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Update - Part 2: Eerie Metallic Sounds in Spokane, WA,
and Booms in Spearfish, SD, and San Jose, CA

© 2016 by Linda Moulton Howe


“The sound would send chills up your back. It was so
intense — like something was in pain. It was very eerie. ”

- Kathy Schlenker, 64, retired mental health
counselor, Spokane Valley, WA

“In Spearfish, it was like 'the sound of about 8 shotguns going off at once.'”

- Brad Scott, Spearfish, SD, resident

Spokane and Spokane Valley, Washington, marked by Google pointer are
280 miles east of Seattle, Washington, and next door to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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December 18, 2016 Spokane Valley, Washington - On the night of December 13 to 14, 2016, thousands of people in the Spokane Valley region of Washington state reported on Facebook and Twitter about strange, eerie sounds coming from the sky all night long. Here is one of the best YouTube postings of 11 minutes recorded by iPhone at 3 AM Pacific at Sullivan Road and Broadway Avenue in Spokane Valley:

Beginning at nearly the same time, 3:05 AM Pacific, 64-year-old Kathy Schlenker woke up startled and puzzled by “a crying type noise that made me get up and walk outside on the deck of my trailer home.” Kathy lives in a park of 1,700 trailers. Oddly, she never saw anyone else come out of their trailers while she stayed outside until near sunup between 4:30 AM and 5 AM, mystified by the eerie, crying noise.

Around 3:30 AM she noticed a glowing “mist” in the sky beyond one of the trailer homes and then two vertical beams suddenly appeared and remained until daybreak. She took this photograph of the beams on her iPhone and tried to record the eerie crying sounds, but says her audio is not clear.

iPhone photograph around 3:30 AM on December 14, 2016, by Kathy Schlenker, 64, of the two vertical whitish beams that appeared above the foreground trailer house at the same time she could hear loud and eerie, metallic, crying sounds at her Spokane Valley, Washington, trailer park. Kathy posted her photo at the local media's KHQ Facebook.


Kathy Schlenker, 64, retired Sacred Heart Hospital mental health counselor, Spokane Valley, Washington: “I had gone to bed the night of Tuesday, December 13, 2016, around 10 PM to watch the news and then went to sleep. I was awakened by this very loud, almost crying-type noise. I thought it was so odd and kept hearing it get louder and louder.

So, I got out of bed and went outdoors to my deck. The direction the crying sound was coming from was the southeast. I was looking across the street above the roof of one of the trailer houses and I noticed a funny glow, like the sound was coming from there. Then I realized I was the only one up in the trailer park and I better get my phone to document what was happening. The air was cold and the glow did not look like a cloud. It was a different kind of mist.

The sound would send chills up your back. It was such an intense — like something was in pain. It was very eerie.

So, when I went in my trailer house to get my phone, I tried to record the sound. I was standing outside, but the recording would not come in very good. Periodically the sound would stop and then start back up.

Around 3:30 AM, I took a bathroom break and when I came back outside and looked in the direction of the crying noise, I noticed two beams of light that weren't there before. The two beams were so clear to my eyes, I knew my phone could pick them up and I took a photograph.


Yes. I estimated the two beams were some 250 to 500 yards apart and knew there was nothing in that direction that would cause those beams to light up. So I posted my photo on Facebook and to the KHQ news station Facebook.


People could not explain the beams. A couple of times the sound was like a trumpet and I thought of Jesus and the Apocalypse that talks about the “rapture” when people would be beamed up from Earth.


Two hours or more. When the beams were up, the noise was louder. When they faded out, the sound change to a more intense crying. It was such a weird noise, I thought maybe it could even be a UFO.


Yes. It was like they were rheostated slowly off, probably around 4:30 AM. Then about 5 AM, the noise stopped close to sunup.”


Other Spokane Valley, WA, Reports

To: [email protected]
Re: Strange Trumpet-Like Sounds Coming From East Skies In Spokane Valley Date: Dec 14, 2016

Hello Linda,

I was refereed to you from an individual who runs a YouTube channel called EnigmaSeeker. I am very familiar with the work you do and am a regular listener to coast to coast am radio.

On the 14th of December 2016 around 23:45 (11:45 PM Pacific), my wife went outside and started filming the strange sounds. It was so cold outside that she was only able to get about 6 minutes in before having to go back into the house.

We live in the heart of Spokane Valley, Washington. The noise seemed to be coming from the eastern skies. It was very mysterious and strange. I myself was already in bed and also heard the sounds. I wanted to pry my window open, but they were frozen shut. The sounds lasted all through the night.

Here is a link on my you tube channel. The video is unedited and uploaded in its raw form.

Keep up the amazing work.

To: [email protected]
Re: Spokane sky noises on Dec. 14 2016
Date: December 15, 2016

I woke up in the middle of the night (early Wednesday morning on Dec. 14, 2016) and could hear something similar (to what you have posted at Earthfiles Part 1), but very faint. It sounded like weird tonal music of deep sounding bells far away, hard to describe, but then I figured I was hearing things.

I live in Rossland, BC, Canada, very close to the border and about a 3-hour-drive directly north from Spokane. It is normally very quiet here at night, being a small town in the mountains. The sound went on and on till I fell back to sleep, I think it was around 3 am.

I don't know if what I heard is related, but in any case I was intrigued to read your Earthfiles report posted December 15, 2016. I enjoy reading all your reports, keep up the good work, cheers.


2) Unexplained House-Shaking Boom Hit Near 2 PM
in Three States, November 7, 2016

Spearfish, South Dakota, at Google pointer is 815 miles southeast of Spokane, Washington.
Near 2 PM on Monday, November 7, 2016, people reported rattling windows and shaking
houses from the Black Hills of South Dakota to western Nebraska and southeastern Montana

Five weeks before on November 7, 2016, near 2 PM local time and about 815 miles further southeast from Spokane, Washington, in Spearfish, South Dakota and beyond, people reported rattling windows and shaking houses from South Dakota's Black Hills to western Nebraska and southeastern Montana. Authorities heard from people living in Spearfish, Lead, Deadwood, Piedmont, north of Belle Fourche, to Angostura Reservoir in the Southern Black Hills — all saying it sounded like a car or a tree had hit their house.

Black Hills Pioneer, November 12, 2016, headline about unexplained loud
boom heard throughout the Black Hills and at least western Nebraska to
southeastern Montana, on Monday, Nov. 7, 2016, shortly before 2 PM local time.

The Black Hills Pioneer also learned that unexplained booming, vibrating sounds were heard at 5:30 AM for 15 to 20 seconds on Monday, November 7th, and at 7:30 AM on Sunday, November 6th. That Sunday noise heard by Brad Scott of Spearfish was like “the sound of about 8 shotguns going off at once.”


No Quake. No Sonic Boom. No Meteor. No Blasting.

The BHPioneer reported that “some people thought it was an earthquake, or some pressure release from the ground. However, the U.S. Geological Survey’s earthquake monitoring site did not record a tremor of any magnitude in the Dakotas, Nebraska, or Eastern Montana within the week of December 12 - 16, 2016. Some people thought it was a sonic boom from an airplane. However, officials with the Federal Aviation Administration and Ellsworth and Minot Air Force bases said it was neither civilian nor military planes from their bases.
OK, so how about a meteor breaking the sound barrier as it fell from space?
Tom Durkin, the Deputy Director of the South Dakota Space Consortium said he checked with the American Meteor Society and no meteor sightings around 2 p.m. were reported.”

BHP also asked A-1 Drilling and Blasting in Deadwood, SD, if they had done any blasting on Monday, November 7th, and the answer was no, none at all.

3) San Jose, CA, November 15, 2016, at 2:45 PM Pacific

What Shook San Jose, CA, Yesterday Afternoon?
USGS Says It Wasn't an Earthquake.

“Windows rattled, definitely bigger than a truck.”

- Tweet from Ramblin' Explorer, Nov. 15, 2016

“Our duty seismologist did an extensive search and we did not see
any seismic activity in the South Bay. So it's not an earthquake,
whatever they're feeling — as far as we can tell.”

- Susan Garcia, Spokeswoman, U.S. Geological Survey

San Jose, California, is 33 miles northeast of Santa Cruz. The window-rattling
booms that hit at 2:45 PM Pacific, on November 15, 2016, were heard
simultaneously from San Jose to Santa Cruz. reported Wednesday, November 16, 2016, that a mysterious
earthquake-like shake was felt by people from San Jose to the Santa Cruz area
on Nov. 15, 2016, around 2:45 PM Pacific. The USGS didn't record an earthquake
at the time and the source of the rumbling is still unknown. If any Earthfiles viewers
have more information, please email: [email protected]
All requests for confidentiality are honored.


To: [email protected]
Re: San Jose Boom(s) 11/15/16
Date: November 16, 2016

Hi Linda,

I am 55 and I live in San Jose, right on the cusp of both Los Gatos and Campbell, CA. I was playing with my cats yesterday afternoon, November 15, 2016, while in my back yard, when I heard the booms. There were distinctly two; the second boom arriving just a few moments after the first, with the second boom being louder and more concussive. The second seemed to emanate from the southeast. Strangely, my cats were neither disturbed nor affected by the low frequency booms.

I immediately looked to the sky and noted no aircraft nor contrails. High performance military aircraft and heavy transports transit in and out of Moffat Field on weekends — but mostly Sundays.

Growing up in Southern California, I've experienced several earthquakes events, notably: 1979, Imperial Valley and 1992, Landers.

That said, I've been able to tune my hearing to the distinct sound just prior to a shaking event, but strangely, no shaking took place.

I've heard nothing from local news nor from co-workers regarding yesterday's event.


To: [email protected]
Re: Mystery boom 11/15/16 San Jose and Santa Cruz, CA
Date: November 18, 2016

Hi Linda,

I experienced the "mystery boom" on Nov. 15, 2016, 2:41 pm Pacific.

I was working at my computer in Aptos, CA (Santa Cruz County) when our house rattled like a magnitude 4 earthquake, at 2:41 pm. The windows rattled twice, one right after the other, like P and S waves of earthquakes. At 2:54, the windows rattled once, which I assumed was a magnitude 3 aftershock. There was no rolling motion. I did not hear any "boom" or explosion, but the rattling sound of the house - particularly the window facing the ocean - was quite loud. Didn't see anything either.

Friends around town felt/heard the 2:41 event, but not the 2:54 one. Too bad the Scotts Valley graph ends at 2:46, but it shows the event happened there and in Aptos at the same time. Drive time from here to there via Highways 1 and 17 is about 20 minutes. An accurate event time in San Jose might tell speed and direction.

I checked 2 earthquake web sites, one site with fireball reports, and the NUFORC site, but they didn't pan out. I didn't find any info from 3 Monterey Bay news web sites either.

The best info I found was at:

I haven't tried FAA and San Jose Airport yet. Never mind asking Air Force and Naval Air Stations - we both know they lie and cover-up when they screw up. If "jet jocks" caused sonic booms over a major metropolitan area like San Jose, heads will roll - they broke FAA rules.


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If any viewers/listeners have heard or recorded similar loud, unexplained booms or eerie metallic or trumpet sounds, please email [email protected] All requests for confidentiality are honored.

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"Strange sound in Spokane Valley has thousands of people talking," December 14, 2016, FOX28 News:

Strange Noise in Spokane Valley, Washington:

• 03/27/2015 — Part 2: Are Inner Core Changes Causing Mysterious Booms and Magnetic Field Changes Leading To A Pole Flip?

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