Updated with Audio and Video: Mountain-Size “Alien Grey” Face Discovered in Antarctica

“I heard these scientists talking about that there’s some guys there at Pole that were working with these strange-looking ‘men.’ They weren’t saying, you know, ‘alien’ or ‘extraterrestrial,’ or whatever. And that the air sampling station (big hole in the ice) was actually a joint base with the scientists and the E.T.s.”

– Brian, retired Navy Flight Engineer, Antarctic Development Squadron Six

The following update comes from Linda Moulton Howe's original Earthfiles YouTube Channel broadcast on August 28, 2019, about a half-mile-size carved black stone head in the Admiralty Mountains of Antarctica. Please subscribe to the Earthfiles channel  now to explore Antarctica, alien intelligences and other Earth mysteries. Help Linda bring the pressure of facts to truth about our world's past, present and future.


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