4th of July Deep Thanks to Earthfiles News and YouTube Broadcast Viewers from Linda.

I have been receiving hundreds of heartfelt emails and written letters of appreciation for my work. I read and love each one and the mind/soul who is is trying to see and know more truths. My 1979 to 2019 path has been so difficult that your emails of positive support invigorate me to keep trying harder. I hope we have that worldwide headline yet this year that We’re Not Alone In This Universe and the E.T.s Here and Out There Are Friendly, Neutral and Hostile —  like life on Earth!

Why should Homo sapiens sapiens be kept perpetually dumb and blind by Power Brokers about our genetically manipulated origins by other advanced cosmic intelligences that have interacted with Earth and this solar system for millions of years, coming and going in deep layers of Earth’s true history? We humans are babies in the gigantic Cosmos. But our souls know more.

Ironic cheers in this holiday that should genuinely celebrate life, liberty and happiness for all U. S. A. citizens and for a Constitution that should protect truth hunters as necessary ballasts to sustain a democracy in the rough waves of friendly, neutral and hostile conflicts, whether human or Other inspired.

My deepest thanks now and ongoing to all of you with prayer for more peace, love and light in all your and your pets’ precious lives,
Reporter and Editor

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