A Bull Mutilation in Christmas Valley, Oregon

Dozens of animal mutilations and strange unidentified aerial lights have been reported   over several decades in Oregon's Sand Springs region and south into Christmas Valley.
Dozens of animal mutilations and strange unidentified aerial lights have been reported over several decades in Oregon’s Sand Springs region and south into Christmas Valley.

May 18, 2002  Fort Rock, Oregon – There is a new report from the Lake County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office this month of a bull mutilation in the Christmas Valley of Oregon southeast of Bend. It seems to be a continuation of animal mutilations and very strange aerial lights near the Sand Springs region over the past several decades. One rancher there in 1980 even described seeing cattle drawn up into glowing discs in the sky and dropped back down to the ground, dead and mutilated, the weight of their bodies making craters in the dusty soil. Oregon resident, Dwain Wright, talked with that Sand Springs rancher and described the incident for me when I was producing my documentary Strange Harvests 1993 and my book Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness (see Earthfiles Shop). Here is a brief excerpt from that interview:

“And he said they came at night. The cattle were just drawn up. They floated right up off the ground. He had seen it happen. And he said that sometime later, they just dropped them back when they were done with whatever. The cattle were dropped back down onto the desert or through the trees into the forest. And he said you could hear them at night making a horrendous crash through the trees.”

Only two weeks ago on May 5, 2002 on a ranch about 15 miles south of Sand Springs, a 2400 pound bull worth $2,000 was found in a shallow crater not far from the water trough. His owner, Fritz Morrison, has ranched there for thirty-five years. That day, Fritz had been at the water pump at 12:30 p.m. and his bull was laying beside the trough chewing his cud, seemingly well and content along with several cows. But when Fritz returned only three hours later to do more work at the pump, this is what he found.


Fritz Morrison, Rancher for 35 years, Fort Rock, Oregon: “I went back out at 3:30 p.m. and about 100 yards from the well, right besides the road, there he lay dead. I got out and looked at him. At first, I couldn’t understand and I walked over to him and his eye on the top side ­ he was laying flat and the eye that was up was gone and it was bubbling like a fluid and blood.

Bull was alive at 12:30 p.m. and found dead and mutilated at 3:30 p.m on May 5, 2002. Left eye was removed, tongue was excised deep within the throat, the testicles and shaft had been bloodlessly removed leaving penis stretched out on the ground, and the rectum was cored out. Photograph © 2002 by Keith Bumpass, Deputy Sheriff for Lake County, Oregon
Bull was alive at 12:30 p.m. and found dead and mutilated at 3:30 p.m on May 5, 2002. Left eye was removed, tongue was excised deep within the throat, the testicles and shaft had been bloodlessly removed leaving penis stretched out on the ground, and the rectum was cored out. Photograph © 2002 by Keith Bumpass, Deputy Sheriff for Lake County, Oregon

I touched him and he was plum warm. His legs were stiff as a board, sticking straight out and stiff. And he was plum warm and he should have been pliable, I thought. I didn’t know what had happened. I thought maybe he had been shot in the eye or something, but there were no footprints, no tracks, no tire tracks, nothing. So, I went back and came to the house to get a chain to pull him back off the road so I wouldn’t have to drive right by it every day. And I got back out there around 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. and he had been mutilated. His testicles had been cut off and his butt had been cut out. And I’m sure the blood was completely gone. There wasn’t a drop of blood anywhere he had been cut out. And his penis had been pulled out from inside. The skin had not been cut from his testicles up to where it comes out in the belly. It had been pulled out from the inside and was hanging out and was real fresh, like maybe I’d interrupted something again. I don’t know.

Clean, bloodless excision of testicles and shaft leaving penis stretched through hole from abdomen onto ground. Photographs © 2002 by Keith Bumpass, Deputy Sheriff for Lake County, Oregon.
Clean, bloodless excision of testicles and shaft leaving penis stretched through hole from abdomen onto ground. Photographs © 2002 by Keith Bumpass, Deputy Sheriff for Lake County, Oregon.
Close-up of penis stretched on ground from bloodless excision in abdomen. Testicles, sheath and rectal tissue excised without blood.
Close-up of penis stretched on ground from bloodless excision in abdomen. Testicles, sheath and rectal tissue excised without blood.

So, I drug him off. After I drug him off, the next morning I got out there and the ground where he had been laying was all sage brush and grass and where he had been laying ­ for about a 50-foot-diameter ­ was completely obliterated. There was not a sagebrush left or a piece of grass or anything. It was just completely gone. Where I drug him, from where he was out to where I drug him, that ground for about 20 feet wide was just obliterated, just tore up. And all my cows were standing around this bull out there ­ not all my cows, about 25 or 30 head ­ just standing around like they were guarding him.

Guarding him, or trying to stamp out something they didn’t like.

Yeah, like making a perimeter around him, just standing there.

Fritz Morrison's cows still gathered around the dead and mutilated bull on May 8, 2002 when Deputy Keith Bumpass investigated three days after the bull was first found.
Fritz Morrison’s cows still gathered around the dead and mutilated bull on May 8, 2002 when Deputy Keith Bumpass investigated three days after the bull was first found.
From May 5 to May 13, about thirty very agitated cows kept trampling sage brush and grass to dry powder (foreground), both at the original site of the bull's death and this spot near trees where Fritz Morrison dragged the animal to get him away from the road.
From May 5 to May 13, about thirty very agitated cows kept trampling sage brush and grass to dry powder (foreground), both at the original site of the bull’s death and this spot near trees where Fritz Morrison dragged the animal to get him away from the road.

They were the cows that kept tramping everything down?

Yeah, I’m sure they are. It was all cow tracks. I’m sure the cows did it. I don’t know what they were doing or why they were doing it. They even dug a couple of holes like 3 foot in diameter and about a foot deep, rooting it with their heads. And every once in awhile, you would see one of them bawling and root the ground for days afterward.

The other thing I noticed that was really odd is that there were a couple of buzzards there. They weren’t on the animal, but one had come in and sat on him for a minute and crapped on him and left. But the others that day, there were 2 of them sitting on the ground like 50 feet away from him. I go out there every day and kind of look at him. He’s never been eaten on. There were no flies on him. Nothing touched him, but the cows every night seemed to gather around him about 5 or 6 o’clock and just stand there awhile before they go off and eat, at least for a week after he died.

Have you ever seen this kind of behavior by cows around a dead animal before?

Not like that. Once in awhile when we butcher and we gave some blood with the hide or something, they’ll go up to it and bawl and make a bunch of noise and then they leave it alone and never come back. They don’t do it again and again like with this bull.

Another thing that was a real mystery to me that I still haven’t been able to comprehend was his stiffness. An animal doesn’t usually get completely stiff ­ he couldn’t have been dead more ­ if they killed him right after I left (at 12:30 p.m.) ­ it was three hours maximum and he was just stiff as a board and his legs stuck straight out.

Rigor mortis doesn’t usually set in until later.

Right. That really shocked me, too. I’ve never seen that.

Did you have any veterinarian come and do a necropsy?

No, I didn’t because this has happened to us before. About 20 years ago (1983-1985), we lost 18 head.

Can you tell me about that?

The first one we found was right in the middle of a cow trail. The cows had left the water ­ oh, maybe a couple hundred yards away from the water, right in the trail, laying there dead. And when we found her, she had already been mutilated. And all the other cows were walking way out around her. Coyotes were walking around her and nothing ever did eat her. She laid there and just dried up.

Which parts were taken from her?

Her bag, her uterus, one ear had been cut off, and the switch of her tail was gone. And no blood around.

In the eighteen mutilations you had, how many were female?

All but one. We had one bull and all the rest were cows

In that bull back in the 1980s, what do you remember about him compared to this new one in May 2002?

It was mutilated the same way, except its penis was gone completely.

Did you check to see if the tongue was still in the mouth?

No, I did not. (After I asked them to check, he and Deputy Sheriff Keith Bumpass opened the bull’s mouth and found that the tongue had been excised from deep within the throat, typical of animal mutilations over the past fifty years.)

We had another cow up there that was a very unique one. This is the one that is the biggest mystery, I guess. There was a big sand flat about 60 to 100 acres in size, maybe even bigger than that. But she was laying there. No grass on it, no dirt, nothing, so nothing would go out there. Just a big sandy flat. And we saw a cow laying out there one day. And we went out there to her. There was not a cow track on that flat. No tire tracks, no footprints, no nothing. And this cow is laying dead out there. She had 3 puncture marks like in a triangle on each side of her right behind her front shoulders that went in about 2 inches and dead ended. You could take a pencil and stick it in there about 2 inches and it would stop.
That’s as far as it would go through.

This was a triangular patch of the puncture holes.

Right. And she’d been mutilated. No blood. No nothing, just dead out there on that flat. That’s probably the weirdest one I think we ever had because the only way she could have got there is from a helicopter or something like that. She didn’t walk out there. There wasn’t a cow track. And there wasn’t a tire truck, so she wasn’t drug out there.

So, she had to have been dropped or lowered from above some how?

That’s right. And that was about our third one we found. Boy, we went to packing guns then. That spooked us all. So, I’ve been so spooked over losing this one here (the bull)! I thought it had stopped. I thought we were done with that kind of thing. We thought it was a devil cult at first. Then when that cow (with the triangle of puncture marks) happened, that was terrible. All of ours we had investigated by the sheriff’s department. We had a vet come out and we had a doctor look at one of them.

The only conclusion they could come to was that it was not cut by a knife, that there was no way anybody could cut that perfect with a knife. And the edges were not like a knife cut. It was more like a laser. This doctor said, ‘That looks like a laser cut.’ And that was something that started bothering us, too.

Something picked that cow on the flat up. We even blamed it on the government. I had a theory one time it was aliens trying to study the cow and find out how they controlled humans. We take such great care of them. We feed them. We water them. We doctor them. We are like a servant to them. That was my theory! But I don’t know.

We’ve seen things quite often at night ­ like we have been riding after dark and here comes this bright red object. It looks like the exhaust of a jet. It’s coming right over us overhead and it goes by and we keep waiting for the sound and there never is any sound. But it looks just like jet exhaust, bright red fire.

Another time we were out at one of our wells and we were sitting out there and this car is coming down the road and he’s coming right at us. And just before it got to us, the headlights separated and went around us. And no sound and we didn’t see anything. That was the scariest thing we ever did see in our lives! We went immediately, of course.

When you went back to that area the next day or so, did you find anything peculiar?

No, no tracks, no nothing. No tire tracks, not anything. There weren’t any mutilations then. We tried like when this was going on, our hired man we had up there kept seeing strange lights in the sky. He wouldn’t go out there after dark. He was petrified of it. None of us wanted to do it either, so we stayed away from there at night.

What had he seen that scared him so much?

Just these strange lights coming down out of the sky at him when he was out. We had to haul water up there. We had a big tanker truck and he said just all of a sudden the sky would light up and then it would go away. he never saw anything, he said, actually seen anything that was visible to him, his naked eye, other than this bright light.

Like a large camera going off at night and the whole sky lighting up?

Yeah, like a flash bulb, is what he said it was like.”

Lake County, Oregon Sheriff’s Investigation

Deputy Sheriff Keith Bumpass began his investigation on May 8, three days after Fritz Morrison found his dead bull. He took photographs and wondered how anyone, or anything, could have gotten to the 2400-pound bull without leaving behind some kind of track evidence.

Keith Bumpass, Deputy Sheriff, Lake County, Oregon Sheriff’s Office: “It’s one of those things you scratch your head and search for experts. First, we’re in an area here where there is nothing but tractors and things like this and it takes a pretty good size tractor to lift up a bull that size. You should have tracks of some kind of machinery. So, for this bull to be laying out in that pasture with no tracks around it, it’s beyond our comprehension.

What about something from the air?

I thought something like that. Carrying the animal ­ if you did, you’d most likely see like you see on television, using straps and stuff. So you would think you would have some kind of rub mark around the body of the area if a helicopter had lifted it. But Fritz don’t live very far from this animal and he’s got a pretty good view of this whole thing and he would have noticed helicopters because we have like Life Flight helicopters that come over the mountains and you can hear it from miles away as it comes over. I asked him if it could be a helicopter. And he said, ‘No, I would have heard it being so close to the home.’ And also, even if you have a silent type helicopter like many of the militaries have, you’re still going to have down wash of the wind. We looked for stuff all over those trees, for dust or anything out of the ordinary, and we couldn’t find anything anywhere. That would be the only alternative ­ something dropping this animal. I guess, it would have to be a pretty good sized aircraft to do so.

Did you talk with anybody around where he lives about whether or not they had seen anything unusual at night?

Fritz has seen, different weird lights. I personally have seen some lights one night when I was coming down the road not too far from where this bull was found. At that time, I was driving a hay truck loaded with a load of hay. I was coming back empty and I remember seeing 3 big lights really low to the ground. It was a very bright night, the kind of night where we would get out and look for miles and miles. So I thought there might have been low level maneuvers. The military has a base, a small base in Klamath Falls which is about 110 miles south of here. I thought they might be doing that. As it came towards me, the lights shut off approximately 1/4 mile in front of me. So, I stopped the truck, jumped out and turned the truck off to hear the rumble of the (aircraft) engine as it went by. I couldn’t hear anything. There was no rumble. There was no aircraft going by. So, I kind of chalked it up and didn’t tell many people about it.

What color were those lights?

Almost like a lithium blue, like these new lights you see on cars, the headlights. About that color. And they were big and perfectly apart. When I was looking at them, it looked about 2 feet on the left, one in the middle and 2 feet on the right. And they were all the same size coming straight towards me.

In an equilateral triangle, then?

No, it was actually straight across from each other in a straight line. That’s why I thought it might be an aircraft. But there is no way within a few seconds of when I stopped that truck and jumped out. Shut all my lights off to see what kind of, if it was a big C-130, there was no way it could have got past me because it was coming right toward me real slow.

And it just disappeared?

Yeah, it was like it wasn’t there. And I thought, ‘What?!’ Other than that, there have been other farmers that have seen quite a few lights in this area, just different types of lights.

We’re talking about a bull mutilation that occurred on May 5. When did you see the three lights that you described and have farmers seen anything in the past month or so?

The only lights I’ve seen are about two years ago. Recently, here was a farmer by the name of Pat O’Keefe who has property right next door to Fritz Morrison. Pat about a month ago seen some lights up above the hill on his place. He thought he might have been someone flashing a flashlight or something, so he went up the next day to look at it and to see what was up there. He didn’t see any footprints, but he did find a skull, or actually a whole head of a dog, he believes, like a red …

Like an Irish setter?

Yeah, the Irish setter type of dog. We went up to look for it. It had been beheaded right in front of the front shoulders, he was telling me. He lived on this ranch since he was a kid and he’s in his late 50s now. He’s seen all kinds of animals, but this one raised the hair on the back of his neck because the head had been cut perfectly right in front of the shoulders, this dog. And a pretty good sized dog, he said. And it was done pretty much like a precision knife had done it. He was a meat cutter by trade for almost 40 years. And he goes, there is no way I could have duplicated this cut at all out here in the field.
And there was no blood and nothing had touched it. And he said there was no dirt on it! And up here in the desert, we have a lot of powdery dirt and had it been dropped from the sky or anything, there would have been dirt in the wound area,. So, he said that really baffled him and he noticed his dog wouldn’t even go around it. He just kind of backed out of there and left.

We went up there yesterday to look for it, but unfortunately couldn’t find the animal. He said he wasn’t even going to say anything about it until Fritz said his bull had been mutilated. They are going to go up and look for it tomorrow also.

The only thing that was there was the clean, fresh severed head of what he thinks was a red-haired dog, but no body, no tracks no dirt, no anything?

No drag marks. Like if a cougar will kill an animal up here, it will actually drag the animal. Nothing. It was the head, neck and all the way to the front shoulders of the dog, so there was quite a bit there. He said almost like a vampire has real big long, long teeth? He said these went down past the bottom of the jaws and most animals, the teeth don’t do that. They were all the way down past the bottom of the jaw.

Usually when a dog’s lip closes, it hides its teeth. But these went way past there and he said he had never seen that before. So, we’re going to keep looking for the thing. Hopefully we can find it.

One mystery on top of another mystery.

It is. It’s just baffling.

Have you or the sheriff tried to contact any of the military authorities in the Oregon area to ask about the situation and learn if the military has any information about animal mutilations? (Oregon has national guard units, not a major military base.)

No, not yet. I’m kind of doing the lead investigation. We’re a gigantic county of 8,800 square miles with only a few deputies, so our hands are full. I’ll slowly start doing that and kind of pursue to see who else has seen this and find out what other investigations they have done that might help us.

Fritz Morrison and others had cattle mutilations in the 1982 to 1985 period. Fritz alone had 18 mutilations then. You’ve worked for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office four years. But you and your colleagues were not aware of animal mutilations much and your office apparently doesn’t have much history about the phenomenon?

Exactly. That surprised me. And the farmers who have mentioned the mutilations and have lived here a long time and they say, ‘Oh, is that starting back up again?’

You would think each sheriff passing the baton to the incoming sheriff would say, ‘Look, there is a problem here that comes in cycles. This is what it is and it is baffling. We’ve never been able to arrest and arraign anyone. So you need to know some facts.’

Yeah, it’s sad to say I can’t say what they were like in the past, but we have technology today that they didn’t have access to back then and with me, instead of, if I don’t know the answer, I don’t chalk it up to some critter eating something. I’ve got to research it to the point that if I can’t explain it, then it has to be something out of this world.

Why do you think your office and other law enforcement contacts don’t have more information about animal mutilations?

I don’t know if it’s because people don’t want to research it or because they can’t explain it and feel inadequate, or they always want to be able to prove something and when they can’t, sort of set it aside. I really don’t know. It’s kind of hard to explain why people haven’t followed up because you are talking losing a lot of money with these farmers when these things happen. Like with Fritz, he lost 18 the first go around and now the bull. That’s a lot of money.

If it is a persistent mystery and has happened to a lot of ranchers, why would this phenomenon not be a priority from the Governor on down? And at the federal level?

You would think it would be. There should be a lot of research. It’s costing people money. It’s not a disease. It’s some thing doing this. It baffles me that people in higher positions in the military or whatever don’t care about this stuff. Or they know and care and are not saying anything. These poor farmers need to be reimbursed or something for the loss of their animals. It’s not a natural death, that’s one thing. You are talking basically murder, or animal abuse in the 1st degree, so you’re talking crimes here. There should be a lot more done to try to figure out what’s going on.”

Laboratory Analysis of Physical Evidence

Deputy Bumpass gathered soil and grass samples from the original site where Fritz Morrison first found his bull dead at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 5. He also found small black particles on the bull’s hair. All were shipped to biophysicist W. C. Levengood in Michigan. Levengood has been studying biophysical and biochemical changes in grasses for ten years related to crop formations and animal mutilation sites. He studies plant respiration at the mitochondria level and has found a pattern of stress in plants sampled at crop formation and mutilation sites. His hypothesis is that a plasma vortex – spinning ions – with energies that include microwaves interact with the animals, plants and soils. But to date, the source of the plasma vortex is unknown.

Preliminary Data:

W. C. Levengood, Biophysicist, Pinelandia Biophysical Laboratory, Grass Lake, Michigan: “When Deputy Bumpass talked to me about getting samples, I recommended that he look very carefully at the hide of the bull all over and to send me any black samples that he could find from the bull. It was a black bull, but remarkably he did find some around the excised anal area.

I conducted a microscopic study of this yesterday and today and it revealed a homogeneous mass. I looked at some of these small particles. I still have some left. (They were) slightly red in color at the edges, otherwise opaque. Pretty similar to what we found before. (See Earthfiles 09/07/01 and 07/28/01)

Meaning pure hemoglobin particles?

Yes. I did my hydration, dehydration test. After about 20 hours, the dehydration had occurred and at the edge of the cover glass I found the same stressed crack patterns in a pale, red matrix, hardened matrix, we have seen before that is typical of the pure hemoglobin. I think there is a high probability even if we can’t say for sure yet ­ that it is pure hemoglobin.

If analytical chemistry does confirm that these particles are pure hemoglobin, what do you think could be the process for a bull that weighs 2400 pounds in a remote pasture in Christmas Valley, Oregon, to end up with dried hemoglobin particles on its hair?

First of all, this is a very sophisticated kind of energy application. As I’ve said many times, I do not think the blood is removed. I think it is disintegrated, or at least the components of whoever, whatever, however this is done, the hemoglobin might be one of the major components that they are interested in. We don’t find a lot of hemoglobin. We’ve found damn little! But what we do find is absolutely pure and that takes some very sophisticated biochemical procedures that I don’t know of anyone or any way that these could be done in a field out in a pasture.”

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