Part 1: Navy Physicist and USAF Geophysicist Discuss UFOs and ETs

"The pilot said that the missiles had all exploded before they hit the
unidentified aerial object (shielded?). Then he said the UFO turned on a
blue beam and it was rotating and the beam was starting to move
toward him. ...Searchers never found anything ­ no wreckage, nothing."

 - "Hawk," USAF Geophysicist

January 20, 2006  Thurmont, Maryland - Some of the startling facts that are emerging from research about the V-2 rocket history at White Sands Proving Ground in the late 1940s are New Mexico and Texas newspaper headlines about the "peculiar phenomena" that were interfering with those early rocket launches. The peculiar phenomena were causing the rockets to veer off course. Photographs showed the peculiar phenomena were circular discs that instantaneously appeared next to the V-2s right before the rockets went off course and crashed to the ground. General Nathan Twining even referred to the discs as an "enemy weapons system," according to government insiders who have leaked information in the past ten years.


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