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01-08-2020 - Part 1: Mysterious Drones Persist After Secret Meeting of FBI, FAA, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. Tune In Earthfiles YouTube Live Broadcast Tonight For News Update.
10-03-2019 - Update: 5 Bulls Bloodlessly Mutilated in Harney County, Oregon, and No Bullets.
08-30-2018 - Angus Cattle Raiser’s 9th Mutilation Came with A Blast of White Light.
01-02-2015 - Another Mutilated Angus in Haigler, Nebraska
09-26-2014 - Another Bizarre Pregnant Cow Mutilation in Haigler, Nebraska
08-20-2013 - August 20, 2013 mp3 audio update – Part 6: Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations: Electromagnetic Anomalies At 2nd Mutilation Site
08-13-2013 - August 20, 2013 – Updated with mp3 Interview Audio. Part 5: Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations: Pregnant Cow Dropped into Hole Headfirst in Nebraska.
08-12-2013 - Part 4: U. S. Navy Captain Comments On Google Earth Image of Mutilated Cattle in Haigler, Nebraska
08-12-2013 - August 12, 2013 – mp3 Audio Update Part 3: Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations – Three Pregnant Angus Cow Mutilations in Nebraska
08-03-2013 - Part 1:  Recent Bloodless Animal Mutilations with Scorched Grass in U. K. and Missouri. Other Mutilations in Argentina, Colorado, Nebraska and Idaho.