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 Woodborough Hill pattern reported by Lucy Pringle on August 17, 2007. Aerial image © 2007 by Lucy Pringle.
Woodborough Hill pattern reported by Lucy Pringle on August 17, 2007. Aerial image © 2007 by Lucy Pringle.

August 21, 2007  Petersfield, Hampshire, England – Today I talked with Lucy Pringle by phone in Hampshire, England, about the Woodborough Hill wheat pattern she photographed and emailed to me on August 17, 2007. It was Lucy who emailed me on August 18, to say that some were dismissing the Woodborough pattern as manmade work for an unspecified “commercial purpose.”

Late last night on August 20, 2007, Lucy received an anonymous email which she copied for me to share with Earthfiles viewers, as shown below. According to this anonymous emailer, the Woodborough formation was discovered at 4 PM on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, after hard rain and shocked musicians working on a music video in the nearby Carson farm owner’s barn. If this email is correct, it means the money paid to the farmer was for the music video crew to work at Woodborough Hill and the musicians had nothing to do with the appearance of the wheat formation by 4 PM on August 14, 2007, after heavy rain had stopped.

From: LucyPringle, Hampshire, England
Subject: Fwd: Web site response
Date: August 21, 2007
To: [email protected]

“message: I know about this – it’s true this formation was used for commercial purposes, but I don’t think it was made for commercial purposes. A film crew made a music video for an Australian rock band in this field on Tuesday 14th. Now, the plan was to make their own design on Monday 13th but the weather was too bad for their ‘art department’ to work. They turned up on Tuesday 14th and filmed all day inside a nearby barn. The rain eventually stopped at 4 pm and they went outside to film in the field, only to discover that the formation had appeared in the field sometime between then and the site visit from their art department the previous day.

It was only when they went up in a cherry picker to get some aerial views of the band that they saw the crop design in all its glory for the first time. They genuinely had no idea how this had happened.

I know this because I met them that night in a pub in Amesbury – the George – and they all seemed pretty freaked out by it. Can’t remember the name of the band, but they’re Australian and they have a concert in London sometime this week.

name: Anon

subject: Woodborough Hill, August 17th”

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