Cattle Mutilations in La Pampa Province, Argentina

 June 14, 2002 Sociedad Rio Negro Argentina newspaper headline,  "Great Mystery in La Pampa Over Mutilated Cattle." La Pampa Province is about  200 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.
June 14, 2002 Sociedad Rio Negro Argentina newspaper headline, “Great Mystery in La Pampa Over Mutilated Cattle.” La Pampa Province is about 200 miles southwest of Buenos Aires.

June 15, 2002  Rio Colorado – Since April 2002, more than two dozen cattle have been reported by La Pampa Province, Argentina farmers to local authorities because their deaths are not normal. Cut from the animals’ bodies without blood are ears, eyes, tongues, jaw flesh, genitals, udders, rectum and vaginal tissue. The town with the greatest number so far is General Acha. The total number of mutilated cattle there varies from eight to eighteen. Other affected towns so far are Chuchillo Co, Jacinto Arauz, Quehue, Santa Rosa, Toay, Rivera, Macachin, Villa Iris and Salliquelo.

Yellow highlight indicates the towns in the La Pampa Province of Argentina, about 200 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, which have reported cattle mutilations since April 2002.
Yellow highlight indicates the towns in the La Pampa Province of Argentina, about 200 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, which have reported cattle mutilations since April 2002.

Scott Corrales, Director of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology in Bradford, Pennsylvania, has been translating Argentina newspaper articles since the wave of mutilations began. On June 14, he reported that the latest cases were found in Macachin and Rivera on Wednesday, June 12, 2002. One of the farmers, Mr. Diez, showed the newspaper, Diario “La Arena” a videotape of his mutilated cow and “explained that he had found a dead cow whose organs had been removed through incisions, showing ‘evident signs of cauterization,’ or high heat.

According to the farmer’s son and the videotape, the cow had a “perfectly round mark around its ocular (eye) cavity, from which the orb (eye) was completely missing.” The lips were cleanly excised along with the tongue “with signs of high temperature.

Scott reports, “Another incision began in the abdominal area and progressed toward the tail where it was perfectly skinned back revealing the absence of mammary glands, reproductive organs, anus and intestines.”

Argentina media photographs above related to 2002 cattle  mutilation investigations. Sources unknown.
Argentina media photographs above related to 2002 cattle mutilation investigations. Sources unknown.

The day before on June 13, 2002, Diario “La Arena” reported two cases in the capital Santa Rosa and nearby Toay. Scott’s translation began: “It is a strange event closer to home: (two) dead cows lacking organs or blood which have flourished throughout the province and astonished many, without any explanation having been found for such a singular phenomenon. Farm animals near Santa Rosa had their turn now, and not only did the provincial police become involved, but professionals from the National University of La Pampa involved themselves to perform analyses. (These) two deaths near this capital city which can be added to the twenty uncanny bovine deaths in the province.”

One of these animals, a 9-month-old cow, was found dead on June 3. But by June 10, something had returned to the animal to remove tissue from its face, neck and sexual organs. Farmer Claudio Ferrero reported the animal and on June 12, Sheriff Hector Garcia, officer Nestor Garcia, a team of criminalists, and veterinarians from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of La Pampa investigated the cow.

Scott translated, “Camcorder in hand, the authorities followed the autopsy performed by (the veterinarians) in the cold morning air. The autopsy team, which arrived from General Pico, consisted of veterinarians Alberto Parani, Jorge Dubani and Abel Herrera, who conducted an on-site visual inspection. The experts took samples, opened the cow, and finally removed its head. They found that the animal’s face was missing its muscles, along with the musculature of the neck. Furthermore, a hole was discovered in the animal’s hindquarters through which its genitals were extracted.

“The animal’s face ‘looked as though it had been burned,’ according to Ferrero, and two strange incisions were noted on an ear and on the neck.”

Strange Nocturnal Lights

One of the first Diario “La Arena” newspaper reports about the cattle mutilation mystery in La Pampa was back on April 29, 2002. That headline read, “Strange Case in Salliquelo: Mutilated Animals Appear in Wake of Nocturnal Lights.
Scott Corrales translated that article beginning, “A few days ago strange lights appeared in the night skies over Salliquelo, Province of Buenos Aires, and in the morning cattle ranchers of the area found three mutilated bovines showing signs of having undergone a surgical intervention with unusual implements. A veterinarian told local media that the incisions “are strange ones in which some sort of heating element appears to have been used.”

The veterinarian is quoted as saying, “The skin is burned along the edges of the cuts and (there is an) absence of blood in veins, muscles and ligaments. …it is simply desiccated. …It’s as though you were cutting a piece of paper with a hot wire. The edges become dry, scorched and thinner. Furthermore, all traces of blood vanished. We only found some coagulated remains in the heart.”

Strange Green Dwarf Seen

On June 6, 2002, Diario “La Arena” headlined “Strange Dwarf Reported in Cattle Mute Area” near General Acha. Scott Corrales translated that, “The presence of a ‘dwarf’ or ‘green midget’ wandering the backyards of many neighborhoods in General Acha has been the latest subject of conversation. It appears to be a short, green entity which runs away with haste when detected.”
All the La Pampa Province cattle mutilation events have been taking place only an hour south of the nation’s capital, Buenos Aires.


Scott Corrales, Director, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, Bradford, Pennsylvania: “People may not realize that Argentina is the world’s 5th largest country. Most of the population is in the La Pampa Province of about 11 million people, southwest of Buenos Aires. We’re talking about some of the most fertile area in Latin America. In fact, most of the beef produced in Argentina is raised in this region. It’s very well connected with roads and railroads. These things are happening basically under peoples’ noses. It’s incredible!

Today’s report came from Santa Rosa which is a UFO hotspot in its own right. In fact, we posted a story to the internet only last month regarding a luminous cloud of some sort which some had identified as a UFO. There, we have that double combination of activity in Argentina, mutilations and UFOs, going back to the 1950s when we first started getting widespread UFO reports throughout South America. They always seemed to involve Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

What is the highest strangeness case you have heard about since May 15th of this year associated with all of these animal mutilations?

It would have to be the strange, green dwarf at the scene last week. I think it was in the General Acha area as well. A resident of the La Oeste neighborhood in General Acha told the newspaper that this green dwarf which is nondescript, she couldn’t make out any of the details, appeared twice on her property, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. She had no corroborating witnesses. By the time she called her husband who was sleeping indoors, he only could see a shadow vanishing up a tree.

As the story hit the local news, more and more people came forward saying they, too, had seen this green dwarf in their backyards. That ties into another area of high strangeness in Argentina ­ over the past two years there have been reports of dwarfs, imps, goblins, whatever you want to call them, in different parts of Argentina in the north and south.

Argentina Animal Mutilations Also Reported in 1991

Since the events began last month, first there was the odd mutilated cow. There had not been cattle mutilations reported since 1991 when the Victoria UFO wave occurred. Victoria is up by Uruguay. It attracted worldwide attention to the extent that the King of Spain sent his representative to look into the matter.

Along with the UFO sightings, you started having cattle mutilations. They created quite a big stir back then, but the activity stopped ­ much like Puerto Rico in 1996. After it was extinguished, people soon forgot about it and life returned to normal.

And now, we have twelve years later this reactivation of cattle mutilation. I think since February or beginning of March, there were a number of chupacabras cases in Argentina. Remember all of the year 2000, it had been Chile. Chile had born the brunt of chupacabras attacks to the total of almost 1500-1600 mutilated animals in both north and southern Chile. And now, it was occurring on this side of the Andes Range. There were witnesses to a creature described as a gargoyle, but not the typical chupacabras description, but more of a very large, gargoyle creature moving at incredible rates of speed.

However, no one has seen any creatures with these mutilations. The only report we have that is in the reports you have is of someone seeing a bright flash of light at the field where one of the cows was mutilated prior to the mutilation taking place.

Then again, Argentina is now in winter. There are a lot of storms. It could have been lightning. Certainly, they invoked the lightning hypothesis, but it appears to not have taken hold. I think people know better that lightning cannot do the kind of damage that is reported in these cows. And now you have the participation of the University of La Pampa School of Veterinarian Medicine and these vets would know much better not to be fooled by a lightning explanation.

In one case a couple of days ago, I noticed there was a mention of the lungs being excised and that really put the fear of God into the farmer.”



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