Pulsing, Jumping Light in West Stowell, England Field

August 26, 2000 East Field, Wiltshire, England - On Monday, July 31st late in the evening, crop circle researchers Ed and Kris Sherwood were in an East Kennett crop formation when a bright yellow unidentified aerial object appeared followed immediately by a loud, military-type helicopter that nearly ran them down in the field. After the couple went to the ground to escape the low-flying helicopter, it pursued the bright yellow object again, both disappearing behind a hill. Then a second bright yellow aerial object appeared. The Sherwoods videotaped the helicopter and yellow object and learned that other people did, too. Frank Laumen, a researcher and photographer from Germany, was at the bridge in Allington and could see lights and a helicopter back toward East Kennett. He videotaped the interactions. Andy Buckley from Manchester, England was also on Martinsell Hill and videotaped helicopter and light activity about the same time.


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