Dreams of Global Floods — What Do They Mean?

“This is the first time hearing about others having vivid apocalypse dreams. I had one 18 years ago and it impacted me so much that it’s one I’ve never forgotten and would like to share.”

fergy19872002, Earthfiles YouTube Viewer, January 13, 2021


January 16, 2021, Albuquerque, New Mexico – In my January 13, 2021, Earthfiles YouTube Channel broadcast, I shared the conscious experience of “Crystal,” from British Columbia, Canada, with a Grey non-human in August 2010, a decade ago. See our interview at this Earthfiles YouTube Channel Broadcast that includes Crystal’s description of being on a huge UFO craft in a crowd of 3,000 humans who are directed by Grey-skinned non-humans to view a large screen that shows the entire Earth flooded with water so deep that only the tips of mountains were visible.

A woman’s voice in the viewing crowd could be heard yelling, “Eight billion people just died!”  Earth’s current 7.8 billion population is expected to hit 8 billion between 2024 and 2030. Could a 21st Century Noah’s Flood happen in this decade?

View January 13, 2021, Earthfiles YouTube Channel broadcast interview of Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe with UFO/E.T. experiencer "Crystal" from British Columbia, Canada.
View January 13, 2021, Earthfiles YouTube Channel broadcast interview of Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe with UFO/E.T. experiencer “Crystal” from British Columbia, Canada.


Dreams of Floods 

During my January 13, 2021, broadcast, I thought about the many people I have interviewed in the human abduction syndrome, who have also been shown screen images of mountain-high flood waters covering all the Earth continents. During the broadcast, I asked if anyone in the audience had also experienced vivid dreams or real life abductions by alien intelligences in which images of the Earth are shown that show high flood waters around the whole world?

The answer is yes.  So in this report I am sharing some emails and YouTube chat comments related to my question: What do these global flood destruction dreams on Earth mean when decades pass without the apocalyptic destruction happening yet in the current Earth timeline?


Earthfiles YouTube Channel Viewer Comments


From:  SZ, Snohomish, Washington
To:  [email protected] (Linda Moulton Howe)
Re:  Visual Warnings Other Intelligences Share with Me
Date:  January 13, 2021

The flood comes after a darkened sun spews solar flashes in the sky.  The moon stands still in the sky far too long on one side of Earth and the sun stands still the same length of time on the other side, as the Earth’s rotation stops and then rotates backwards.  Great earthquakes and  auroral lights fill the night AND day skies.  Some parts of the Earth freeze suddenly and some experience a great melt as the earth tilts and wobbles.  It is as if the crust has unlocked and is being repositioned by some great hand.  It’s catastrophic even from space. 

Pieces of sun fly outward everywhere from the sun’s corona. A small nova?  Two blue lights like planet-sized sun dogs stand on either side of the brightening sun as rings of matter fly outward in great dusty spirals. As they are flung from the sun and freeze in space, great chunks of rock and dust fall from the sky on Earth to light the night into day casting great, long, moving shadows everywhere they fall.    

 Then, the water comes to repeat the 12,000-year-cycle once again, rising and rising and rising…  

 They must restart the species, almost half of them.  The alien intelligences have shown us that they’ve pulled as much out of the sun’s corona as they can.  We’ve seen their planet-sized force fields touch the sun, pulling tendrils of dust away in an effort to help us on Earth.   But it’s not enough.

Homo sapiens sapiens is replaced with the next generation of humans. This time, they will have The Teachers to help them. They have returned to help. That’s what the pictures and feelings seem to say. 

That’s what I’ve seen.  Who knows if it happened, will happen, or is just a crazy dream that keeps coming back and seems so real?


From:  Anthony J.
To:  [email protected] (Linda Moulton Howe)

Re:  Repeating dream of deep floods
Date:  January 15, 2021

Hi Linda !

I’ve been watching your videos on Earthfiles now for several years. I’ve seen every Ancient Aliens episode, I think. And I just think it’s a good time to email you and share a story / knowledge.

I am 32 years old. I’ve been in construction since 17+, a wall master by trade, painter taper master painter seal coater. Also did other labor intensive jobs.

Linda, first of all, I honestly believe in your work and I really believe you tell the truth.

Here’s a dream I have had many times. I have had this dream so many times as a young kid — countless times. And Linda, every time in this dream I am swimming in the ocean, but there’s a lot of debris in the ocean and then I’m swimming in the ocean at the same height as the top of all these tall buildings. It’s crazy, but this is 100% true.

As I got older like mid to late teens, it was like I kinda started believing it was like some kind of premonition. It’s weird, but in this dream I know I have had over 50+ times in my life, more so than when I was younger because I don’t sleep much anymore. But I’ve had this SAME DREAM where I’m swimming in water that is up to the top of what looks like buildings under water. There’s other people in the water too. Not sure why this dream was showed in my head so many times. 


From:  Sarah
To: [email protected] (Linda Moulton Howe)
Re:  My dream of flooding
Date:  January 16, 2021


I just watched one of your latest videos on YouTube. I discovered your Earthfiles Channel the other day and have found your videos to be extremely fascinating. Although this last one really had me shook. This is the first time hearing about others having vivid apocalypse dreams. I had one 18 years ago and it impacted me so much that it’s one I’ve never forgotten and would like to share.

At the time I was sixteen years old.  In the dream I was in New York, although I’ve never lived there in my life. I was gazing out into the city as loud sirens were going off. I must have been right at the Atlantic coast because I could see the ocean. I could see water rising. Everyone around me including myself started panicking and scrambling to higher ground. I remember climbing to higher ground, but my surroundings were changing. Like I was seeing different experiences in different locations.

All of a sudden I was in a some kind of government building. It was higher up on a hill, but I was on the lowest level of the building. In my dream I was with an old friend that was in shock of what was going on and had frozen, not wanting to move. But I knew we had to get to the top of the building to be safe. He refused to acknowledge me screaming that we had to run up stairs. In my dream I had to make a decision because he wouldn’t move and the water was now in the building and we were standing with it up to our hips.

I remember I ‘chose’ life and ran up the stairs hoping he’d follow. He did not. That’s when I woke up. I remember having this overwhelming feeling of joy because ‘I chose life.’  Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I could just relax. The dream did something to me. I’ve never shared this experience because it’s so hard to even come up with the right words to describe it. It was like I was actually there and was being tested by something. And some passed the test, but others didn’t.  

I’ve never had a dream of that kind again. But I would love to hear more stories of others having these types of dreams.  Looking forward to watching more of your videos!


From:  After Earthfiles Broadcast January 13, 2021 — Viewer Comments

Gary Wright:  As insane as this might sound, I was “shown” a flood as an actual hologram that played out in the dark above my bed shortly after turning out the lights. I was wide awake, and it was very clear. The flood was viewed from above as if I was way up as I watched a wash over the land, and I instinctively knew that I had friends and relatives down there. The land mass it swept over was an island. The hologram then went down under the water and I saw large stone steps and temples with reeds and fish around them. Plus I was also shown huge crystal caverns deep underground. For what it’s worth, the impression I got from the experience was that this was a past event, and we do know that Earth experienced a catastrophic flood around 12,000 years ago. So I wonder if many of these reports you receive are actually some form of past life memory?

LMH Comment:  Or perhaps there is a cycle of floods past, present and future?

fergy19872002:  So glad I came across this video (Jan. 13, 2021 Earthfiles YouTube Channel live broadcast with Linda Moulton Howe). My experience was in 2013, I believe. I wrote the experience down to jog my memory as time went by so I could recall the finer parts later. I live in the Midwest. Yet, I was on a glass-bottom boat on the shores of  California as a massive storm made me very uneasy. The ‘Captain,’ as she called herself, calmed me and said it would not harm me.

I went from seeing the massive storms to being on a ship underwater at the Grand Tetons and it was fully underwater and lighted Christmas trees and holiday decor around the town. They asked me what I saw and I remember asking, ‘Where were all the fish?’ It took the next day for me to process. I still can close my eyes and see all. I know that my mind was seeing something that may have been hard to understand. I do remember helping the Captain up steps and I know that I was not touching a human, but I was not processing completely.

The Captain turned to me and asked, ‘You would help me?’ And I said to her, ‘Yes, I would help anyone in need.’ … I do believe as the people become more aware and start individually changing their behaviors and become more connected and feel the connections we have with our own species, it will help our world to shift.”

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