Triangles Over Wenatchee Valley, Washington, 1966

© 1999 by Linda Moulton Howe

March 28, 1999 -

I have interviewed eyewitnesses about large triangle craft for years. In my book Glimpses of Other Realities, Volume II: High Strangeness (Earthfiles Shop), I reprinted pages from a government document entitled Extraterrestrial Entities and Technology, Recovery and Disposal" classified TOP SECRET/MAJIC EYES ONLY and dated April 1954 by the U. S. War Department.

In a section about different kinds of extraterrestrial craft, the U. S. government manual states: "Airfoil or triangular shape. This craft is believed to be new technology due to the rarity and recency of the observations. Radar indicates an isosceles triangle profile, the longest side being nearly 300 feet in length. Little is known about the performance of these craft due to the rarity of good sightings, but they are believed capable of high speeds and abrupt maneuvers similar to or exceeding the performance attributed to disc or circular (shaped craft)."

Rings In Canadian Forests; Contrail Spheres; and Symbols

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March 21, 1999-

1) International Air Pollution:

This weekend I'm in Pensacola, Florida for the Project Awareness Conference about unusual phenomena and new millennial trends. One subject many of us will be talking about is global environmental deterioration. And the March 15th, 1999 Geophysical Research Letters, has published the first study to confirm that the air people are breathing in Washington State probably contains chemical pollution from Chinese factories. Professor Dan Jaffe at the University of Washington and his colleagues concluded that 22% of the carbon monoxide arriving at Cheeka Peak in Washington had originated in East Asia. The polluted air took about six days to travel from Asia to North America. Professor Jaffe was philosophical about the fact that our planet seems to get smaller as problems spill from country to country: "We make pollution, too. Everybody's pollution goes somewhere else."

Silver Sphere In Contrails Over Albuquerque, New Mexico

© 1999 by Linda Moulton Howe
March 17, 1999 -

At the end of February 1999 when I was in Sedona, Arizona to speak at a conference, several of us went outside to go to lunch. But we were stopped cold by what was in the sky -- a large silver airplane at high altitude was making a perfect and very large white X in a very blue sky. The X stretched from the western horizon up to and past the zenith. A huge X. Then we realized there were other large Xs in the sky. And within a couple of hours, the sky was totally overcast. A couple of days later in Phoenix, I saw similar Xs in a blue sky that later became overcast.

Africa Stone Circle and Triangle of Lights over Tucson, Arizona

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March 14, 1999 -

Sahara Desert Circle of Rocks

In the March 1999 issue of National Geographic, there is a photograph of a circle made from small, flat, dark rocks on beige sand in the Sahara desert of Africa. The perfect circle is actually a ring about two feet wide laid flat on the desert sand and stretching about 60 feet from one side of the ring to the other. Who put the dark stones down so neatly and perfectly flat is not known. The mystery does not end with the ring. Investigators have discovered that if they go about one mile from the ring of rocks, there are markers exactly north, south, east and west of the ring. The markers are also made of dark stones that form arrows pointing away from the circle in each of the four directions. So far, no one knows the age of the ring and arrows, who made them, or exactly what their purpose is. For listeners who want to see a photograph of the ring of rocks, you will find it in the National Geographic article entitled "Journey to the Heart of the Sahara," in the March 1999 issue.

Chickadee Beak Deformities in Alaska

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February 28, 1999 - This week, Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt spoke before a federal Taskforce on Amphibian Decline and Deformities, now referred to as TADD. Babbitt said the entire Cabinet is concerned about "an increasing environmental threat showing up in unexplained declines, deformities and even disappearances of frogs, toads and salamanders -- species that have been on Earth for 350 million years."

Bigfoot or Skunk Ape, Florida Everglades

February 21, 1999 - Just before we went on the air tonight, I talked with the Miami Dade County Mayor's office about the circle of holes found at a construction site at the mouth of the Miami River in downtown Miami.

On February 17th, the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners voted ten to one to legally seize the archaeological site under eminent domain. With this vote, the commission has a temporary restraining order against the apartment contractor who wanted to dig up the holes so he could finish his building project. With the commission's actions, a jury will now have to decide how much money will be paid the contractor to buy the site for Dade County preservation.

Triangular Craft ­ Eyewitnesses in France and New Mexico

February 14, 1999 - In January 1999, I interviewed former Army Sgt. Clifford Stone in Roswell, New Mexico about his experience on the Cold War border of East and West Germany near Fulda in the summer of 1989. He and other border security were stunned and frightened by the low-flying approach of a huge, silent triangular craft that Sgt. Stone estimated to be about a thousand feet long and as thick as a five story building. There were lights at each corner of the triangle and a red one in the middle with multi-colored flashing lights outlining the triangle shape. The huge, silent craft remained stationery for several minutes at about five hundred feet above the German border checkpoint. Since that report, I have received many more eyewitness sightings of aerial triangles, including one from a Professor of French and Italian at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In November 1987 ­ two years before Sgt. Stone's encounter ­ Professor Donald Maddox was at his vacation home in France about 180 miles south of Paris. Around midnight, he was walking by an upstairs window and stopped in amazement at what he saw in the sky.

Ash Fork, Arizona Horse Deaths

February 11, 1999 Ash Fork, Arizona - Over the past six months since August 1998, thirteen horses and a mule have died in Ash Fork, Arizona. Ash Fork is a farm community about a mile above sea level west of Flagstaff in the Prescott National Forest region.

On August first, a gelding on the Susan and Harley Cox ranch became weak. Other symptoms included: tongue hanging out, sweating, having a hard time moving or standing up, eventually he went into seizures. So the Coxes had him put to sleep. Then in November, three more horses weakened, heads drooping, tongues hanging out, sweating, unable to get up and also had to be put to sleep. Their remaining four horses seemed OK. Susan told me, "We thought we were finally out of the hell hole in November."

Sulfur Bacteria in Whiskeytown, California and Grackles in Louisiana

February 7, 1999 -

Tonight I have some answers to recent environmental mysteries, including the strange white substance found in water near Whiskeytown, California and and the die off of birds in Louisiana. But first, there is unsettling news this week from New England about a rare virus attacking salmon there. When the first boats from Europe arrived at American shores, there were millions of wild salmon in rivers from Maine to Connecticut. But now there are only a couple of thousand left. That is why this recent outbreak of "swim bladder sarcoma virus"- seen only twice before in salmon - is especially tragic. All the virus-infected fish came from Maine's Pleasant River. Biologists have quarantined hatcheries there and have had to kill hundreds of diseased salmon. Some scientists speculate that the virus has spread from commercial salmon farms along Maine's coast where every year thousands of fish escape from their crowded holding pens. Just as humans crowded together can spread disease more easily, those commercial fish carry diseases to wild salmon that have no immunity. Another disease has been destroying birds on the West Coast. One of the worst outbreaks of Avian cholera in memory has killed more than 50,000 water birds in Northern and Central California -- including the rare and beautiful Aleutian Canada Geese that are already on the federal threatened species list. Fortunately, bird cholera is not typically transmitted to humans or other mammals. Scientists speculate that last month's cold weather caused birds to flock together in tight spaces of open water which may have spread the disease - just like the salmon crowded in those Maine commercial fisheries.

Trends in 1999 with Gerald Celente

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January 3, 1999  Rhinebeck,
New York ­ - One year ago, Gerald Celente ­ Editor of The Trends Journal in New York ­ predicted accurately in his New Year's Eve forecast that financial collapse in Southeast Asia would cause great turmoil in United States and global markets. He also warned that new viruses and bacteria could cause pandemics like the 1918 swine flu. Soon after that interview, millions of chickens in Hong Kong had to be killed to prevent a new and lethal virus spreading among poultry. Then Southeast Asia and Russia defaulted on loans and the stock market plunged downward.

So, I asked Gerald Celente recently about trends in 1999: