Professional Computer Engineers Comment About “Isaac” and CARET Document

"To achieve the system described by Isaac where a unit could be broken into parts and still function, we would need units reduced to the molecular level, but nano technology may soon allow it."

- Joe Schumacher, Computer Engineer

July 11, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  Regarding the CARET document and information from "Isaac," about the back-engineered extraterrestrial technology he worked on in Palo Alto from  the following two emails seem valuable to share with the Earthfiles viewing audience. The first was sent to me on July 1, 2007, from Joe Schumacher, a retired computer engineer now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. The second was sent to me on July 6, 2007, from Arthur A. Reyes, Ph.D., Information and Computer Science, now teaching at the University of Texas-Arlington in a non-tenured position.


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