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09-25-2015 - Part 1: Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan Encounters “E.T.s” At Rendlesham Forest Incident
09-15-2015 - Part 2: Intimidating Threat to Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, December 1980
09-09-2015 - Part 1: Former RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge D Flight Security Sgt. Adrian Bustinza Remembers December 28, 1980
08-08-2015 - Big Red-Blue Light Near RAF Bentwaters Weapons Storage Area and UFOs Tracked On Radar Into Rendlesham Forest
03-15-2015 - Update Breaking News — This Is Why John Burroughs’s Medical Records from RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge 1979-1982 Are “Classified,” According to Christopher C. Green M.D., Ph.D., FAAFS, Wayne State School of Medicine
02-27-2015 - Part 1: Implications of John Burroughs’s Full V. A. Medical Coverage from Injury Caused by Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Radiation at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Dec. 1980
12-20-2013 - Updated Part 2: Anomalous Radiation in RAF Bentwaters Unidentified Aerial Phenomena
03-04-2011 - 8,500 More UFO Pages Released by U. K. Ministry of Defence – But RAF Bentwaters Files Are Missing
01-28-2011 - RAF Bentwaters Update After December 2010 Return to Rendlesham Forest with Former USAF John Burroughs and Jim Penniston
01-07-2011 - Part 4:  Updates On RAF Bentwaters Mystery – Analysis Problems in Penniston’s Telepathic Download of Binary Code