New Editor’s Update to Part 1: Apollo 17 – Jon Lavine’s Tale Is Not Honest.

December 20, 2018  Editor's Note from Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe:  I am preparing a fact check update for Earthfiles and my December 27-28, 2018, Coast to Coast AM radio broadcast with the finding that the original November 29, 2018, three-part tale by 71-year-old Jon Lavine that begins below appears to be mostly dishonest for reasons unknown. In the face of contradictory facts, Lavine keeps insisting his secret astronaut story is real, even though many of his assertions don't hold up credibly under research scrutiny that will be laid out in my upcoming fact check updates.

Helping Earthfiles' investigations have been U. K. engineer, IT inventor and analyst Winston Keech; retired Navy Captain Mark Wood; retired Naval Flight Engineer Brian S.; writer and researcher John Hacherian; and U. K. Earthfiles field reporter Ian Halling. Ironically, three anonymous military whistleblowers have also told Linda that beyond Lavine's fraudulent claims, there have been secret NASA missions concerning an alien presence on the moon.


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