Another Cattle Mutilation in Canada

In Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, west of Moose Jaw,  rancher Douglas Davidson and his brother discovered a bull calf dead on August 18, 2005, with precise, bloodless excisions of tissues.
In Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, west of Moose Jaw,  rancher Douglas Davidson and his brother discovered a bull calf dead on August 18, 2005, with precise, bloodless excisions of tissues.

August 26, 2005    Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada – News stories are coming in from all over the world about animal die-offs, including birds, seals, fish, and amphibians that might be linked to global warming. There are also the persistent bizarre, bloodless animal deaths called mutilations which have been reported since at least the early 1960s and are ongoing from South America to North America and Europe. Ranchers and law enforcement have told me about unidentified aerial lights often seen over pastures where the odd deaths occur. A dozen eyewitnesses have described seeing a glowing beam that can lift animals up and lower them back down in pastures dead and surgically cut up without blood or signs of struggle. Usually the same tissues are removed: an ear, an eye, jaw flesh, and the tongue is removed deep within the throat. Genitals, rectal and/or vaginal tissues are excised.

Another such case was reported to me this week by rancher Douglas Davidson who has lived in the Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, region since he was born 56 years ago. He has several pastures and crop fields. One pasture was only a half mile from his house and he had placed there 41 mothers and their three to four month old calves. On Thursday, August 18, Mr. Davidson’s brother was shocked to find their best 4-month-old bull calf dead. The left ear had been completely removed, leaving a hole in the skull. The lower jaw was stripped of all flesh to clean, white bone ­ something that natural predators cannot do. All of the lower lip had been excised along with a large section of hide back to the base of the jaw and the neck. The tongue had been cut out deep in the throat.

Further, from the bull calf’s ribs back to the scrotum, all the hide had been removed in a big oval that revealed the internal organs, including the heart, which appeared untouched. The testicles and penis had been removed along with a deep hole of flesh from the rectum. All of this without blood anywhere, on the animal or on the ground.

Adding to the high strangeness, only four days before on August 14, another of the Davidson herds and a neighbor’s herd across the road had been spooked by something at night and broke out of their pasture fences. The night before that on August 13, Mr. Davidson’s brother watched two dark helicopters fly over their ranch, one large and the other smaller. He had never seen that before.

Around the same time, the Davidsons were harvesting their pea fields, about eighteen miles from their ranch house and the pasture where the bull calf was found mutilated. In the pea fields were two circles of flattened plants. One circle was in a pea field three-eighths of a mile from the second pea field circle. Mr. Davidson estimated the diameter of each circle was 39 feet. He had never seen crop formations or a mutilated cow before this August of 2005.

I talked with him this week and he explained in more detail what happened on the night of August 14, when both his cattle and the neighbor’s broke out of their pasture fences.

Douglas J. Davidson, 56-year-old rancher, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada: “On Sunday night, August 14, I came back from harvesting and it was just before it got dark, I could see the cattle moving down the fence line about half a mile away. I thought it was a little unusual, but I did not think it was that strange that I went to investigate.

About an hour and half later, my cousin neighbor got back home and my cows had all busted out ­ and I have good fences ­ they had all busted out and they were all moved over to his place. So, we just corralled them up for the night and changed fields the next day and moved them back and fixed everything up. I didn’t think too much of the incident at the time.

But my other cousin on the other side told me that he has a string of show cattle that he keeps in confinement in his place. They are not out on pasture. They had all busted out the same night. Something had spooked these cattle.




It’s possible. It looked to me that it was fresher than that, but with everything else being so unusual, I’m not sure.


We did not see anything in the sky that night around here, no.


We haven’t seen anything. But I do know that those cattle ­ the day of August 18 ­ the first inspection I made out there, everything was quiet. The second inspection, something had spooked those cattle again. I mean the cows and I know when they are quiet and acting normal and I know when they are spooked. And they were definitely spooked again on August 18. So that was twice within one week that something scared those cattle (August 14 and August 18).


No, I have not.


The ones that came over ­ they’ve been in the cattle business all their lives and their son was with them. He rides for a living and checks cattle every day. He’s seen hundreds of dead animals ­ we all have! ­ and none of us have ever seen anything like it ­ ever!”

More Information:

When photographs of the mutilated bull calf are available, I will update this report.

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