Updated – Part 1:  CIA, UFOs and Hollywood

“If  NASA took the time to write me a 20-page letter, then I knew there must be something happening. When they read the [Close Encounters] script, they got very angry and felt that it was a film that would be dangerous.”

– Steven Spielberg, Director,
Close Encounters of the Third Kind


December 17, 2008  Stafford, Staffordshire, England -  The Day the Earth Stood Still re-make with Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connolly has been released this December 2008 to enthusiastic crowds. Fifty-seven years ago on September 28, 1951, the original movie was first released in black-and-white starring Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal. The story is about a humanoid alien visitor named Klaatu who comes to Earth in a silver disc with his robot, Gort, to issue humankind a warning. The original screenwriter, Edmund H. North, based the script on a short story by Harry Bates entitled “Farewell to the Master,” published in the October 1940 issue of Astounding Science-Fiction.


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