More Cat and Cow Mutilations: Colorado, Utah and Missouri

November 16, 2002 –

Aurora, Colorado

 Yellow shaded areas of Denver and Aurora, Colorado, map indicate where cats, rabbits and squirrels have been found dead and mutilated since June 2002.
Yellow shaded areas of Denver and Aurora, Colorado, map indicate where cats, rabbits and squirrels have been found dead and mutilated since June 2002.

According to the Aurora Animal Control Office, the Denver Dumb Friends League, and local residents, between June and mid-November 2002, ten cats and other small animals such as rabbits and squirrels have been found strangely cut up without blood or signs of struggle. (9 cats, 2 squirrels and 1 rabbit in Aurora; 1 cat and 1 rabbit in Denver). The region affected has been where southwest Aurora and southeastern Denver come together between the University of Denver and the Aurora Medical Center.

One investigator who wishes to remain anonymous told me, “Very precise cuts. Some are just cut in half, like with a band saw or very sharp knife or something like that. Just cut in half and either the front half or the back half is left to be found. Others have only flesh removed from the abdomen area, or a few organs removed, or all organs removed. A few have had just the spine removed in a very precise way. Usually there is no blood. There have been at least two other cycles of cat mutilations here since 1990.”

So far, officials are not releasing photographs of the mutilated animals. Investigators don’t want to encourage copycats and want to preserve evidence details for trial if anyone is arrested. However, the Plano, Texas Police Department’s 1993 photograph in More Information below is a good example of what half cats look like wherever found around the world.

Similar waves of cat, and half cat, mutilations have been reported throughout the world since at least the 1970s. The following are some of the locations where small animal mutilations have occurred – some with cyclic incidents every few years: London, England; Toronto and Vancouver, Canada; Bellingham, Washington; Falls Church, Virginia; Pensacola, Florida; Lee, New York; Los Alamos, New Mexico; Tucson, Arizona; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Ft. Worth, Austin and Plano, Texas; Tustin, San Jose and San Diego, California; Denver and Aurora, Colorado; and Salt Lake City, Utah.


$9,000 Reward Offered – Aurora and Denver

Barbara Novoryta, Chief Cruelty Investigator, Dumb Friends League (7 Counties), Denver, Colorado, says there is now a $ 9,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.

To report information, call:
Dumb Friends League Investigations Office

Aurora Animal Care Division


Salt Lake City, Utah

Since May 2002, seven mutilated cats – only the front halves left behind – have been reported in Salt Lake City, Utah. The first week of November, a resident found the front half of an “adult orange tabby” in a cemetery. Right behind the cat’s front shoulders, a precise, bloodless cut had severed the rest of the body which was missing.

Temma Martin, spokeswoman for the Salt Lake County Animal Services, told reporters, “Whether it’s a predator or a deranged person, something is getting people’s cats. You just never think it’s going to happen to you. It’s too dangerous to let your pets wander. This needs to be taken very seriously.”

$6,500 Reward Offered – Salt Lake City

To report information, call:
Salt Lake County Animal Services

Utah Humane Society


Richmond, Missouri

Polo, Missouri, at the northern end of Ray County (court house is in Richmond), has had three cattle mutilations reported to the Ray County Sheriff's Department between October 21 and November 3, 2002.
Polo, Missouri, at the northern end of Ray County (court house is in Richmond), has had three cattle mutilations reported to the Ray County Sheriff’s Department between October 21 and November 3, 2002.

On October 21, the Western Commissioner for Ray County, Missouri, found an 8-year-old pregnant cow on his ranch dead and cut up in the same pattern seen around the world over the past 50 years. Law enforcement calls the strange deaths “animal mutilations.” I have investigated unusual animal deaths since 1979 when I produced the television documentary, A Strange Harvest. (See Earthfiles shop.)

One of their fundamental mysteries has been the lack of blood, tracks, or evidence of struggle. I have gone into the field to collect tissue and grass samples from dozens of animals and know that pathologists have confirmed that at least some of the excisions have been made by something hot enough to cook the collagen and hemoglobin. But exactly what the technology is? who is operating it? and why? are still unanswered questions. It is a fact that no one yet has been arrested and convicted for the animal mutilations that have persisted worldwide since at least the early 1950s, according to U. S. Army Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, author of The Day After Roswell © 1997, now deceased.

Missouri 2002 mutilation photos have not yet been released, but this 2001 photograph of a mutilated cow in Pondera County, Montana, is a good example of the classic animal mutilations reported to law enforcement since the mid-20th century. Clean bone like this have been found on animals still warm to touch.
Missouri 2002 mutilation photos have not yet been released, but this 2001 photograph of a mutilated cow in Pondera County, Montana, is a good example of the classic animal mutilations reported to law enforcement since the mid-20th century. Clean bone like this have been found on animals still warm to touch.

Clifford Crist has been a Ray County Commissioner for fourteen years. He and two other commissioners oversee county budgets and are well respected in the Ray County community. Commissioner Crist has also ranched near Polo, Missouri, the past forty-four years. When he found one of his healthy, pregnant cows dead in mid-October, he was shocked and disturbed by the way her hide and vaginal tissue had been so cleanly and precisely cut out. Predators, such as coyotes and birds, did not touch the carcass. He was further shocked to find that more tissue was cut very precisely from her body a few days later.

Then, on Friday, November 15, nearly a month after her death, Commissioner Crist was shocked a third time to find even more hide and her tongue excised neatly from her dead body which is still laying in the same place he originally found her. Neither Commissioner Crist nor the Ray County Sheriff’s Office can explain why the month-old carcass meat is still bright red where the new cuts were found yesterday. I reached him by phone shortly after he returned from examining the cow’s body for the third time.


Clifford Crist, Western Commissioner for Ray County, Court House, Richmond, Missouri; and Rancher for 44 years near Polo, Missouri: “This is just real strange. I was back over there today and I believe they (mutilators) have been back for the third time. I just came from there probably an hour ago about 3/4 of a mile away from my house on the back side of the farm. And you just get an eerie feeling when you are near there.

Could you explain that more?

Well, you just feel like uncomfortable being around that where someone has had a desire to do this to an animal. You just feel uncomfortable. It’s just not a good place, comfortable place to be.

Can you start with what you first saw and how it has changed?

She had her sexual organs removed, no blood. And of course, the other animals had been around her. It had been raining and there was tracks of just the cattle and no footprints. There was no struggle. We couldn’t see how she ­ we just couldn’t see her cause of death. No bullet wounds, no blood.

Called the sheriff and he came out and looked at her and took pictures and tried to gather evidence. I can’t remember the exact date, but probably about two weeks later, they (mutilators) came back and skinned part of her head around her jaw and muzzle, nose and pulled her tongue out and cut it off.

It’s real strange that no animals (predators) for several days had eaten on her. Usually, a dead animal, the coyotes and varmints will find her real quick. No one bothered around her, no animals.

Then it just happened to be this afternoon I was back over there and what I believe is that she has been mutilated more, her body, since. It’s (mutilators) been around on her shoulder and front leg. It’s skinned and it was just real precise where it was cut.

Then, it was fresh. You could tell. It was just in the last couple of days. The blood was not dried. It was still red, very red underneath there.

It sounds as if this cow has been artificially preserved in some way…


...for the hide to be fresh and the meat to be fresh for a month?

Yes. Course, it’s been cool. It hasn’t been hot. It’s been cool. But where they mutilated her again on the shoulder and the front leg, it was just fresh. You know, looked like fresh meat. That would lead you to believe she had some kind of preservative or something injected into her. I don’t know. It’s just strange.

The way she was cut, was there any kind of pattern such as curves, circles or ovals?

It was in an oval shape and a curve. There was no square corners. It was just cut in a precise pattern.

Today, what were the conditions of the ground when you went back? Did you notice any unusual tracks?

No. The gate is locked. The first time, we noticed tracks off a hard surface road and they came through a neighbor, we believe. His gate was open. But since then, his gate has been locked and there has been no one in that gate.

It almost suggests that whoever got into your pasture for the third round of excisions you found November 15, might have come from the air?

Either air or walked probably a half mile.

Walking is probably less likely than coming in from the air, would you say?

I would think so.

That’s why I am wondering if anyone heard or saw anything unusual in the air?

No one that I know of.”


Ray County Sheriff’s Office, Richmond, Missouri

After that pregnant cow mutilation on Commissioner Crist’s ranch October 21st, Ray County Sheriff’s Deputy, Mike Spear, investigated two more cow mutilations found October 28th and November 3rd, only a couple of miles away on nearby ranches.

Deputy Mike Spear, Ray County Sheriff’s Office, Richmond, Missouri: “it had part of its hide removed from the underside of its belly from behind its front right leg to the udder, just a nice big clean piece of fur, if you will. And the vaginal area behind the calf’s tail had been cut out and removed. But they didn’t take the udder. They didn’t puncture any of the organs.

Was there a pattern to the removal of the hide from the front of the animal back to the udder? Was it a rectangle or triangle?

It was more like a rectangle. We thought maybe they (mutilators) would use it for a cloth or a shawl to hang over their shoulder or something, or for some kind of ritual.

It was very neatly done?

Yeah. Yeah, it was. Just the hide itself taken off. There’s like a fat layer in between the skin and the inside skin, and it was just taken off there.

And no blood?

No blood.

What about the November 3 mutilation? Did you look at that one as well?

It was pretty much the same as this one. The tongue was gone. The side of the face. But the farmer himself, he said when he saw it, it was a real clean cut and there was still no blood. And that was surprising to me. Even if the cow was dead, you’d think there would still be some blood present.

Today when I talked with Commissioner Crist, he was amazed that four weeks after he discovered his mutilated cow, more cuts have been made and the meat is still bright red.

I don’t know. It’s been pretty chilly here, but certainly not freezing. It’s difficult to say how it’s preserved or if it is preserved. It should be brown by now.”


To report information, call:

Ray County Sheriff’s Office 816-776-4545.

The tip hotline: 816-474-TIPS. (Callers can remain anonymous.)

More Information:

In 1978 in St. Catharines near Toronto, Canada, authorities were frustrated by more than 100 missing cats and dogs and many others found in their owners’ yards skinned, decapitated, disemboweled, cut in half or paws removed, without blood at the site.

The New York Times Report About Mutilated Cats:

“Ten years later on August 13, 1989, The New York Times reported about 67 cats found mutilated in Tustin, California – a suburb of Los Angeles near Santa Ana. The NYT wrote:

“Some of them were cut in half with what some say is almost surgical precision, others disemboweled or skinned. One resident said, ‘There is never any blood at the scene, the animals are often dismembered with surgical precision and paws and other body parts are often left on the ground in strikingly similar arrangements. No one ever seems to hear anything, nor do dogs bark during the killing.’ It was believed the cats are captured, taken elsewhere, their blood drained and organs removed, then replaced on their owners’ lawns.”

Cycles of cat mutilations have re-occurred in Tustin and in Plano, Texas – an affluent suburb north of Dallas. In 1991, 1993 and again the past couple of years, police received dozens of reports about cats found cut in half, usually with the front half near the owners’ yards or sidewalks. Plano Police Detective Mike Box also had missing reports on more than 80 domestic house cats that wore collars and I. D. tags, but were never found. Detective Box investigated satanic cult activities, but could not find any evidence that connected them to the mutilated and missing cats and other animals such as dogs.

Half-cat photographed by Plano, Texas Police Officer for Incident Report No. 91-44994, August 31, 1991.
Half-cat photographed by Plano, Texas Police Officer for Incident Report No. 91-44994, August 31, 1991.

In 1992-1993, Vancouver, British Columbia had a rash of cats found cut in half – usually the front half was found on the owner’s lawn. The Supervisor of Animal Control for the Vancouver City Pound told reporters, “The cats are clearly being butchered by someone. It’s a real surgical job. And all I hope is that these cats were already dead when they were cut in half.” At the time during those rash of cat mutilations in Vancouver, I was working with pathologist and hematologist John Altshuler, M. D., in Denver, Colorado. We were able to obtain one of the half cats – the front half – for analysis of the abdominal excision. Dr. Altshuler confirmed that the entire excision had been cut with something hot enough to cook the collagen and hemoglobin.

By September 15, 1999, the San Jose Mercury newspaper headlined “Cat killer menaces southern San Jose.” The article began, “A killer is stalking the cats of southern San Jose, mutilating 21 felines since May 31 – primarily pets taken from owners’ yards at night and returned dead, often dismembered and skinned.”

No one ever tried to claim the large reward that exceeded $20,000 by providing information.


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