my house." Don't know what it means, but I thought you'd like to know.

Also, my wife and I are hearing a rumbling sound that seems to be coming from underground. Sometimes we can hear it over the TV and room conversation. When I was going to school (a long time ago) I worked on the B&O Railroad during the summer. The rumbling sound is like that of an idling diesel locomotive, only it sounds like it's a hundred feet underground. The Rostraver Airport is literally in my back yard as our property borders the southern side of the airport. My daughter lives in West Newton, PA, about three miles away. [Red circle in above map.]

Thank you for your excellent work in reporting things that no one else will. I have a thought for you regarding strange disappearances and cattle mutilations. Could it be possible that there is a "liquid predator" out there somewhere. One that, instead of frightening it's pray, anesthetizes it before devouring it. It even gives me the creeps, but it could explain some of the evidence, or lack thereof. After all, why do all predators have to leave footprints or travel above ground for that matter.

In February 2016, eleven months ago, the reported that loud booms had been heard for several days along the county line separating Coalport, Clearfield County and Cambria County. Resident John Dreese told the news, “I just heard loud booms coming from various places and I didn't know if someb ody was coal mining, an explosion, or what it was?”

Westmoreland County in lower left near Cambria and Clearfield Counties

Another Coalport resident, Terry Swasing, reported hearing booms at 3 AM early one morning after another loud boom at 10 PM the night before. Swasing said, “It was just like dynamite going off.”

Borough Councilman and Public Awareness Committee Chairman Bill Washell said he checked the U. S. Geological Survey website and there was no seismic activity listed for the Coalport, Pennsylvania, region. Facebook users reported hearing loud explosion sounds from Blandburg to Flinton, Glendale Yearound to Westover and Glen Hope. But oddly, the 911 office in Clearfield and Cambria counties had not received any calls. The mystery was never solved.

Continued in Part 2 Update.

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If any viewers/listeners have heard or recorded similar loud, unexplained booms or eerie metallic or trumpet sounds, please email [email protected] All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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"Strange sound in Spokane Valley has thousands of people talking," December 14, 2016, FOX28 News:

Strange Noise in Spokane Valley, Washington:

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