Part 2: Retired Montana Sheriff’s Firsthand Experiences with Bloodless, Trackless Animal Mutilations.

“Boy, I don't know what's happened here (inside heifer), but someone's been inside her because all the female organs have been excised without scalpel marks or surgical excisions into the body.”

- Montana veterinarian to Teton County Sheriff Pete Howard


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September 27, 2013 Choteau, Montana - Four decades ago in 1975-1976, there were so many cattle mutilations in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and other parts of the United States that sheriffs reported some mutilated carcasses were still warm to touch. All the cows, steers, bulls or heifers were usually missing an ear, eye, jaw flesh, tongue, genitals and rectal/vaginal area. Law enforcement often described the cuts as looking like they had been done with a “cookie cutter” only hide-deep and precise, no ragged edges.


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