Part 2: Childhood Out-of-Body Mystery

“The instant I felt fear I was SUDDENLY back in bed in my body. My heart was racing and I remember that it took a long time to calm down. What is strange is that I wasn’t scared once ‘back’ as one would think a 5-year-old child should have been. I was ecstatic, but also sad that I was back in my body.”

— Patty E., 61-year-old retired intensive care nurse about her out-of-body travel at age 5

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March 11, 2019 Albuquerque, New Mexico – A lot of viewers from around the world with meditation and prayer experience wrote to tell me that the whitish-grey “fog” substance was possibly the return of someone in my family, or a beloved pet, after death. If so, it was a positive event like one described by the emailer of “smoke by the window” below this image of a meditator.

If the grey moving fog in my office was a past family member, it might have been my beloved cat, Simba. He proved to me in December 2016, that he had a soul which survived death in a different dimension.

Simba is standing on picnic table near his brother Cassidy lying down in 2009, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Simba is standing on picnic table near his brother, Cassidy, who is  lying in the sun, 2009, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Image by Linda Moulton Howe.

Here is Simba in 2009 standing on my picnic table next to his brother, Cassidy, lying in the sun. They were flame point Himalayans from the same litter. Terribly, four years later in 2013, Cassidy on the left below became ill with cancer and the vet advised that I should have him put to sleep. For some reason, I couldn’t.

Cassidy on left with cancer being hugged by his brother, Simba, atop Linda's sofa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 2013.
Cassidy on left with cancer being hugged by his brother, Simba, atop Linda’s sofa in Albuquerque, New Mexico, spring  2013.

I decided to try to give him hospice for as long as possible and I carried him everywhere. Simba would hug and lick his brother in what seemed like conscious empathy.

Then one night, Cassidy pushed his head into a corner of the room and Simba and I stayed close to him. By midnight, I had carried Cassidy to my office desk where Simba lay close and I worked at my computer. Then Cassidy stood up, let out a yowl so strong it was as if he were coming back to life, protesting the force of death and then walked off the edge of the desk. I grabbed him up still loudly yowling from the floor in my arms and put him in his travel cage to finally take him for that needle at the 24-hour vet medical center in Albuquerque. But quickly he went silent on his own. My brother and I buried him on a hill next to my house.

Simba in December 2013 Christmas when he was still healthy at the time his brother Cassidy died. Three years later in December 2016 at age 18, Simba was euthanized at the vet's office at noon, buried on the hill next to his brother Cassidy at Linda's home, and the next morning at 4 AM woke Linda up glowing alive inside an oval portal rimmed with blue, white and yellow light.
Simba in spring of 2013 when he was still healthy at the time his brother Cassidy died. Three years later in December 2016 at age 18, Simba was euthanized at the vet’s office at noon, buried on the hill next to his brother Cassidy, and the next morning at 4 AM woke Linda up glowing alive inside an oval portal rimmed with blue, white and yellow light.

Three years later by Christmas time in 2016, Simba was by then 18 years old and weakened by a sudden muscle deterioration. He was having a hard time standing and walking and I faced another decision about whether to take him to the vet or try to hospice him. I started carrying him everywhere, leaving him downstairs at night so he could be next to a flat litterbox and his water and food that he barely ate. Wherever I put Simba, he would purr. I loved him so much. One night he couldn’t stand at all. I called my brother to ask if he could meet me at the vet at noon the next day. Then I cried with Simba and wrapped him in a towel for warmth in his bed downstairs and went up to my bed.

At 4 AM on the glowing clock, I woke up to the sound of scratching on wood. I jumped to the floor with adrenalin pounding and opened the door. There was Simba. He had pulled himself up the stairs to my bedroom door as if he knew what was coming and willed himself close in the last hours. I lifted him up and hugged him to my chest in disbelief. How did he do that when he couldn’t stand up only a few hours earlier? I sat back down in my bed against the pillow with Simba hugged inside my arms. And he began to purr. We sat there together unmoving for the next three hours. I knew I had to meet my brother at the vet at NOON. And I didn’t want to go. I wanted Simba to stay hugged in my arms forever.

At the vet, I held him while they got the needle ready in the next room. When my brother and the vet asked me if I wanted to hold Simba during the shot, I suddenly could not stand the idea of holding him when he would stop breathing. I started to cry again and asked my brother if he could hold Simba. When I put my face next to Simba’s for the last hug, I thought he had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, always so full of life.

In a few minutes, my brother came back and put Simba in my arms. So still. The light in his open eyes was gone and the blue was changing to gold. I heard myself calling out to him, “Simba, where did you go? What part of you has left? I don’t want you to leave!”

And then I sobbed hard. My brother took Simba and me back home to bury him in a beautiful small casket my brother made to put him next to Cassidy on the hill. The rest of the day I was sick in heart and stomach. When I finally went to bed around midnight, I sat there hugging my arms as I had been hugging Simba in the morning after his miracle climb up the stairs for the last time.

Then at 3 AM, from a sound sleep I found my eyes opening in the dark bedroom and my arms were stretched straight up so my shoulders were raised up from the mattress and the rest of my body was flat on the bed — like a yoga lion pose I once used to do. In front of me about two feet above my headboard was a 3-dimensional oval in the air. It had yellow, blue and white light shimmering all around inside the oval border. And there, right in the middle of the oval portal, was Simba! Blue eyes and fluffy white hair standing strongly alive!  I jumped for that portal. I was grabbing Simba back from entropy and death and I could see a grey-colored path spiraling away from Simba in the oval as if connected to a place far away.

As my arms closed on empty air, the glowing portal with Simba and the spiral path slowly faded in the dark bedroom. I called out loud to Simba: “You came back! You came back!! Where are you now? Please show me where you are now!”

So, maybe it was Simba who answered me, who came back on October 3, 2018, through the window in my office while I was vidotaping my Earthfiles YouTube Channel broadcast. Maybe Simba’s soul was visible as that white smoky fog moving so strangely up my bookshelves.


Soul Force of Life

I know, but cannot prove, that Simba’s soul came back after his Earthly death to show me he was still alive in another dimension. For me, the soul is a force, it is an archive of lives in many different containers, it recycles into infinity and like photons of light that travel at 186,000 miles a second where mass is infinite and time stops, the photons of light — and perhaps souls — experience all of time as a single moment, a single photon. Past, present and future are one, an Einstein hypothesis as well.

Now I would like to share with you a few of the hundreds of letters I have received from people around the world about their own experiences with out-of-body travel from childhood onward.

From: T. J. C.
To:  [email protected]
Re:  Childhood out-of-body experience
Date:  January 27, 2019

I am age 41, white male, married 19 years, 2 kids, university graduate, stable career with a lower mid-6-figure salary. I’ve never had a “paranormal” experience or witnessed anything unexplainable in the sky or otherwise. I listen to a few shows like F2B and your Earthfiles YouTube channel because I find cryptic archaeology and secret technology interesting and plausible. My experience may be a little anti-climactic compared to others, but I do have clear memories of being lucid and finding myself floating down from the ceiling back into my body. I can say with confidence that I recall this occurring 3 times. I have no memory of traveling anywhere, as I would always become aware when I would be floating down from the ceiling very gently. The only physical sensation I can remember, and it did happen during each event, was a “tickling” sensation in my abdomen as I was settling back into my body.

I was 5 when these events happened.  I’ve never spoke of it to anyone and no idea that it was a phenomenon until I heard you reference it. I do, for some reason, remember it very clearly. If I truly had left my body and it wasn’t a dream, I would have liked to see where I went. I will certainly follow your research in this subject and see what others describe and possibly what it means. Thank you for your time and research.

From:  Patty E.
To:  [email protected]
Re:  5-year-old out-of-body experience
Date:  October 11, 2018

Hi Linda,
I am 61 years old and a retired ICU nurse (35 yrs as R.N). To be able to finally share my childhood experience with someone and to realize that others have had these experiences is a comfort.

When I was 5 years old, I experienced death in my family for the first time after an aunt passed. My family was religious and I attended Sunday school and so I had a vague idea of the soul and afterlife. I remember asking my dad questions relentlessly about the soul and he would tell me that it went on forever and I kept trying to understand it in my 5-year-old mind. Finally in frustration he said,  “It goes on to infinity, and that means forever and ever, just like the universe.”

Well, that moment that he said the word ‘infinity’ associated with the universe, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would lay in bed at night contemplating it over and over in my mind until one night something inexplicable happened. I felt what seemed to be a huge rush of adrenalin come up from my stomach and in a split second, a millisecond, I was “shot” out of my body and into space and seemed to be part of the cosmos. I knew that I was only 5 yrs old, but in that instant I realized that I was a ‘consciousness’ that knew everything. Simultaneously I also knew that my body was still in the bedroom and I panicked in fear. Every thought and feeling seemed to be simultaneous — yet at the same time occurring in order as the experience unfolded, as strange as that sounds! The instant I felt fear I was SUDDENLY back in bed in my body. My heart was racing and I remember that it took a long time to calm down. What is strange is that I wasn’t scared once ‘back’ as one would think a 5 year old should have been. I was ecstatic, but also sad that I was back in my body.

The following night, I wanted it to happen again, and so I began contemplating an infinite universe as I had the night before. ( I know now that I was going into a deep meditation, but at that young age I didn’t know what it was called.) Indeed, it happened again and every night after for about a year I could ‘make’ it happen, until suddenly one night it didn’t happen. What is strange is that I knew that each time that I caused it to happen, there WAS a chance that I may not be able to return to my body one night. 

As a nurse, I do believe in the soul — and from studies that have been done, the soul actually has a physical measurement in weight. I also can attest, that as an ICU nurse, through the years, I have been with many a patient who has passed and witnessed a change in the air, in the atmosphere, at the time of their passing. Also, before many patients died, they knew that they were going to pass and commented about it. Thanks Linda, for the chance to share my story.

From:  Cynthia B.
To:  [email protected]
Re:  OBEs and last week’s videocast “fog” anomaly in Linda’s office
Date:  October 11, 2018

I’m loving all the information you are bringing through your Wednesday night videos! I’ve only related this story once in my life to another person who was looking for NDE/OBE experiences. During my sleep my soul/spirit does leave my body. This was reported by my older sister when I was a very small child, less than 5 years old, and later in adult life by my husband, my daughter and anyone who spent any time sleeping in the same room with me.  What they saw while they were awake and I was sleeping was interpreted as a kind of mist or fog that surrounds me.

Sometimes when sleeping alone, dreaming, I have experienced myself in my dream as a misty or smoky-haze thing, floating to a destination somewhere. This mist or smoke is not shaped like a body, or my body, in any way. It is completely dissociated from my physical being. However, I was conscious of myself as a mist or hazy blob and of my surroundings. So I assume in this dream/soul-spirit, hazy blob state, I was somehow able to communicate with others.

My major OBE experience: This happened when I was about 8 years old during surgery, under anesthesia. My appendix had burst and I underwent an appendectomy. This was not your run-of-the-mill laparoscopic appendectomy. The surgeons had to open my abdominal cavity and spent many hours exploring, cleaning and repairing. It was what is called an open appendectomy.

I began to become conscious, came out of the anesthetic while my abdomen was still splayed wide open. Then my soul/spirit left my physical body and began floating or flying high above at the ceiling. I remember I had a clear view of the operating room from the ceiling.

Then a round hole or portal opened up through the ceiling and I could see a beautiful scene of a field of multicolored flowers in the brightest light you could imagine. What was most profound to me was I did experience the most exuberant feeling of joy associated with this flower place that I could see on the other side of the ceiling in the operating room. I felt like it had been a long, long time since I had known that joy and I wanted to go there, through the hole in the ceiling to that place. Then I looked down. I saw my body lying on the surgery table and I saw the surgical team surrounding my lower body, as well as my abdomen, draped and wide open. The surgeon then looked up – at me? At my spirit? Acknowledged my consciousness? I don’t know, but then he stopped his work and said to the anesthesiologist something like, “Hey, what’s happening? She’s waking up. She’s coming around.” And they had conversation about lightening the anesthesia dose. Then the surgeon said something like, “Well, we’re about finished, so just keep her under as much as you can for just a little while longer.”

It was at that time that I felt my soul essence being sucked back into my body. I fought as hard as I could to get through the hole in the ceiling to that joyful, bright light place before being forced to go back to my body. [ Forced by what?]

I feel like this experience was so profound to me that it must have been more of a Near Death Experience than just simply an OBE, although I do believe it was a bit of both. I didn’t feel that I was a mist or wisp of spirit in the Earthbound OBE. I felt that I was clear, invisible, pure consciousness headed for another dimension.

And it wasn’t a dark tunnel with a light at the end. It was just a hole — or a portal.”

Continued in Part 3.

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