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02-19-2020 - 10 PM Mtn Feb. 19th Update: Two Diamond Princess Japanese Passengers Have Died from COVID-19. 75,727 COVID-19 Cases, 2,128 deaths. Diamond Princess Quarantined American Ship Passengers Were Evacuated On Chartered Flight with 14 Americans Confirmed Positive with COVID-19. Lung Biopsy of China Patient Shows Severe SARS-like Damage.
03-21-2006 - One Way H5N1 Bird Flu Could Adapt to Humans
12-16-2003 - Colorado Doctor Suspects Fujian Flu Has Hit Elderly Hard
05-09-2003 - SARS Death Rates Higher Than Expected
05-02-2003 - SARS Patients Relapse and Mortality Rates Rise
04-29-2003 - SARS Continues Spreading in China; W.H.O. Rescinds Toronto Travel Warning
04-26-2003 - Beijing Quarantines 4000 Residents Exposed to SARS; Third Hospital Sealed Off
04-25-2003 - Coronavirus Expert Questions Animal Source for SARS
04-23-2003 - SARS Worldwide Update
04-18-2003 - SARS Coronavirus Can Spread in Urine and Feces