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Mysterious Metallic Wind Sound Wouldn't Record On iPhone

© 2017 by Linda Moulton Howe


“It was weird. Not only could my iPhone not pick up the apocalyptic sound,
my iPhone could not pick up anything. I could not hear the playback of my
voice or any other background noise.”

- Mike Quinn, Godfrey, Illinois, resident who tried to record with his iPhone

Residents in Godfrey, Illinois, reported hearing a loud, eerie sound beginning around
2:30 AM on early Sunday morning, November 26, 2017, that lasted about 10 minutes.

Godfrey, Illinois, is a town on the Mississippi River about
38 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri, and 6 miles from Alton
famous for “water monsters” along the Mississippi River


November 29, 2017 Godfrey, Illinois - Godfrey is a village of some 18,000 people in Madison County, Illinois, about 38 miles north of the larger metropolitan city of St. Louis, Missouri. Early Sunday morning November 26, 2017, at 2:30 AM, local musician and audio engineer Mike Quinn, was talking with a friend in the parking lot of Godfrey's 24-hour pharmacy Schnucks. Other residents between Humbert Road and the Schnucks pharmacy at the end of Godfrey Road also reported hearing a loud, mysterious sound around 2:30 AM early Sunday morning that lasted for several minutes.

Schnucks Godfrey Pharmacy and store marked with red Google marker are at the
end of GodfreyRoad that parallels Humbert Road at the village of Godfrey. Several residents
between Humbert Road and the Schnucks pharmacy at the end of Godfrey Road reported
hearing a loud,mysterious sound around 2:30 AM early Sunday
morning that lasted for several minutes.

Mike Quinn said suddenly an eerie sound erupted that he called “apocalyptic.” He told the local that he and his female friend were hearing a “mixture of a rushing wind and a brass instrument” that lasted about 10 minutes, starting and stopping abruptly. He said he has lived near train tracks, power plants, other industries and Colorado military bases, but has “never heard anything like the mysterious sound in my entire life.” Quinn said he thought the sound was coming from above in the sky to the west.

Then Quinn tried to record the weird sound on his iPhone. But as skilled as he is with the iPhone's audio recording functions and with audio engineering, he said, “It was weird. Not only could my iPhone not pick up the sound, it could not pick up anything. I couldn't hear the playback of my voice or any other background noise.”

His friend became afraid of the sound. She wanted to go into the pharmacy and inside there neither could hear the strange sound. Other sources also reported being frightened by how loud, powerful and unique the sound was.

Another earwitness, Steven Schmoeller in the Villa Marie subdivision near Humbert Road, reported that he heard the same type of sound from his open window, but compared it to “the sound of a vehicle passing rapidly on a highway,” but instead of moving, the sound stayed in the same place. That's when he went to his computer and learned that social media also had several reports about the same type of sound.

The 2:30 AM source of the rushing wind mixed with a brass instrument is still unknown. The Godfrey Fire Protection District and the Madison County Sheriff's Office did not receive any resident reports and no one at those offices heard the sound.

Earthfiles would like to hear from earwitnesses of this strange metallic wind sound in Godfrey, Illinois, or any other locations and strange, unidentified sounds. All requests for anonymity are honored. Please email: [email protected]

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