Part 2: Army/CIA Unit Studied the Real UFO Blue Book Cases

“At the end of the non-human autopsy film, it said that the brain was different than ours and the internal organs were entirely different.”

- “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst

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September 2, 2008  Albuquerque, New Mexico -

Phone Interview # 2 -
May 25, 1998, Stein Received Phone Warning -
After Apparent Phone Tap

Stein was retired and living in the southeastern United States. I was living and working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and I had talked by phone for the first times on May 2 and May 7, 1998. To his surprise, on Monday, May 25, 1988, he received a phone call from a male voice who did not introduce himself and did not address Stein by name, but who warned Stein not to talk about an “assassination squad” based in the southeastern military base where the CIA Project Blue Book analysis of UFO photographs and film was also carried out. The clear implication was that one or both of our phones were tapped.


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