Part 3: In League With A UFO

© 1997 Lou Baldin
Electronically reprinted at with permission.

“One Alien device literally made doorways where none existed before.
By using this device, the scientists were able to walk through walls,
regardless of the composition or thickness of them.”

- Author

In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

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November 21, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico  - 

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Chapter 3

The Paranormal Approach

The use of psychics to unlock some of the secrets was tried. The expectation was that they would be less intimidated working in areas that are too strange for other scientists to work in. From the start, some of the psychics could not handle what they were shown and simply "freaked out," as one scientist put it. There were a few who overcame their initial shock and actually communicated with the Alien objects. But shortly after that, those few developed psychosis.


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