September 20th UPDATE – Child Pornography Behind Sunspot Observatory Closure — But Is This Truth? — Otero County Sheriff Criticizes FBI Silence

UPDATE September 20, 2018: Alamogordo's Otero County Sheriff Benny House told El Paso ABC-TV:  “I think it's chicken sh-- the way the FBI handled it.  Is there a bomb threat? Is there an active shooter? Is it chemical? We need to know so we know what kind of man power to send up there, and without knowing, it’s dangerous for everybody. We’ve asked and asked (the FBI) and they will not tell us anything.”

Now on September 20, 2018, comes the shocking revelation that "a federal search warrant reveals that Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down as FBI agents conducted computer forensic searches for child pornography," reported by KTSM-TV Channel 9, September 20, 2018, El Paso, TX

Also see important questions about truth of child pornography explanation in Earthfiles Report:  Update September 20, 2018 - 11:30 AM Mtn from Peter Levenda, author, 3-volume Sinister Forces; Unholy Alliance and co-author of To The Stars non-fiction trilogy: Gods, Man, War.


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