Part 2: June Crain and Wright Field, 1942 – 1952

“I took it (metal from ‘spaceship’) and bent it and I twisted it and laid it back down and it went Pfffffft! Got right back to the same shape.”

- June Crain, Secretary, Air Materiel Command, Wright Field, Ohio, 1942-1952

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November 19, 2009  Olympia, Washington - James E. Clarkson, 58, now retired from the Aberdeen, Washington, Police Department, currently investigator for Washington State agencies in the field of administrative law and Chief Investigator for Washington State MUFON continues with excerpts from his June 27, 1997, recorded interview with June Crain Kaba at her Ocean Shores, Washington, home before her death on August 23, 1998.


James E. Clarkson, Investigator for Washington State Agencies and Chief Investigator, MUFON-Washington State, Olympia, Washington:  “June talked about the scientists and engineers who came back from New Mexico where they had experimented with the V-2 rocket and later with the Aerobee rocket. They saw UFOs routinely while they were doing their work.


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