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03-12-2021 - Mystery of Green Sea Turtles Too Weak to Swim and Dying Manatees Along Florida Coast from Jacksonville to Brevard County to Indian River Lagoon.
09-15-2020 - Today NOAA and NASA Announced Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun; Sunspots Will Increase to 2025 Maximum.
02-06-2017 - Green Fireball Over Lake Michigan Early Feb. 6, 2017, While Other Lights with Loud Booms Puzzle Eastern Quebec.
10-29-2015 - Why Mysterious Huge and Very Cold “Blob” in the North Atlantic?
02-27-2014 - Dolphins Sick and Dying in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay After BP Oil Spil
11-29-2012 - Climate Change Threatens National Security, Says CIA-Commissioned Study
03-01-2012 - Updated 030112: Solar CMEs Hitting Earth’s Magnetic Fields – Do They Make Strange, Loud Sounds?
06-21-2008 - Updated June 25, 2008: Increasingly Acidic Pacific Coast Waters Threaten Marine Life
10-05-2007 - Earlier, Faster and Deeper Arctic Ice Melt Down
01-10-2007 - 2006 USA’s Warmest Year On Record