Part 1: June Crain and Wright Field, 1942 – 1952

“He brought in ‘two little men (non-human).’  He called them ‘little green men.’ Then he described them as a ‘greenish-blue.’ And they were 4-feet-tall. And they were dead.”

- June Crain, Secretary, Air Material Command, Wright Field, Ohio, 1942-1952


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November 19, 2009  Olympia, Washington - Recently in Las Vegas at Ryan Wood's UFO Crash Conference, a former police detective shared a tape recorded interview he did on June 27, 1997, with a 72-year-old woman who had worked as a secretary for the War Department at Wright Field, Ohio, from 1942 until 1952. Before marriages, her name then was June Crain and during her work at Wright Field, she said she held both a SECRET and Q clearance (under authority of Atomic Energy Commission), heard about UFO crashes in New Mexico and retrievals of non-human bodies, and even held in her own hands a piece of “spaceship” metal that she could not cut and no matter how hard she twisted, the metal would always spring back to its original shape.


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