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Unexplained, Loud, House-Shaking Boom Reported by Dozens
to TV News and Mt. Holly, N.C. Police Night of Jan. 17th

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


“It sounded like a bomb just went off outside our house.”

- Mt. Holly, No. Carolina Resident, January 17, 2017


Mt. Holly, North Carolina, is about 13 miles northwest of
Charlotte, NC. Twelve miles further west from Mt. Holly is Gastonia, the
location of one of the most shocking horse mutilations on record
that occurred February 22, 1980. See last segment of this report.


January 19, 2017 Mt. Holly, North Carolina - Tuesday night, January 17, 2017, beginning at about 8:03 PM Eastern, the Channel 9-WSOTV newsroom in Mt. Holly, North Carolina, began receiving dozens of calls from viewers reporting a mysterious, loud, house-shaking boom. Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon learned Mt. Holly police and county dispatchers also received over thirty 911 calls in a couple of hours from worried residents trying to find out what caused the bomb-like sound.

Channel 9-WSOTV news report, Mt. Holly, North Carolina,
on Tuesday night, January 17, 2017, four nights after another loud
boom was reported on Saturday, January 14, 2017. City and
county authorities still have no answers.

One caller told Channel 9: “It sounded like a bomb just went off outside our house.” That caller reported that all the neighbors were outside while she was calling because everyone heard the huge boom.

Another caller said, “It rattled the house and windows and everything. It sounded like we were in downtown Fallujah (Iraq war zone).” And the Mt. Holly Police Dispatcher said, “Oh, my goodness. I thought I heard that here.”

Channel 9 interviewed one resident who demonstrated how the boom sound rattled her windows so loudly that she used her fingers to tap hard on the window frame.

This was the second loud, ground-shaking boom in four days. Another had been reported on Saturday, January 14, 2017. But police could not find a source for either boom like so many other places in North America and around the world since inexplicable, persistent house-shaking booms began being reported six years ago in January 2011.


Shocking Alive Horse Mutilation in Gastonia, NC,
West of Mt. Holly - February 22, 1980

Typical excisions found repeatedly on heads of mutilated
animals from early 1970s onward: cleanly removed lower and upper jaw
flesh; “cookie cutter” circular removal of flesh around the eye; eyeball,
tongue and ear removed. Polaroid by Sheriff Tex Graves, Budin Ranch,
Logan County, northeastern Colorado, 1976.

After my regional Emmy Award-winning television documentary, A Strange Harvest, was first broadcast on the CBS affiliate in Denver, Colorado, KMGH-TV, on May 25, 1980, I assembled a chronological list of animal mutilation reports as the 1980 year unfolded. The following is a Gastonia, North Carolina, stallion mutilation I have excerpted here from my private research file of dozens of animal mutilation cases listed in another Earthfiles Real X-Files series.

February 22, 1980 - Gastonia, North Carolina, horse owners Doris and Ben Scott:  Mrs. Scott has lived in Gastonia all her life. On February 22, 1980, their 6-year-old stallion was found ALIVE and mutilated in its boarding barn. The stall was boarded from floor to ceiling on all four sides and had a solid door that latched. The stall was 14 feet by 14 feet. "There was no way for predators to get in and the walls were completely clean of blood," said Mrs. Scott.

The stallion had been moved to the boarding barn about two months before to separate him from some pregnant mares the Scotts had. He was the only stallion in the boarding barn at the time; there were some other mares.

He was a voice-trained breeding stud, very intelligent, and a great friend of Ben Scott, the son, with whom the horse played hide and seek when Ben was a teenager. Ben Scott, now in his early twenties, had a routine of feeding the horse every afternoon at 5 p.m. on his way home from work. He worked at the Cotawba River Nuclear Power Plant near Gastonia, about 30 miles north of the boarding barn.

On February 22, 1980, the owners of the boarding barn found the stallion before Ben Scott got there. The horse was standing up in the stall with blood on his stomach and dripping down his legs from the penis. The floor was soaked with blood, but there were no blood spatters on the walls anywhere. Veterinarian A. B. of Shelby, North Carolina was called.

Dr. B. found the penis had been cut off up into the horse's pelvic area (12 to 14 inches) and the veterinarian did not know how this had been done. No organ or piece of flesh of any kind was ever found. Dr. B. got down on his hands and knees four times to sift through the floor and outside the stall. Testicles were still there and so was the foreskin. Dr. B. did not do blood tests because he did not think there was any reason at the time. He was trying to save the horse's life. But the horse bled to death after Ben Scott arrived and held the horse's head.

Dr. B. said the horse would have kicked a person to death if the horse were not anesthetized in order to do such extraordinary surgery and too much anesthesia would make it hard to stimulate the horse to remove the entire penis. Dr. B. is still very puzzled by what happened to the Scott horse in Gastonia, North Carolina.


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If viewers have more information about the mysterious loud booms, metallic scrapings or horn sounds heard around the world since January 2011, please report to [email protected]. All requests for anonymity are honored.

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