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01-08-2020 - Part 1: Mysterious Drones Persist After Secret Meeting of FBI, FAA, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. Tune In Earthfiles YouTube Live Broadcast Tonight For News Update.
11-29-2018 - New Editor’s Update to Part 1: Apollo 17 – Jon Lavine’s Tale Is Not Honest.
09-27-2018 - Update On Sunspot Solar Observatory — Silent FBI, Odd Child Porn Charges and Angry Sheriff.
09-20-2018 - September 20th UPDATE – Child Pornography Behind Sunspot Observatory Closure — But Is This Truth? — Otero County Sheriff Criticizes FBI Silence
11-23-2017 - Part 1: After 54 Years, Why Do the CIA and FBI Still Want to Keep Secret Several Thousand JFK Assassination Records?
08-26-2016 - Part 1: Glowing Yellow UFO Linked to One of Strangest Airliner Crashes in U. S. History
07-21-2012 - Updated:  FBI and Homeland Security Warning on May 17, 2012, About Terrorist Attacks in Theaters
04-29-2011 - Part 1: Facts Behind March 22, 1950, FBI Memo
04-04-2007 - U. K.’s Gary McKinnon, Alleged “Cyber-Terrorist,” Lost High Court Appeal to Prevent Extradition to United States
01-27-2006 - Part 2: Navy Physicist and USAF Geophysicist Discuss UFOs and ETs