Part 1: Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza Remembers December 28, 1980

“A light from above just shined on John. It was just like somebody turned a switch on. ... And I remember John looking at his arms and his hands and the light was like when you get a snowy TV ... or like when you get onto a dusty road and you see particles in the light.”

- Former Sergeant Adrian Bustinza, D Flight Security,
RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in December 1980

September 9, 2015 - Albuquerque, New Mexico - USAF Retired Tech Sergeant John Burroughs and I have been working together on PHENOMENON Radio, a LIVE web broadcast weekly on Thursdays, 8-10 PM Eastern/5-7 PM Pacific, through digital broadcaster KGRA. Our goal is to explore the many mysteries provoked by unidentified aerial phenomena in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in December 1980.

John is the only known person at the joint American-U. K. air base to have had close encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena on two different nights in Rendlesham Forest. The non-ionizing radiation emitted from that phenomena apparently damaged John's eye and heart tissue and caused amnesia about what exactly happened to him. See Earthfiles.

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