Part 2: Military Insiders Comment About Zeta Reticuli and EBENs

“The animal mutilations did occur and were performed by the aliens.
We allowed them to conduct experiments using animals. Not just cattle.”

– Military Insider

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See September 7, 2007 Update below.

September 5 , 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico – The government insiders I am calling “Sherman” also had information about the Ebens alleged involvement with our solar system beyond Earth.

Sherman:  “Ebe Number One, who we retrieved from a crash near Roswell, New Mexico, told us a great deal about our solar system and the universe. The Ebens have a massive relay station at Saturn and probably on that planet’s big moon, Titan. Ebe 1 said that Mars did support life at one time and that many alien types have used our moon as a base to explore Earth.

“Ebe 1 said that early in the 20th Century, one of their Eben craft’s antimatter pods used for power was accidentally ejected into our atmosphere near the Tunguska River in central Siberia, Russia. The result was a nuclear explosion equivalent to a one megaton thermonuclear blast, which leveled pine trees for miles.”

June 30, 1908: Tunguska, Siberia, Russia

What caused “one megaton thermonuclear blast?”

Whether an Eben craft or not, the Tunguska fireball is an historic fact. At about 7:40 AM, on June 30, 1908, five hundred thousand acres of pine forest near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Central Siberia, Russia, were flattened and splintered by a force equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs exploding about four miles above the ground. The epicenter was clearly defined by thousands of scorched trees across hundreds of square miles. But there was no crater at the center, only a marshy bog.

Thousands of trees burned and knocked down in a 50-mile-diameter circle in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia, on June 30, 1908. Something exploded nearly 5 miles (8 kilometers) above the river Stony Tunguska, destroying about 500,000 acres of pine forest in Central Siberia, Russia. Exact cause unknown. Photograph from Smithsonian Museum.
Thousands of trees burned and knocked down in a 50-mile-diameter circle in Tunguska, Siberia, Russia, on June 30, 1908. Something exploded nearly 5 miles (8 kilometers) above the river Stony Tunguska, destroying about 500,000 acres of pine forest in Central Siberia, Russia. Exact cause unknown. Photograph from Smithsonian Museum.

Eyewitnesses who saw the event 500 miles away described a fireball lighting the horizon, followed by the ground shaking and hot winds strong enough to throw people down and shake buildings. Because the unidentified object vaporized in the atmosphere, gases dispersed causing abnormally bright, orange-colored evening skies in Siberia and Europe. Nothing grew in the downed forests for decades afterward.

According to the September 1996 Discover magazine (Vol. 17, No. 9), “Researchers have found embedded in Tunguska trees tiny particles with an extraterrestrial signature.” Scientists gouged core samples from trees near the epicenter and found that a “significant number of (resin) particles had unusually high levels of element such as copper, gold and nickel. Because many of these elements have a relatively high number of protons (denoted by physicists as Z), the researchers dubbed the particles that contain them ‘high-Z particles.’ There were ten times more high-Z particles in the period of the fireball than before or after, which made the Italian scientists wonder if these particles had an extra-Earthly origin.”

September 7, 2007 Update:  Chemist comments on 1996 Discover Magazine article:

“I am a chemist. The symbol “Z” refers to the atomic number of an
element, which is uniquely determined by the number of protons in its
nucleus. Every element in the Periodic Table has one and only one atomic number. The number of protons in the nucleus determines the number of electrons in the orbitals surrounding it, and the structure of the electron cloud itself. This structure of the electron cloud determines the unique chemical properties of the element. To change the number of protons is to transmute the element into an entirely different element with different chemical properties. There is no such thing as a “high Z element”!

A given element, however, can have a different number of
NEUTRONS in its nucleus and still be the same element with the same chemical properties, even though it will have a different ATOMIC WEIGHT. Such atomic brothers are known as ISOTOPES. The neutron/proton ratio is not important in the lighter elements like copper, but becomes significant in the higher elements like uranium, where it determines the stability of the nucleus itself. Thus, Uranium 238 is a commonplace element in the earth’s crust, containing traces of other isotopes mixed with it. One of these, Uranium 235, is the basis of nuclear fission and the atomic bomb.

All elements on earth occur with a known distribution of naturally-occuring isotopes. It has been discovered, however, that elements from extraterestrial objects like meteorites posess different ratios of isotopes than those found naturally on earth. Thus it is significant that the elements recovered from the Tunguska blowdown trees had isotope ratios different from those on earth.”

Do Ebens Control Earth-Worker Androids?

I asked Sherman if the Ebens themselves are always on Earth in underground bases? Or do the Ebens have programmed robots or androids on Earth to do work here?

Sherman said, “I’ve read in one of our reports that the aliens made tunnels under the Earth and we were concerned about the possibility that all their tunnels could start earthquakes. But the Ebens said, ‘We know where to make tunnels. We know more about this planet than you do. So, don’t worry about where we dig because we know what we do won’t cause earthquakes.’

“They also have lots of robots. During World War II, Ebens conducted thousands of reconnaissance flights over Europe and the Far East. That’s what the Foo Fighters were. The Ebens also created a robot-type creature, a three to four-foot-tall biological android, to do work here, which is sometimes mistaken for the Ebens themselves.”

EBE Type II: Small, grey, earless being with three long fingers and opposable thumb, long arms, large black eyes, and nose slits. Artist's rendering of EBE II encounter with Paula Watson in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, by Hingwah Hatch, August 1990, Springfield, Missouri.
EBE Type II: Small, grey, earless being with three long fingers and opposable thumb, long arms, large black eyes, and nose slits. Artist’s rendering of EBE II encounter with Paula Watson in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, by Hingwah Hatch, August 1990, Springfield, Missouri.

“But, Sherman, what about the crashes with bodies like the one that Ebe 1 was retrieved from?”

“Several of the Eben manned spacecraft have crashed and we’ve recovered at least three craft. The flying discs that were located at Area 51 in Nevada were either loaned to us by the Ebens to study or have been recovered. We’ve flown some with their help, but we can’t understand all the instrumentation contained in the craft.”

“You make it sound like the Ebens and our government have some kind of agreement.”

“Everything the Ebens do on Earth is sanctioned, either formally or informally, by our government. However, we have not authorized the aliens to harm or kill humans. We don’t think the Ebens have purposely killed or harmed any human beings, but that is not known for certain.”

“What about the animal mutilations?”

“The animal mutilations did occur and were performed by the aliens. We allowed them to conduct experiments using animals. Not just cattle. I don’t know if you are aware or not, but there were a lot of moose and caribou found mysteriously dead in the Arctic and Alaska. We think it was part of the Eben experimentation, but we could not figure out what happened. They wanted to conduct experiments. Better animals than humans. To complicate matters, to cover up the animal mutilations, our government launched a military program to test certain biological drugs on animals. This was to cover up the alien mutilation program.”

“Do the Ebens themselves excise tissue from animals?”

“After we had more communications with the Ebens, they explained to us: “You have to understand that in an advanced civilization, you have robots and androids to do these things.’ We began to understand that the Eben androids can be anything! The androids can be configured any way the Ebens want for whatever mission the Ebens want carried out.

Ebens Worried About Human Nuclear Tests

“The Ebens are controlling a big part of an operation concerning Earth and we can’t control everything they do. But I can tell you the Ebens are big environmentalists. Huge! They would make the Sierra Club look like Brownie scouts.They were so worried about our nuclear tests and nuclear materials being exploded and contaminating not only this Earth, but the universe in general.”

“Sherman, do you mean that our atomic bombs impacted other life forms, or even other dimensions?”

“Right. So that’s one of the things the Ebens were very vocal about – they wanted above ground atomic tests stopped. I read about one incident where we had already set the detonator in the weapon at the Nevada Test Site. It was an above ground test. Our people set the timer and went back to a safe area and brought in some troops to watch. Then everyone saw a UFO come in and land right next to the 20 kiloton bomb. The aliens got out. The forward human observers were watching with instruments and could not believe it when the beings just laid down under the tower. Our guys did not know if they could reverse the detonator, so they just watched.”

“Did the bomb go off? Or was it neutralized in some way?”

“The bomb went off big time and the craft was severely damaged, but withstood the blast better than anyone thought possible. There was a lot of conjecture about what happened to the aliens. Some people said they must have vaporized at ground zero. But some others aid they saw them flying up in the air, actually shooting straight up, maybe into another craft waiting in the sky.”

“But, Sherman, if extraterrestrial biological entities that you call Ebens are so concerned about atomic testing and have been manipulating DNA in already-evolving primates for eons and actually ‘made’ Homo sapiens, who inspired Einstein to come up with E=mc2 that could potentially destroy us, the Earth and other life forms?”

“I don’t know. But I’ve been told there are time cycles. The Ebens know what happened in the past and they know what will happen in the future because they understand that time spirals go around and around and that the same type of events happen at specific points in the spirals. The Ebens want to somehow change the catastrophes that await mankind. So, they are now trying to influence us and convince us that we have to change because they know the future and we don’t want that future. They don’t want us to continue on this same destructive path. They don’t directly interfere, but try to convince us to change things.”

“But if they ‘made us, put us here and we have to live it,’ why are we still on a destructive spiral?”

“Because the first time around, the Ebens did not like it. They don’t want the same catastrophe to happen again – maybe like that asteroid that slammed into the Yucatan and destroyed the dinosaur life. This time, humans would be the dominant Earth life that would be destroyed by a big asteroid hit. The Ebens realize our society is much more complex than theirs because of all the different races of humans. It’s easier to keep their civilization on track because it’s just one race. But ours is so different. They figure they made a mistake and they are now trying to direct us in the right way of living and preventing us from contaminating not just Earth, but the whole universe.”

Human Abductee Linda Porter About Other Dimensions

In my third book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness © 1998 (Earthfiles Shop), I reported about the extensive drawings and notes written by a woman then living in Porterville, California, who had experienced missing time and other phenomena with non-humans from her 1960s teenage years onward. Her name is Linda Porter. I met with her in California in 1991. She handed me some lined notebook paper on which she had written in very neat, cursive style what she had learned from the non-humans about other dimensions:

Linda Porter, Abductee by Grey Entities:  “There is much, much more to existence than we could ever begin to understand. Much of what we have been taught regarding the physical universe and the laws that govern it is wrong.

This creature’s civilization (Grey Ebens) communicates difficult concepts via the use of symbols that radiate emotion. They use this form to get concepts across with their exact true meanings intact. No misinterpretations can occur this way.

The symbols are not mathematical ones, but appear as 3-dimensional holographic pictures that resemble abstract sculptures. The emotional aspect is relayed via carrier waves that resemble sound waves, but are not part of the human sound spectrum. These waves can be felt, but not heard. If the creatures want to clear a certain area of humans, they can ‘broadcast’ this carrier wave over the area at a certain frequency and it will create intense fear in people, causing them to flee the area. It does not cause any harm, so they say. [ Editor’s Note:  Most humans cannot hear frequencies below 125 hertz or above 10,000 hertz.]

Problems arise when trying to translate this visual/emotional input into words. Human semantics can cause explanations to become mired down in confusion. What is extremely easy to comprehend on one level of existence using one form of expression then becomes very hard to interpret correctly when translating it onto another level using a limited form of expression such as the human language. A lot of meaning is lost and many important concepts become hazy or are totally misinterpreted.

The universe is built on sound patterns which is why so many different worlds/dimensions can exist in the same space. Each is on a different frequency. Disrupt a world/dimension to the point that you destroy the carrier wave it exists on and you have created a ‘hole’ in existence that cannot support the dimension above or below it. Each frequency, besides maintaining its own world/dimension, also supports – or holds in place – the one above it and below it. Everything is interdependent!

The other world/dimensions will begin to collapse into this ‘hole.’ Not only will this destroy countless other civilizations, but the resultant area of matter compressed into such density can throw the whole gravitational field for parsecs around it out of balance, thus causing the further damage of even more worlds as they are pulled out of orbit. The process feeds on itself.

There re countless worlds/dimensions occupying the same space without being aware of one another because of having their own individual octaves. This octave/frequency holds the world/dimension in place and causes it to exist safely without interfering with (or even being aware of) other worlds around it. This frequency acts as a buffer zone to keep everything in its place. Do anything to disrupt it and you begin a collapse that starts a deadly chain reaction. If the density of this collapse reaches a certain weight, space/time itself begins to collapse.

Whatever the experiment is that our government is involved with in outer space, (if successful) it will change the density of matter to such an extent that the chain reaction started will not be able to be stopped by anybody in any world/dimension.

[ Editor’s Note: In my first book, An Alien Harvest © 1989, abductee Judy Doraty said, “…they (grey, snake-eyed beings) were very emphatic about it, that the testing even though it’s in outer space, has an effect on things here. …That it will, if it’s continued, cause some chemical reaction when it comes in contact with another compound. …Causes a chemical change and it will cause a change in the consistency of solidity (density) as we know it.. …There’s a lot involved, more than just pollution.” ]

There are literally hundreds of different alien life forms here trying to stop what is happening as it is putting their own worlds at risk. Some, as I had mentioned in earlier letters, are not supposed to be interfering, but are doing so anyway. What they are all trying to do is stop the ‘ripple effect’ that will emanate outward from us should this (human) experiment (in outer space) succeed.

With all their technology, Linda, why don’t the aliens – or their superiors – just walk in and stop the whole thing themselves? Why do they need us abductees to speak for them? Something just doesn’t make any sense. I wonder if we are being lied to, used for some purpose to put over ideas they want us to believe? If there is an experiment, maybe if it succeeds, it will put us in competition with the aliens for something they don’t want to share. Maybe they are trying to ‘scare’ us out of ‘their’ neighborhood.”

To be continued in Part 3.

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