Part 3: In League With A UFO

© 1997 Lou Baldin
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“One Alien device literally made doorways where none existed before.
By using this device, the scientists were able to walk through walls,
regardless of the composition or thickness of them.”

– Author

In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.
In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin. Out of print.

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November 21, 2007  Albuquerque, New Mexico  – 

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Chapter 3

The Paranormal Approach

The use of psychics to unlock some of the secrets was tried. The expectation was that they would be less intimidated working in areas that are too strange for other scientists to work in. From the start, some of the psychics could not handle what they were shown and simply “freaked out,” as one scientist put it. There were a few who overcame their initial shock and actually communicated with the Alien objects. But shortly after that, those few developed psychosis.

There are many layers of technicians who work on this highly classified project. Some know the truth and the origin of what they are working on. Others are kept in the dark and believe that they are working on highly advanced scientific projects for the military. Of the thirty individual groups who participate in this program, none communicate with each other. They are kept isolated for security reasons. All the groups report their findings and results to a single committee.

Each group consists of two or three specialists chosen from fields of physicists, medical doctors, metallurgists, psychiatrists, mathematicians, astronomers and parapsychologists. The committee to which these specialists report is comprised of seven individuals. Some are from the military. The rest are civilians personally recruited by the President of the United States.

After reviewing many of the first reports given to them by the scientists, the committee as a whole was certain only about one thing: that whoever the Aliens are, they allowed the human race to keep the Alien craft. Committee members were well aware that the Aliens had the capacity to take their ship at any time. They knew the Aliens could do this after they learned how independent all the items on the ship are. The ship itself was capable of operating independently without the assistance of the Alien crew.

It was apparent to the committee that after the craft fixed itself that it could have left on its own. What puzzled them was why they were allowed to have the Alien craft in the first place. The mission of the committee was to find a weakness in the Alien ship. But the more they probed, the more they realized how weak humans are in comparison to the Aliens. That is why every President, starting with Harry Truman (and possibly even FDR), was unable to confirm the existence of UFOs, but instead was forced to deny their existence. No President was going to come out and tell the world that there are Aliens out there who could “squash” the human race as if we were nothing more than a gnat!

Two of the psychics who were brought into the program excelled at breaking through the complexities of how some objects worked. The devices they had the most success with were those that operate with thought waves. They made a kind of “ESP” connection with some specific gadgets. One of the devices was a huge breakthrough for the scientists. One Alien device literally made doorways where none existed before. By using this device, the scientists were able to walk through walls regardless of the composition or thickness of them. There are no manmade or natural materials that did not yield to this Alien device.

The operation of it was effortless. The scientists simply willed themselves through the barrier while possessing the Alien device. This device did not change shape as did many of the other Alien items. It was about the size of a piece of chalk such as teachers use on chalk boards. However, the color of it was black, but not just any black. This black was so dark it seemed to have an absorption quality to it. When activated, lights in the area dimmed. It seemed to absorb energy from its surroundings. The person holding it has the sensation of suction similar to holding a vacuum cleaner nozzle to one’s skin. It was usually carried in one of the pockets of the flight jackets worn by the scientists. Many of the scientists wore flight jackets, especially if they did most of their work out in the field. Also, many – if not all – of those who worked on this project are accomplished pilots.

Because this device had properties that seemed to draw things to it, it was theorized that its composition was similar to a neutron star. A neutron star is a dead star that no longer gives off light. Instead, it absorbs material like a sponge. It does not get bigger as more debris is absorbed into it, but smaller. It becomes increasingly dense as it sucks up more and more material from space. If it absorbs enough stuff, it will collapse into itself and become a “Black Hole.” A teaspoon full of matter from a neutron star weighs thousands of pounds. This was the only possible flaw with the theory about this device, since it was as light as a feather. Yet, it could have a minute amount of neutron star material in it. If that were true, that fact in itself would be more fantastic than the Alien ship. Because there is no way to retrieve neutron star material, anything that even came remotely close to that kind of star would instantly vaporize before being sucked into it.

Another device the psychics discovered immobilized a person by somehow paralyzing them. The device was similar to a laser pen, except that the beam was visible and only extended three feet. The person who was paralyzed remained fully conscious, but was unable to move in any way except for his eyes. People who are touched by this beam are literally frozen in their strides. They remained that way as long as the beam made contact with their head. Once the beam was lifted, the person under its power quickly regained normality, although the subject became disoriented and did not remember what, if anything, had happened to them. That feeling lasted less than a minute. One scientist who succumbed to it during an experiment equated it to a mild dizzy spell.

Every new breakthrough whetted the appetite of the committee, so when the discoveries waned, they became impatient. It was in one of those lulls that the committee again began discussing the use of humans as guinea pigs. The committee had hoped that the psychics would have made better and faster progress in unlocking the secrets of the Alien cargo. That would have alleviated them from facing such a decision. It was an agonizing direction to go in for some of the committee members, but they were under pressure from the White House to come up with more results.

The committee was in a dilemma. How would they carry out experimentation on human subjects and still be able to sleep at night? And that was just the compassion component of the problem. The legal part of the problem became more of a concern as the decade of the 1940s – where human violations were easier to hide – progressed into the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. In that evolution, the mood of the nation changed swiftly and decidedly against government institutions. Even the most hard-boiled among the scientists knew that it was only a matter of time before their covert organization would be discovered and exposed.

“When that day comes, heads would surely roll,” proclaimed one of the scientists in the report. None believed it would be in their lifetime, but there was always that possibility. There were no easy answers, especially since the committee itself was vehemently divided on that one issue. Because of that disagreement, it was feared that someone in the team might leak that information to the press.

After weeks of arguing back and forth about using humans in their labs, a consensus was reached: “The scientists would take the experiments into the battlefield.” The idea came from the two military attaches that were members of the committee. They made the proposal to their colleagues on the committee after returning from a White House briefing with the President and his Chiefs of Staff. At the briefing, they learned that the possibility of America going to war in Korea was highly probable. That would solve their problem. They would set up a MASH unit that could take the worst casualties of the war.

The scientists could then use the soldiers and other victims of the war for experiments. They would only experiment on those who had a low probability of survival.

The war provided them with multiple opportunities. They had the use of captured prisoners and enemy casualties to test the Alien devices for suitability as weapons. The scientists had only one major problem: the Alien instruments reverted back to the Alien craft every three days. They would have to move the Alien craft closer to where they would be doing the experiments. This move presented another problem. There were many people working on various unrelated research programs that involved the Alien craft, but had nothing to do with the experiments they were going to do in the war zone. The experiments on humans were a fraction of the activity that took place during those years, but that area of research was the top priority of “the powers that be.” So, the Alien ship went wherever that unit of scientists was sent.

Japan was that place. It was just minutes away by air from Korea and there was already a large American military presence there. At that time, Japan was still a post-World War II economy and was undergoing a massive infrastructure rebuilding with the help of the United States government. The installation of a highly classified operation as this one was took place without anyone noticing.

There were American scientists in Japan that were studying the effects of radiation poisoning. Only five years earlier in 1945, the atom bombs had been dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The devastation of that war was still apparent in 1950 when the committee set up its headquarters there.

The location the committee chose was never disclosed and was only located in Japan for the duration of the Korean War. There were those in the committee who had compassion for the Japanese people after witnessing the effects of the bombs. The scientists hoped to learn enough about the Alien instruments to undo some of the radiation damage that inflicted thousands of Japanese people. They did not perform experiments on the Japanese. They waited until there was conclusive evidence for what the instruments were capable of doing before any attempt was made to treat civilians.

In a war situation where life and death, misery and brutality flashed at a rapid pace daily, few committee members felt that what they were about to do in Korea was wrong. They knew that humanity was given a gift (the Alien craft) full of untold possibilities. It was their job to put it to good use. Others in the committee felt that what they had in their possession could also be subverted and made into a weapon that would unleash a nightmare onto the world – a nightmare that would eclipse the horror of the atom bombs that were dropped on Japan.

As the committee had expected from information given to them by sources in their organization, the Soviet-trained forces of North Korea invaded South Korea in the summer of 1950. Within days of that invasion, United Nations troops, led by General Douglas MacArthur, entered the fighting and began pushing the North Korean troops back behind the 38th Parallel.

It was two and a half years earlier that the committee had come into possession of the Alien craft. Now, with the war started, they knew they were on the verge of unlocking some of the secrets of the universe.

It was not a smooth operation. Just as they set up camp, advancing North Korean troops overran them. More than once, the scientists ended up losing doctors and technicians, as well as the Alien instruments. The difference was that the instruments always returned to the ship undamaged, where they were retrieved again and again. But the missing scientists did not return.

The experiments were haphazard. The stress of being minutes from the front lines and always in fear of being overrun by enemy troops took its toll on the staff. Of the three years that the war lasted, only a few months of it were considered productive. The bulk of what had been studied was lost in transit from having to move so often. The rest was just lost when the camp was destroyed. What was salvaged was suspect because of the brutal conditions under which they had to perform.

The team members chose to work close to the front lines so that they could work with injured bodies that were as fresh off the battlefield as possible. That MASH unit did serve in its true capacity and doctored wounded soldiers. They only experimented with those who were found to be beyond hope.

Still, progress was made during those years. The committee was able to forward a breakdown of some of the Alien items and what those items did during the testing on mortally wounded soldiers from both sides.

This committee was not privy to the nature or extent that the Alien items were used as weapons, or even if they were, since that testing was carried out by a separate government agency.

The President of the United States was briefed daily on all findings regarding this project, no matter how insignificant. But on occasion, he was given a summary which described with more detail some of the more prominent findings and occurrences. The report was brief and gave a short description of the items and a sketch of what they looked like. In most cases, the sketch was of little importance and only served to show what the item looked like when it was sketched. The Alien objects had the tendency to change physical appearance on a regular basis. All of the objects in the report were identified with at least one function, although the report stated that each object could possibly perform dozens or even hundreds of other applications.

One of the reports stressed that it would take years of study just to scratch the surface of what these things are capable of doing. For that reason, some on the committee made suggestions to the President that some items ought to be released on a limited basis to their civilian counterparts. They were certain that it was a time to let the scientific community have access to a few of the Alien objects. Their thoughts were that something of this magnitude needed to be studied by a broad range of institutions, in hope that the benefits could be discovered and put to use in the near future as opposed to a very distant future if they had to continue to work in the current clandestine manner.

Others in the committee disagreed and felt that this could be a “Trojan horse,” rationalizing that the Aliens might be trying to “lure” the human race into thinking they are benevolent – or worse, to intimidate mankind by letting humans know what they are up against!

The President was briefed on both views and decided that it was bad policy to acknowledge a power that was infinitely superior to anything on this planet. The reason, he told the committee members, “was that the sense of balance and security that Americans enjoyed could be disrupted by that kind of revelation, possibly damaging the American economy and throwing it and the rest of the world into chaos.”

The President emphasized to the committee that he might have sounded a little “melodramatic,” but nevertheless, those are his views. He then added, “The committee will become more shrouded in its operations, not less.”

It was no coincidence that expenditures in military spending increased with each succeeding President. The discovery of the Alien ship in 1947 had everything to do with it. The Cold War with the USSR was more of a “Red Herring” than a real fear of Communism. Not that Russia was not dangerous and unpredictable. The USSR was “and did deserve keeping an eye on” (a quote in the memo from the President). After the discovery of the Alien ship near Roswell, New Mexico, many at the top echelon of government were more fearful of things not of this world than anything from this world. Unfortunately, the Russians – who were already paranoid and looked upon the United States as the only country that stood in the way of them and Europe uniting under one flag – the Soviet Union mistook the American military buildup as a direct threat to them. Therefore, the Cold War escalated to a point that the two superpowers became the real threat to this planet, more than any threat from the Aliens.

Continued in Part 4 –  Alien Medical Instruments

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