Breaking Point 2010: Top Trends with Gerald Celente.

“The global 2009 stimulus money is going to start drying up.
When that happens, we are going to see another economic collapse,
the Crash of 2010.”

- Gerald Celente, Editor, Trends Journal


December 24, 2009  Kingston, New York - Nearly every year for a decade, I have interviewed Gerald Celente, Publisher and Editor of The Trends Journal in Kingston, New York, about upcoming trends in the New Year. When we talked on December 21, 2007, about 2008 anticipated trends, Gerald said: “In 2008, we’re going to see some major, giant financial firms fall as they get hit by an economic 9/11. Watch for when one of the big firms crashes – like a big bank. That’s going to be the first signal. But even bigger than that. Much bigger – like a Bank of America caliber.”


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