What Shook the Ground in Clarksville, Tennessee, Saturday Evening, September 4, 2021?

“We’re dealing with some sort of unknown phenomena.”

— Police investigators, Clarksville Police Department, Clarksville, Tennessee

— September 5, 2021, WKRN.com ABC news affiliate headline, Clarksville, Tennessee


Clarksville, Tennessee, is 50 miles northwest of Nashville and 14 miles southeast of the U. S. Army’s Fort Campbell Depot, home of the Screaming Eagles of the 101st Airborne and the Army’s only Air Assault Division. Fort Campbell lies on the Kentucky – Tennessee border.


September 5, 2021  Clarksville, Tennessee  –  Clarksville, Tennessee, residents throughout most of Montgomery County from Sango to Old Russellville Pike to Woodlawn Drive called the 911 emergency call center to report that a loud boom shook the ground and their houses at 9:50 PM Central on Saturday night, September 4, 2021. Some reported seeing a flash of light at the same time.

1 – LOUD BOOM VIDEO – Front Door Security Camera Video from Becka Smith, via 9:50 PM Central time September 4, 2021, broadcast by WKRN.com news, an ABC affiliate.


2 – NOT AS LOUD BOOM VIDEO – Front Door Security Camera Video from Heather Risacher Rooney via 9:50 PM Central time September 4, 2021, tweet (below) from Josh Breslow, Clarksville, Tennessee.


Below is still frame of original tweet from Josh Breslow containing Heather Risacher Rooney’s security camera video.


Four Agencies Search Two Hours — No Answer About “Unknown Phenomena”

The United States Geological Survey did not register an earthquake in the area. Fort Campbell, 14 miles to the northwest, was on a 4-day Labor Day holiday and all was quiet there.

Residents in Clarksville, Tennessee, (near 150,000 population) ranging throughout Montgomery County from Sango to Old Russellville Pike and Woodlawn Drive reported a loud boom that shook the ground at 9:50 PM Central Saturday night, September 4, 2021. But law enforcement did not find a source and no damage was reported.

The Clarksville Police Department told reporters that the police plus local Fire Department, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Medical Services spent two hours trying to find evidence of an explosive source. But officials had no answer and the CPD stated in its press release:  “Currently, this seems to be some sort of unknown phenomena until someone reports actual damage.”

If anyone has more information about the mysterious Clarksville, Tennessee, boom Saturday night, September 4, 2021, that was strong enough to shake houses but did not affect seismometers, please contact Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe at [email protected]. All requests for anonymity are honored.

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